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My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 5th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 5th May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 5 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Sampada telling Kalyani that she won’t let her win. She says Rachit is still out and he will rescue me. Kalyani says her ears are paining and makes her wear head phone and makes her hear song. Sampada asks her to take it out. Kalyani ties her mouth with the cloth. Pallavi comes there. Kalyani says she is going out and asks her to keep eye on her. Pallavi says she can torture Sampada. Kalyani says she is making her hear the loud music and asks her not to have any hopes from Rachit as Malhar ji will arrest him. Anupriya asks what is all this? Atharv says I told her. Anupriya says mangalsutra..Swara says Rachit messaged me taking Shyam’s name and tried to marry me. She says Atharv came here and stopped the marriage. Anupriya says they shall leave immediately. Atharv goes to Rachit and takes his gun, keeps in his pocket and puts garland on him. Malhar hopes they are fine. Atharv gives stairs to Swara and Anupriya and asks Swara to be careful as they got married just now. Anupriya asks him to be quiet. The goons come there. Atharv asks swara to beat the goons and protect her husband. Anupriya and Swara beat the goons and run away with Atharv. Atharv asks Anupriya to call Malhar. Anupriya says he must be on the way. Kalyani makes the arrangements ready to propose Malhar and looks at her and Malhar’s pics in the decorative heart. She looks at their pic in her hand and sticks to the big heart on the wall. Moksh smiles.

Kalyani imagines coming to Malhar in old age and says I was thinking to reply to you. Malhar is also old and asks her to wait. He keeps the tea cups and says his heart beat is increasing. He gets up from chair with much difficulty. Kalyani says Malhar ji. You waited to hear my answer all life and when I am trying to answer you, you are turning your face. Malhar says I couldn’t bear your answer then, that’s why I am eating the tablets beforehand. Kalyani asks him to talk good and coughs. Malhar asks Moksh to take out the car and says we need to take your Aai to hospital. Kalyani coughs and says I love you too. Malhar asks what? Kalyani says I love you too. Malhar gets happy and touches her face. Kalyani also touches his face. Song plays…..Kalyani hugs Malhar. Malhar says you took many years to say this. He says I want to make til ke laddoo for you, but you can’t chew it and you have sugar also. Kalyani asks what? Imagination ends.

Kalyani says she can’t take this much time to reply to him. She thinks to tell him today itself, I love you too. She thinks once he arrests Rachit and comes home, I will tell him, I will reply his I love you, with my I love you too. She says then Kalyani, Malhar and Moksh will live happily ever after. Sarthak comes there and says you are looking old in this pic. Kalyani tells about the App. Sarthak says where is your Aai? She should have returned by now.

Anupriya gets tired and asks them to go. Atharv asks them to come and hold their hands. Rachit comes in the car. Anupriya asks them to run and says she will handle Rachit.

Rachit stops his car infront of them and gets down. He asks what do you think that you can run away easily. He says marriage idea was easy, but now you will suffer each day. He says Malhar will cry each day when he sees your face. He shows the acid in the bottle. Anupriya asks what is in it? chemical. She asks Swara to run and asks Atharv to take her. Malhar is on the way. Rachit opens the bottle. Anupriya pleads infront of her to leave her. Rachit walks towards them. Atharv gives gun to Anupriya and asks her to shoot him. Anupriya threatens to shoot Rachit. Rachit says you can’t even kill a mosquito. He asks her to shoot him else he will ruin Swara’s face. He holds Anupriya’s hand and pushes them. He walks towards Swara. Atharv asks Anupriya to shoot Rachit. Rachit is about to throw acid on Swara, when Anupriya shoots at Rachit and the acid bottle falls down from his hand. Malhar reaches there and is shocked.

Pallavi takes out the headphone from Sampada’s head. Kalyani asks her to think about Moksh’s pain and says he can’t complain anything rather than crying. She says you know well that bone marrow transplant is the treatment for him. She says he wants bone marrow of his sibling, but you and Malhar ji can’t unite, and asks her to agree for IVF soon. Sampada says what do you think that I will get scared and says these things will not work for her. She says she is waiting for the moment when Rachit will come here and take me. Rachit turns and looks at Anupriya. Anupriya is shocked. Rachit stumbles. Aao Saheb comes there and sees gun in Anupriya’s hand. Rachit loses his balance and falls down from the cliff. They get more shock. Malhar looks for Rachit, but couldn’t see him. He calls Pawar and asks him to come there with team. Malhar looks at Anupriya holding the gun.

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