My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 19th May 2022 Zee World Updates

On My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 19th May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 19 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Malhar checking the red water and says it is not blood. Malhar says I was telling this to bahu, but she was scared and went someone. Pallavi says don’t know who has done this. Atharv thinks it is good that Kalyani is scared, now she will lie to Malhar that she is pregnant with Rachit’s baby. Kalyani goes near the well and feels dizziness. She goes near the well and steps on the rope. The bucket falls down on the ground and she sees red color water. She thinks it is blood and thinks Rachit has thrown someone’s body in this well. She looks inside and finds the water red. She recalls Rachit’s threat (Actually Atharv’s threat) and asks herself to think about the baby. She goes to the backside of the house and finds cupboard there. She thinks what might be inside it, how did it come here? She opens the cupboard and a dead body comes out from it. She shouts and finds it to be Rachit’s burnt dead body wrapped in a plastic cover. Malhar comes out and calls Kalyani. He finds the red water flown out from the bucket near the well. He gets tensed and checks inside the well, but couldn’t find anyone there. Kalyani shouts Malhar ji…Malhar runs backside and sees the dead body. He says Rachit. Atharv comes there and says this is Rachit’s dead body. Malhar looks at Atharv. Swara also looks at him. Aao Saheb and Pallavi come there with Madhav. Aao Saheb and others keep cloth on their nose.

Atharv says did Rachit’s dead body is here, when Nani had shot him there. He thinks if Kalyani saw this dead body, how it came here. He asks shall I bring Aai here and goes from there. Pallavi calls Kalyani and searches her. Riddhi watches Sa Re Ga Ma…..She says she will watch it surely. Pallavi comes there and calls Kalyani. Riddhi says she will make her baba’s name famous and asks when baba and Maai will be back. Pallavi says don’t know and searches Kalyani.

Malhar calls Pawar and the forensic expert there. The neighbors gather there and gossip. Malhar asks forensic expert to check for the fingerprints. The photographer takes the pics. Police team takes the body for postmortem. Malhar thinks to reach the truth and thinks someone is playing a big game. Someone comes to the hospital and changes Anupriya’s medicine and gives money to the nurse. Nurse agrees. Atharv asks his man how the cupboard came there. His man tells that he had hidden it there thinking nobody will see. Atharv says no problem and hugs him. He attacks the goon repeatedly with blades and asks the other goon to put salt on his wounds. He says one mistake is yours and other is mine. He comes home and acts as a boy. He calls Kalyani. Post man comes there and asks Atharv if there is some elder at home. Atharv asks if he can’t see him and snatches report from his hand. He checks the report and says if Malhar sees this report, thinks Kalyani is having a bad luck. Swara comes there and asks where did he go? Atharv says I was chilling and searching Aai.

Some ladies have kidnapped Kalyani and taking her somewhere. One of the lady calls Mastani bai and tells that they have brought the girl and reached lal gali just now. Mastani bai is shown. Kalyani is taken into Mastani Bai’s brothel while she is unconscious. A lady asks another lady to spit the paan as Mastani Bai is coming. The people on the way greets Mastani Bai. Kalyani takes Aai’s name while conscious and says that dead body. A lady comes there and tells that Mastani Bai is coming. Mastani Bai comes inside and signs all the ladies to go out. Kalyani takes Malhar’s name in unconscious state and says that dead body. Mastani Bai sits down near Kalyani and looks at Kalyani.

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