My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 12th June 2022 Zee World Updates

On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 12th June 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 12 June 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Sampada gets inside the secret room again. Avni is about to open it, but thinks Sampada’s soul is here, if she does something. She runs out of the room. Sampada comes to the room and searches for the first aid box. She finds blood stains on the floor and wipes it with the cloth. She gets tired and sits. She thinks what to do, and calls Kalyani, but her phone is off. She messages her that she needs her help and asks her to meet her soon. Kalyani puts the phone for charging as the battery is drained. Moksh comes there and says he will buy a good phone for her when he grows up. Kalyani says she will not change her phone till then and wait for him to give her gift. Moksh insists her to play cricket with him. Kalyani’s phone switches on and she finds message on her number. Moksh asks her not to check her phone and come with him to play cricket. Kalyani tries to make him understand. Sampada comes out of house, thinks though Kalyani asked me not to come. She finds a phone in Atharv’s car and thinks to check. Avni comes out and finds the blood stains. She thinks someone is behind the car. Kalyani comes out, recalls sending Moksh to attend online class and promises him that she will play with him later. Fb ends. Kalyani scolds Avni for getting her Aai arrested and for blaming Sarthak. She says my Aai will fight the case and will win too. She takes Avni inside forcibly.

Avni tells that someone entered the house and asks her to let her see. Kalyani asks what she thinks that she will believe her and thinks Sampada goes inside soon, thinks she will bring medicine for her. She asks Avni not to lie from her. Atharv thinks she became Kalyani again. Sampada finds that Kalyani has read her message and thinks to reach the secret room. She thinks she shall get the phone and check and tries to open the car door, but the burglar alarm rings. Avni says I told Kalyani that someone is hiding behind your car, but she didn’t listen. Kalyani says this is not truth. They come out and don’t see any blood stains on the ground. Kalyani thinks Sampada and the blood stains are gone. Avni tells that there was marks on the ground 5 mins back. Atharv switches off alarm and says someone was here. Kalyani says I don’t have time for this and goes inside. Avni says it might be done by Sampada’s ghost.

Malhar tells that he don’t know how to go against Commissioner’s decision and says Maayi is arrested with much conspiracy. Sarthak asks Malhar to prove that he has killed Hari and tells that Anupriya has suffered a lot due to him. Malhar says they will do something. Kalyani comes to Sampada and bandages her feet. She tells that she has convinced Atharv to have dinner with her tonight. She says she will enquire with him who is helping him. Sampada says they can use Avni to enquire too.

Atharv thinks he will have dinner date with a ghost today. Kalyani comes to Atharv’s room and tells that they shall set up the mood like before. She asks Atharv how he set the table, there is no water on it. Atharv goes to get the water. Kalyani calls Pawar and tells her that she is trying to enquire with Atharv and asks him to keep Malhar busy in the PS tonight. She gets Sampada’s message and reads it. Atharv comes there. Sampada scares Avni and makes her ununconscious. She recalls hearing Avni planning attack on Anupriya in the lock up and messages Kalyani to put her plan on hold and come to help her to save Maayi. Kalyani gets worried.

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