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My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 9th June 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 9th June 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 9 June 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Kalyani thinking how to walk all day wearing this shoes, thinks her feet have become red. She says her decision was disaster to buy it. She thinks she had told Malhar and now she has to wear the shoes, else he will taunt her. She sees him and wears the shoes again. Malhar comes there and asks what are you doing? Kalyani says she was talking to her shoes and it understands her so well. She says she never brought such comfortable shoes and it seems like she is walking in clouds, she gets such feeling. Malhar asks if something else is remaining in your life, rather than shoes. Kalyani says my shoes are such (good). Trilok comes there with Suhana. He says today is Suhana’s birthday, I know you are unwell. Kalyani wishes her happy birthday. Malhar also wishes her. Trilok says Kalyani couldn’t come to my house, so I brought her here. He says lets go now. Malhar asks Suhana to celebrate her birthday here. Kalyani likes his idea. Trilok thinks you have done my work easy, I will not let Kalyani come near you. Malhar thinks my men will search in your house so that I can see your true face to Kalyani.

Kalyani thinks she has bought the shoes unnecessarily. Anupriya thanks Trilok and tells that you must have understood by now that we all love Moksh. Suhana comes and asks if she likes chocolate cake. Suhana smiles. Trilok tells Malhar about animation film which Suhana likes. He asks him to bring cake. Malhar looks at Trilok. Kalyani says Malhar ji will not mind and will bring it. Malhar says ok, and asks Kalyani to come with him for the selection as she knows Suhana’s selection more. Anupriya asks Kalyani to go. Kalyani says I will go obviously and tells Suhana that she will bring frozen cake for her. She gets up and finds it difficult to walk with the shoes. Malhar and Kalyani leave. They take the cake. She asks malhar, why they are not going in auto. Malhar says we didn’t walk since three months, nothing will happen if we walk now. He asks her to walk. Kalyani finds it hard to walk. Malhar asks her to walk fast and tells that Suhana must be waiting. She sits on the road and tells that she can’t walk anymore with this sandal. Malhar asks if she sat to beg. He asks why did you buy this sandals from my hard earned money? He sees the red mark on his foot and gets worried. He asks how did this happen?

Kalyani says because of sandal. She says I thought you will get angry. Malhar says you hide the things from me, which needs to be told. He asks her to cling on his back. He helps her get up. Kalyani asks her to throw it. Malhar asys it is my hard earned money and keeps the sandals in his jeans pocket. She clings on his back and holds the cake. Malhar brings her home . Anupriya smiles seeing them. Malhar shows the knife to Trilok and tells that it is to cut the cake. He says I will bring your truth infront of Kalyani. Trilok snatches the knife and his hand bleeds. Malhar says I asked you to be careful. Kalyani shows the cake to Suhana and says it is like you wanted. Suhana cuts the cake. Kalyani sings the happy birthday song. Trilok also sings and takes the video.

Pawar calls Malhar and tells about their search. Malhar excuses himself. Sarthak comes home and tells Anupriya that he can’t come for cake cutting. Anupriya says I brought cake for you and asks him to wash his hands. She says until when I have to remind you. Sarthak smiles and says your scolding seem to be sweet. He asks her to tell if Malhar and Kalyani have any fight? Anupriya says everything was good until cake cutting ceremony, but suddenly Malhar left somewhere. Malhar comes to Trilok’s house. He asks Pawar and asks if he cut the CCTV wire and inform him if anybody sees him. Pawar is standing out and says ok. Trilok gets doubtful and thinks if Malhar went to his house. He checks the CCTV footage, but it is disconnected. Kalyani wonders where is Malhar? Malhar searches in the house for proofs.

Trilok tells that they have to leave and asks Suhana to come. Suhana takes Kalyani’s mobile with her. Kalyani tells her that she will bring the doll tomorrow. Malhar is searching proofs still. Trilok comes there and asks who has cut the CCTV wire? Malhar finds Police officer uniform stars and thinks what is it doing here? Anupriya tells Sarthak that Malhar said that they will do Suhana’s birthday here. She says Kalyani and Malhar might go far from each other because of Trilok. She hopes they unite and Moksh gets fine. Sarthak says everything will be fine. Trilok comes to his room and looks on upset. Suhana looks worried. She takes out the mobile and keeps it back. Servant brings the tray and says she will get the wire joined. Suhana keeps Kalyani’s mobile in the tray secretly. Trilok asks her to get it done. Kalyani searches for her mobile and thinks Suhana was playing the game, if she has hidden it.

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