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My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 16th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 16th May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 16 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Kalyani and Malhar sitting for marriage. Anupriya is caught in the fire and shouts calling Malhar. Everyone rushes towards the outhouse. Rachit calls Kalyani and tells that he has read her message, which she sent to Malhar. He says he has Malhar’s phone and that her Aai is punished for her mistake. Kalyani faints and falls down. Everyone gather outside the outhouse. Aao Saheb says someone please bring the water. Anupriya shouts for Kalyani and Malhar. Malhar sees Kalyani fallen unconscious and rushes to her. He asks her to get up and asks her to open her eyes. He says may be she fainted due to shock. Atharv shouts Maai. Malhar and Sarthak try to open the door holding a big bamboo stick. Sarthak says if something happens to her. Malhar says nothing will happen to her. They open the door and sees big fire flames coming out. Anupriya coughs and feels short of breath. She falls down on the floor. Swara holds unconscious Kalyani. The oil can falls down and the fire catches near Anupriya. Malhar and Sartha get inside, but they couldn’t see Anupriya on floor unconscious.

Madhav asks someone to bring more water. Sarthak and Malhar finally see Anupriya. Sarthak hugs Anupriya and rolls with her to set off the fire catching her pallu. Malhar sees the door falling on them and holds it. He asks Sarthak to take Anupriya from there. Sarthak lifts unconscious Anupriya. Malhar asks him to go fast. Sarthak and Aao Saheb bring Anupriya to hospital, while Malhar lifts Kalyani and brings her to hospital. He calls the nurse. Nurse says there is one just duty doctor. Malhar asks what do you mean? He says if two-three patients come then what will happen?

Nurse tells that Dr. Chahat left for Uttarakhand just now. Dr. Chahat returns and tells that she will catch another flight. They take Kalyani to the ward. Chahat tells that may be Kalyani fainted due to shock and tells that she has sent her samples for testing. She assures that she will be fine. Malhar goes out. Kalyani opens her eyes. Dr. Chahat gets the reports and tells Kalyani that there is a good news for her. She says you are going to be a mother. Kalyani asks really? Dr. Chahat says yes. Kalyani says thank god, you got this test. She asks if the IVF is successful. Chahat says yes and says she will give the good news to her husband. Kalyani asks her not to tell her husband.

Sampada comes to the hospital and tells Dr. Pathak that she brought the money. She tells that Malhar is bringing her tomorrow for the IVF and tells that he shall not know that I am not giving him the baby. She hears Malhar coming there and hides behind the chairs.

Malhar sits on the chair and keeps his foot on her hand unintentionally. He leaves from there soon. Sampada gets up and goes.

Chahat appreciates Kalyani for her bravery and sacrifice. She says your secret will be safe with me and gives her father’s number, says he is a big gynaec. Kalyani asks him to make her meet her Aai? Chahat signs yes and makes her meet her Aai. She says your Ammi will be fine soon. Just then Chahat and Kalyani hear the Azaan. Kalyani gives her shawl so that Chahat can offer prayers keeping it as a janamaz. Ali Maula plays….Kalyani also prays to God. Anupriya gains consciousness. She asks Anupriya if she is fine. Chahat tells Kalyani that one patient is not allowed to go to another patient’s room. Kalyan thanks her and praises her. She thanks her with a hug. Chahat leaves. Kalyani holds Anupriya’s hand and goes to her ward. She lies down on the bed. Malhar comes there. Kalyani pretends to check something on her mobile. He takes her phone and says thank god, you got consciousness. He says I thought to bring Maai to payroll and surprise you, but see what happened? Nurse comes and gives soup to kalyani. Kalyani asks if there is ajinomoto and tells that it is bad for baby. She says I don’t want to drink.. Malhar says I will make her drink. Nurse goes. Kalyani feels guilty. Malhar says I tried from my side. Kalyani refuses to drink soup. Malhar asks what to do to relieve your anger. Kalyani gets up and says baby….holding her tummy.

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