My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 11th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 11th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 11 April 2022, The Episode starts with Malhar beating the naxal and making him unconscious. Kalyani looks outside and knocks on the door, asking Naxal to let her go out and bring water for the boy. Naxal says we will bring water and locks the door again. Malhar comes near the window. Kalyani cries looking at him and touches his face. He also gets emotional and touches her face. Sampada says Malhar….Mamta gets upset. Sampada smiles. Kalyani and Malhar hold each other hands. He sees Mamta standing inside and recalls Mamta telling her truth to him. Malhar says it is good that you are here and tells Kalyani your Aai is…Just then Aahir hits on his head and makes him unconscious. Kalyani says no Malhar ji. She tries to climb down the window, but Aahir is about to hit Malhar again. Kalyani asks Aahir if he is human or animal to torture him so much. He drags Malhar and takes him from there. Kalyani shouts and cries asking him to stop.

Riddhi comes inside and tells Asawari that her baba’s name is Sarthak Rane. Asawari asks what nonsense? Sarthak is brought there by the naxals. Riddhi hugs him and asks who are they? Asawari asks who is this girl? Sarthak says she is his friend’s daughter and is in orphanage after her parents’ death. He asks her to leave her. Aahir asks Naxal to lock her with Sarthak. Sarthak tells Riddhi that nobody shall know that she is his daughter and he lied to save her. He brings her to room and tells Madhav, Anupriya and Swara about her. Anupriya gets teary eyes. Sampada asks Kalyani not to cry and says nothing will happen to Malhar. She says he will come out of this situation, I know him. Mamta asks her to stop crying. Aahir and the naxal come in the room. He asks Kalyani to wear this and get ready for marriage tomorrow. He says Malhar’s hang arrangements will be done beside the Mandap. He says if you do as I say then may be I will leave Malhar. Sampada tells Kalyani that nothing will happen to him. Atharv shows Moksh’s pic to Riddhi and says he is my little brother. He says they are kidnapped and shows Malhar’s pic. Riddhi thinks he was good uncle, I got him caught. She regrets. Anupriya gets Kalyani ready for marriage. Kalyani refuses. Mamta asks her not to do anything else Malhar has to pay the price. Kalyani says I won’t let anything happen to him.

All the family members are tied and are taken out of house. They see rope in Malhar’s neck to get hanged. Aahir asks if we are doing mistake to let Atharv and Riddhi free. Asawari says they can’t harm us. The naxal brings Rachit and Kalyani out. Kalyani gets shocked seeing Malhar standing to be hanged. She calls him and cries. Everyone is shocked. Asawari asks the goons to hold the cloth between the groom and the bride. Rishte bharose song plays…Pandit ji asks the bride and groom to exchange garlands. Kalyani looks at Malhar and cries. Malhar thinks they will not leave me even if you get married. He makes sound. Aahir goes to Malhar and says he wants to see him in pain. Kalyani puts garland in her neck and signs Rachit to put garland on his neck. Aahir asks her to sit with her second husband and not to show any smartness if she wants her rescue her first husband. Sarwashakti…song plays….Kalyani and Rachit sit for the marriage. Kalyani thinks I have to find a way to stop this rasam. She stands up and makes pillar fall on Pandit’s book. The book falls in the havan kund. She then says sorry. Aahir asks her not to show smartness. Kalyani says I stand to take rounds. Pandit says how I will read mantra. Aahir asks who made you Pandit and asks him to start the rounds. Asawari says first mangalsutra is made to wear. Rachit gets up and takes mangalsutra from Pandit. He looks at Kalyani. Kalyani cries and looks at Malhar. She thinks I stopped all the rasams, how to stop this rasam and asks Bappa to give her idea.

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