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My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 18th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 18th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 18 April 2022, The Episode starts with Sampada telling Malhar that he will do a big favor on her if he gives her rights of Moksh’s mother and his wife. She says if you don’t agree then also I will not feel bad and will take care of Moksh always. Riddhi asks Sarthak why did you marry Maayi? She says you had said that Aai went to God, but you will always love her. She says you lied to me. Sarthak says I didn’t lie to you, I will love your Aai always. He asks her not to cry and tells that Anupriya is so good and will love you always like your Aai. Anupriya hears them and cries, asks God why do he bring her at the same track again and again. Sarthak thinks I didn’t want you to know this matter at this time, when you ….yourself are so worried due to Kalyani. Malhar calls Sampada and asks where is she going? Sampada says I have to go, there is no place for me in this house, but don’t worry I will come tomorrow for Moksh. Malhar asks her not to go, says Moksh might need you, so you can stay in my room. Kalyani hears them. Sampada asks are you sure? Malhar says yes. Kalyani comes to Sampada. Sampada asks did you hear that Malhar asked me to stay with him in his room. Kalyani says Malhar ji asked you to stay for Moksh, he will sleep outside. Sampada says if I don’t go near him then how Moksh will get his brother or sister and says you wanted me to give birth to Malhar’s second baby. Kalyani says whatever she has decided is for her son. Sampada says I was feeling guilty that tonight I will sleep with Malhar in his room and thanks her. Kalyani cries and says Malhar ji.

Anupriya comes there. Kalyani hugs her and says I know that Sampada and Malhar have to get closer for Moksh, but this thought scares me. She says I know this is necessary, but I am feeling strange pain as if someone kept stone on my chest. She asks why this is happening with me. Anupriya says who could understand the pain of sharing husband with someone else woman. She says Bappa is taking your test and asks her to have faith on her love. Kalyani nods her head. She goes to her room. Rachit throws flower petals on her. Kalyani looks at the decorated bed with flowers and ruins the decorations. Rachit closes the door. Kalyani shouts and says nothing will happen here, for which you need to close the door. She falls down on the bed. Rachit says even this bed knows my wish and tells that he will make her Rani. He says your life will change tonight, trust me. He tries to get closer to her, but she makes a call to Pawar. Pawar asks what happened? Kalyani asks if a husband forces his wife then what is his punishment? Pawar says jail upto 2 years. He asks what happened? Kalyani says asking for a friend. She gets up from the bed and tells that she can send him to jail for 2 years, and if he don’t trust her then he shall try her.

Atharv knocks on the door and calls her. Kalyani opens the door. Atharv asks why you are sleeping here, and says baba is with that bad aunty. Kalyani tells that Rachit is scared to sleep alone and asks Atharv to sleep with him being brave boy. Atharv says ok Aai. Rachit says no need. Atharv asks Rachit to come with him, tells that Aai taught him to be strong. He forces Rachit to sleep beside him on the bed. Kalyani smiles and closes the door after going out. She thinks don’t know with whom she shall talk, it is not right to disturb Aai at this time. She sees Malhar exercising. Sampada comes to Malhar and says I made Moksh sleep. She asks him to drink milk. Malhar says everyone is sleeping, even you need rest, asks her to go.Sampada says ok.She smiles at Kalyani and goes. Malhar looks at Kalyani. Song plays…..khamoshiyan…..He takes off his shirt and wipes the sweat with the towel…..He feels bad and looks at her. Kalyani also feels bad. Malhar goes to his room. Kalyani thinks how could Malhar go to that room.

Sampada looks at the milk and says once you drink this spiked milk, then see what I will do with you in this closed room. You will have no way than to accept me, then that Kalyani will go far away from you. She says drink this special milk. Malhar senses Kalyani following him and looks back, but she hides. He sees her and gets inside the house. Kalyani thinks I wanted Sampada to go near Malhar, but I didn’t expected him to accept Sampada so easily. Sampada thinks why did Malhar infront of me like this, thinks I never thought it will be easy to return in his life. Malhar asks Sampada if they can make a start forgetting the past. Kalyani gets worried. Sampada says may be it is God’s wish that we shall start again. Malhar requests her not to break his heart again. Sampada promises him and tells that from today, I will never let Moksh miss Aai and you will never miss wife. She says I will take care of you both with my heart and asks him to drink milk. She says you are hungry since evening. Kalyani tries to hear what they are talking about. Malhar turns to sit on bed and the glass falls down from his hand. He says sorry. Sampada thinks he has thrown the milk, but he is looking weak now, it is not difficult to get closer to him now.

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