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My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 21st April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 21st April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 21 April 2022, The Episode starts with Rachit asking Kalyani to give him a chance and says he will fill her life with happiness. Kalyani throws the things brought by him. Rachit says if you don’t like it then I will bring something else for you. Kalyani picks a chocolate and rubs on his face. She says you want to gift me. She says what gift you can give me, says you have given me pain. She asks him not to remind her of school days and says atleast let me love that friend. Rachit asks her not to show smartness and says I got everyone blood test done, and there is only one to save Moksh, that is Malhar and Sampada’s child. He asks her to accept him. Anupriya says Kalyani is silent just for Moksh and says you can’t pull her towards you. She asks him not to think woman as weak and says don’t force a mother to take your life to save her daughter. Rachit says I am ready to give my life for Kalyani and will get her love surely. Anupriya says that day will never come. Rachit says that day will come, Kalyani will confess that she loves me very much in your presence.

Malhar and Sampada come to Madhav and touch his feet. Madhav asks what is she doing? Malhar says Sampada is your bahu and touching your feet. He says they have decided to give a chance to their marriage. Sarthak says this girl has left you and your 1 day old son. Sampada says I have realized my mistake and now I want to spend my life in Malhar and Moksh’s service. Malhar asks her not to give explanation. Aao Saheb asks Malhar to ask his year old son, if he will accept Sampada as his mother. Madhav blames Sampada and Kalyani for the happenings. Sarthak takes him.

Malhar asks Sampada to pack their bags as they are leaving Aurangabad and shifting to a village, tells that he got transfer letter today. Sampada asks how we can live in a village. Malhar says they will manage. Sampada thinks she can’t stay in village. He tells her that he has planned surprise for Sampada and asks her to get ready for evening. He thinks this is just the start, he will make her confess how Rachit and she are blackmailing Kalyani. Kalyani thinks since when Malhar started planning surprises for Sampada.

She comes to the workshop and sees the bed and the decorations. Malhar tells Kalyani that he will stay here with Sampada today. Kalyani says workers work here. Malhar says today is makar sankranti and reminds that today is off for them. He is about to put hammer on his hand while fixing the nail. Kalyani tries to stop him and puts her foot on his foot. They fall down on the bed together and the curtains on them. Sona Sona…mainu jogi hona plays…..They try to get the curtains off from them…Kalyani and Malhar have an eye lock….The song continues to play. They try to take off the curtain entangled to them. Malhar takes it out and asks her what is she doing? He asks when you have decided to stay with Rachit, then why you are having problems with my closeness to Sampada. He asks if she is jealous as Rachit doesn’t do this for you. Rachit comes and asks who said. Kalyani says she will answer and tells that they don’t like to do tamasha like him. Malhar says you are thinking that you are doing wrong as your husband couldn’t do what I used to do for you. He says lets compete to know who is the better husband? Kalyani says no need. Rachit says done, I agree. Malhar tells that whoever wins, will get a chance to spend night on this bed. He says if I win, then Sampada and I will start our life together. Rachit asks how they will compete? Malhar says it is Makar Sankranti and asks Kalyani to tell her new husband.

Kalyani recalls holding the thread roll of Malhar, while he flies the kite in the previous sankranti. Malhar looks at Kalyani. Atharv says why Aai and Baba are in different teams, I don’t like it. Anupriya sees Madhav, Sarthak and Riddhi coming there. She tells Sarthak that they shall also participate as she don’t want Rachit to win and asks him to cut his thread. He tells that he will do anything for her. he declares that they will also take part in the competition. Anupriya signs Kalyani.

Sampada asks Malhar to think again and asks how can we do Moksh’s upbringing in a small village. Malhar says transfer orders came from higher officials and says I hope
could do anything. Rachit asks Kalyani to hold his kite and leave in air. Malhar asks did you have breakfast, and says you might faint and fall down. Rachit asks shall I order breakfast for you. They start flying kites. Rachit asks Kalyani to come to his side. They hold the manja roll. Rachit asks Kalyani to free some thread. Kalyani thinks she will never let her Malhar ji lose.

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