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My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 2nd June 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 2nd June 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 2 June 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Malhar trying to break the door. Atharv asks Moksh to sit there itself. Sampada says Aai is with you. Anupriya asks Sarthak to go and help them. Sarthak also tries to break the door. Malhar comes to the window and asks Moksh to be there. Anupriya thinks where is Malhar’s wife. Kalyani climbs on the oil cans and tries to talk to Moksh through the upper window. She asks him to sit on the table. The oil cans are about to fall, but Anupriya holds the cans and asks Kalyani to go inside. Kalyani comes inside and climbs on the book shelves. She then gets down and asks Moksh to be there. Malhar and Sarthak try to break the door. Kalyani shouts Billu seeing Moksh about to fall. She gets down and sees him about to fall. Malhar and Sarthak break the door and see Moksh about to fall. Kalyani jumps high in air to hold him. Malhar also jumps and moves the chair so that Moksh don’t get hurt. Kalyani catches Moksh from falling down. Malhar also holds him. Kalyani asks Moksh if he is fine. Anupriya comes back to room. Malhar asks Moksh to look at him. Moksh says baba. Malhar asks if he is fine. Moksh nods his head. Kalyani scolds Pallavi for taking care of baby this way. Pallavi says I left baby with Sampada and went to get milk for him, but the latter went to take bath. Sampada asks if I shall take care of Moksh or this unborn baby. Kalyani is about to hit Sampada. Madhav stops her and says you should take care of Moksh, but you are worried for Rachit’s baby. Malhar says Kalyani has saved Moksh now and asks him not to scold her. Kalyani tells Malhar that Moksh is looking silent and asks him to call doctor for his check up. Malhar says ok.

Doctor comes and checks her. He asks them to be with Moksh as he is in shock. Kalyani tries to go to Moksh, but Malhar stops her holding her hand. He looks at Atharv. Atharv takes Anupriya out. Malhar asks Kalyani why she wants Moksh to lose his mother. He asks her to choose her life with Moksh. Kalyani asks him to let her go to Moksh. Malhar says either forget Moksh or let him forget you. Kalyani cries. Malhar says if you want then you can change the situation even now. He says if you love Moksh so much and wants to be with him then get the abortion done. He says if you want to be with Moksh then have to abort this baby. Kalyani says I want to go to Billu. Malhar takes her out and says you can’t stay without Moksh for even two mins and asks did you ever think how will I stay without you. He says I know you are emotional about this baby, but if something happens to you then Moksh will become motherless and asks what is my mistake, what will happen to me. Kalyani thinks she has no option than to become strong. She says you know that I am very stubborn and will not change my decision. Malhar says ok and asks her to see his stubbornness also. He says we have to live without you and asks her to stay away from him and his son. He says you will get to see old Malhar. He walks towards his room, thinks he don’t want to be strict with her and don’t want to keep her away from Moksh, but has to fight with her for her own life.

Kalyani cries and asks her baby not to be angry on his baba. He says your baba loves me so much and is worried for me, that’s why said this, but that doesn’t mean that he don’t love you. She says we have to hid this fact for 28 more weeks, then I will tell truth to Malhar and my Billu will be saved.

Malhar tells Moksh that he knows that he can’t sleep without his Aai and says I scolded her so she will not come. Kalyani is behind the bed and thinks Malhar ji thinks he can keep me away from Billu senior. Malhar makes Moksh lie down on the bed. Just then he hears the sound and is about to check behind, but just then Anupriya comes there and tells Malhar that she brought food for him. Malhar asks did Kalyani have food? Anupriya says she doesn’t know. Kalyani thinks how can your scolding affect me. Malhar asks Anupriya to convince Kalyani for abortion. Anupriya says you are her husband, says when she is not listening to you then why she will listen to me. Malhar is surprised. Even Kalyani is surprised. Malhar goes out to wash his hands. Kalyani comes out to moksh and plays with him. Malhar comes back to room. Kalyani hides again. Malhar gets a call from Pawar and he informs him about lal gali. Kalyani thinks she was found unconscious there. Malhar sleeps while Moksh is awake. Kalyani comes to Moksh and tells that she can’t see Malhar in pain. She says shall I tell the truth that I have his baby in my tummy, says you both have gone far from me, while I am hiding this truth. She cries.

Next morning, Malhar wakes up. Kalyani wakes up and gets vomiting sensation. She stands up. Malhar sees her standing behind the bed and asks if she is fine. Kalyani tells that she has morning sickness and says this is happening because of the perfume on your shirt. She asks him to take it off. He takes out the shirt and asks if she wants to take something. Kalyani asks for lauki ka juice (bottlegourd juice). Malhar brings it. Kalyani drinks it and says she is feeling better now. She then looks at the juice glass and says she doesn’t like it. Malhar says just now you asked. He then ask, what you are doing in my room?

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