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My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 25th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 25th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 25 April 2022, The Episode starts with Sampada calling Rachit and gives call to Kalyani. Kalyani asks him to say. Rachit says you know that I love you madly and then also you want to go to Malhar, who doesn’t care about you. He says I don’t want to trouble you, but you made me helpless to scare you. He asks her to check her phone for the pic. Kalyani checks her phone and finds Moksh’s pic. Kalyani shouts asking what happened to Billu and asks Sampada? She asks Sampada. Sampada laughs. Kalyani says we have done a deal that I will maintain distance from Malhar. Sampada says you have not fulfilled your deal and got closer to Malhar. Kalyani says what kind of mother you are….She says my son needs me. She asks Sampada to tell where is he? Sampada says he is not at home. Kalyani asks Rachit, where is her Billu? Rachit says I will make you meet your Billu, but you shall slap Malhar hard and says I will give medicine to him. He asks if she knows what will happen to Billu if he don’t get the medicine. Kalyani says if something happens to him then I will not leave you. Rachit asks her to do as he says. Sampada takes her out and asks her to do as he said, says Rachit is on call still. Kalyani slaps Sampada hard on her face. Sampada says how dare you to slap me. Kalyani says I didn’t show you my courage yet and says such woman like you shall be hanged and killed.

Everyone comes out hearing this. Kalyani asks how dare you to accuse me without thinking anything? She says I was waiting in the outhouse for my husband and says what shall I do, if Malhar ji came there, I didn’t call him there. She says nothing happened between them in the outhouse and asks her not to take tension. She says when nothing happened between them in their 1.5 years marriage then what will happen now. She says truth is that they have no such chemistry, says she was mad to get trapped in a marriage with him. Malhar gets teary eyes. She says how much you fight with me for Malhar. Madhav asks her to have some shame and scolds her. Rachit hears on call. Madhav asks Malhar, how can he stand and listen silently. Aao Saheb says I agree with Madhav for the first time and asks what happened to you Kalyani. Kalyani asks her to ask Malhar, if they had any husband and wife relation, says thank god, she came out of the name sake wedding. She says atleast I will have normal husband and wife’s relation with my marriage with Rachit. She tells Sampada that she has nothing to do with Malhar ji and says how can a woman have interest in a man who didn’t touch her even once. She says sometimes I think, if Moksh is Malhar and your son? She asks are you sure? Madhav slaps her. Malhar says Baba…and feels her pain. Kalyani looks at Malhar. Malhar looks at Sampada and goes from there.

Kalyani cries and goes to her room. She calls Rachit and asks if he is happy now? She says I insulted Malhar ji and broke his heart, asks if he is happy now? She asks him to say where is Billu? Rachit says sorry and says I got possessive about you. She asks him to stop nonsense and tell where is her Billu? He says I sent you address, go and meet him.

Sampada comes to the room and sees Malhar sleeping covered with a blanket. She closes the door and says don’t care about Kalyani’s words. She says you didn’t go near Kalyani as you have love for me in your heart. She says Moksh is with Aai and we are alone in this room. She says we are locked in the room for the first time. She pulls the blanket. She says she came with all the hopes and will relive their moments. She starts laughing. Malhar is keeping hand on his nose and opens his eyes, thinks laughing gas showed his affect. Sampada says I didn’t see unlucky girl like Kalyani, first she got married to you for Moksh and now she has to go away from you because of Moksh. She laughs and feels pity on Kalyani. She says Kalyani has to leave you for Moksh. Kalyani runs seeing the location and stops somewhere. She recalls her words that Malhar ji didn’t touch her even once and she has no interest in him. She recalls saying she thinks if moksh is their son. She says sorry and says I have to talked badly with you for Moksh. She thinks she has hurt her Malhar ji’s heart and shall be punished for this. She takes the chillis kept in the basket and eats it, shouts and says sorry.

Sarthak tries to stop Riddhi and says I didn’t lie to you. Riddhi says when you are not my baba then why did you lie. Riddhi says I will not come with you. Sarthak apologizes and says I love you the most. Riddhi asks him to go. The people sitting there think that he is a kidnapper and beats him badly. Riddhi asks them to leave him. The man asks her to move to side. Anupriya comes there and asks the men to stop beating him. The man says he is a kidnapper/thief. Anupriya says he is my husband and this girl is his daughter Riddhi. Pawar comes there and asks who called the Police. The man says he has called him. Anupriya asks Pawar to help Sarthak get up. Sarthak gets up and asks Pawar not to tell anything to Malhar. Pawar says ok.

Sampada then acts to feel pity on Moksh and says he is very much bechara..Malhar keeps handkerchief on his nose and asks what happened to Moksh. Sampada says Moksh is having a disease and tells everything, how she blackmailed Kalyani to leave him etc. Malhar gets teary eyes and asks what kind of mother you are, you have given him birth and is taking advantage of his illness. Sampada says I agree that I am bad, but you are helpless and has no only to save your son. You and me have to give birth to our second child and that’s why Kalyani, great Kalyani is giving a big sacrifice. She says just now she went running to hospital to see Moksh, who is unwell. She says I lied to you that he is here. Malhar is shocked.

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