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My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 7th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 7th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 7 April 2022, The Episode starts with Madhuri asking Malhar, how they can be so foolish, says when Madhuri had died in Kalyani’s arms and the latter herself burnt the former’s dead body then how come I am Madhuri. She says I am not Madhuri, but Mamta, Madhuri’s twin sister. She says naxals are those who fight in their life. She says her parents handover her to her kaka and kaki as they were childless. She says Madhuri had lived a lavish life and that’s why I used to hate her a lot. She says the poverty made me Naxal. She says when I came to know that Madhuri is dead, I started planning to become Madhuri in Kalyani’s life. Kalyani gets worried for Madhuri and shares with Anupriya. Mamta tells that Aahir has gone through the similar situation. She says if you wanted then would have hidden his sin, but you got him arrested. She says when he eloped from the police station, then she helped him and took his advantage. She says she has two motives, one is that she will take Madhuri’s identity and can easily run her naxal activities and the other motive, he will know soon. Malhar says you have done a big mistake by telling me. Mamta tells that what is the use, as Kalyani will get married in 2 days and only your dead body will be sent home. She asks the naxals to tie him and looks at Aahir.

Mamta comes home. Kalyani hugs her being worried. Mamta cooks up a fake story and tells that she saw the naxal and followed them. They kidnap and blind folded her, then they took her somewhere. Anupriya asks why did they leave you now? Mamta shows the divorce papers and says this is the divorce papers signed by Malhar, and the naxals left me so that I can take these papers to you. She asks Kalyani to sign on the papers. Kalyani says Malhar ji can’t sign on the divorce papers. Anupriya asks Mamta, how did Malhar get weak infront of you. She asks can’t you stop him? Mamta tells that Malhar was badly beaten by the naxals and must have realized that Kalyani’s life will be saved if he divorces her. She says Malhar must have realized this and signed on the papers. Kalyani shouts and says how can Malhar ji take this big decision alone and tells that she can’t accept this divorce and can’t think of staying without him. Mamta asks Kalyani to hear her and says whatever Malhar did was right, says even she feels the same and if I would have been in his place, then would have done the same. She asks Kalyani to sign on the papers to save Malhar’s life and to rescue him. She asks her to sign. Kalyani says no and cries. Rachit asks her to see Kalyani’s condition. Anupriya says Malhar and Kalyani can’t get separated. Mamta asks if she wants Kalyani to become Malhar’s widow. She tells Kalyani that Malhar is very weak and couldn’t stand on his feet, asks her to sign to save Malhar. Madhav and Asawari asks Kalyani to sign on the divorce papers. Kalyani cries and shouts no. She says she will not sign. Moksh cries just then. Kalyani runs to room and takes him in her lap. She imagines Malhar with injuries on his face and body. She says Malhar ji and cries shouting his name. Moksh also cries badly. Kalyani comes out and takes the papers. She says Malhar ji needs to be safe and I have to sign on the papers for him. Sarthak tries to stop her. Kalyani signs on the papers and runs to room crying. Mamta smirks.

Mamta comes to Anupriya and says Kalyani needs to marry Rachit for Malhar’s life. Anupriya says God makes Jodi and tells that she has lived her life alone, but Malhar and Kalyani’s Jodi are made by God and are inseparable. Mamta asks if she is thinking about herself and says Kalyani will go far from you after marriage and you will lose from me, which you can’t bear. Anupriya asks are you really her mother? Mamta says yes. Anupriya says how she can be happy seeing her daughter’s life scattering.

Naxal tells Malhar that his life is safe till 2 days. Malhar says I will die, but your life will be ruined. He says did you ever think why you came here, leaving your family, asks if he has any motive in life. He sees key with the naxal. Naxal asks him to shut up. Malhar says Mamta has made all of you betrayal and dogs and says you will die with Mamta. The naxal hits Malhar. Malhar kicks him with his leg and makes the key fall down from his pocket. He takes the keys and says neither I will let you naxals succeed nor I will let Kalyani marry someone else.

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