My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 13th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 13th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 13 April 2022, The Episode starts with Malhar looking at the tempo. The tempo driver tells that ACP is standing, we shall speed up and leave. Malhar gets doubtful and comes near the tempo and stops it. He asks where is he taking the tempo? Driver says dhobi ghat. Malhar asks why he sped up the tempo. Driver says everyone gets scared seeing the Police, and tells that all his papers are in place. Malhar asks them to open the bag. They tell that they are the clothes for marriage decoration, but before that they have to get it washed in the dhobi dhat. The driver/naxal take out the pistol and keeps behind his hand. Malhar asks them to open the big cover. Mangalsutra falls down from Malhar’s hand. Kalyani gains consciousness and the mangalsutra falls on her hand. It falls down. Malhar asks about the tempo guys/naxals name and tells that Police is for their help. He finds his mangalsutra missing. One of the naxal gives it to him. Kalyani couldn’t call him, but struggles to call him. Malhar looks at the tempo.

Anupriya comes near the well and calls Kalyani. Atharv says Aai is not here. Moksh cries. Anupriya gets worried for Kalyani. Malhar is coming home and sees Rachit walking on the road. He stops the jeep and asks what happened to him. Rachit tells that some goons kidnap Kalyani and came home as Dhobi. Malhar realizes that the dhobi tempo took Kalyani. He recalls their threat. Malhar tells Rachit to take auto and go. Rachit tells that he can’t go and will come with him. Malhar says he can’t risk his life. Rachit says I will come. Anupriya calls Malhar and tells that Kalyani is missing and Moksh is crying a lot. Malhar tells that he called Kalyani to give statement against Aahir. Anupriya asks him to make Moksh talk to Kalyani. Malhar tells that he came outside and asks her to call him on video call. Anupriya calls him. Malhar tells Moksh that he will bring his Aai home and asks Anupriya to make him sleep. Anupriya asks why you got tears in your eyes. Malhar says nothing.

They come to the dhobi ghat. Rachit asks if the goons were his enemies. Malhar tells that he will not let anything happen to Kalyani and will pay any price to get her freed. They find phone ringing. Malhar picks the call and the caller/goon tells that his wife might be in the drum. Malhar runs to the nearest drum and searches for Kalyani. He checks in the big drum for Kalyani and takes out all the clothes from inside it. He finds the keys inside. Rachit asks what did he say? Malhar says he is playing puzzle game with me and tells that there must be a car nearby. He finds the car and sees laptop in the car. Kalyani shouts calling Malhar. Malhar tells that he will come and asks her not to worry.

Kalyani hears him and asks him to come. Just then phone rings in the car. Malhar picks the call and asks them what they want and asks them to leave his wife. Kalyani asks the goon to come infront of her. The goon tells that he has done bad with him. Malhar tells that he will do anything for his wife. The goon asks him to prove himself as traitor infront of Police, to save Kalyani. Kalyani says if you do this then I will not talk to you. The goon tells that if you couldn’t prove yourself as traitor then find your wife’s dead body in the chowk. Malhar agrees and says you will get news in 2 hours that ACP Malhar Rane is a traitor.

Kalyani asks who are you and why you are doing this with Malhar ji. She then tells Malhar that he can’t lose his respect and prestige, she knows what his uniform and job means to him. Malhar says I will not let anything happen to you. Just then laptop gets off. Rachit comes there and asks if she is inside. Malhar tells that Kalyani will be fine and will come back in 2 hours. He asks Rachit to do his work. Rachit comes home and tells that there is a problem in Uday’s grah and Swara’s engagement shall be postponed for sometime. Madhav asks how, we have done all the arrangements. Malhar comes to the Police station and recalls the goon’s words. Pawar comes and tells that he has to guard CM as he is coming.

Moksh is crying. Atharv brings Kalyani’s dupatta and sings song. Moksh keeps quiet. Atharv says I made him quiet. Anupriya says don’t know what happened to him, today he needs Kalyani. She gets worried. Kalyani asks Aahir if he is here and asks him not to force Malhar ji to be proved as a traitor. She says if he proves this then. She falls on the glass pieces and shouts Malhar ji.

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