My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 16th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 16th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Sunday 16 April 2022, The Episode starts with the naxals taking Malhar to the jungle. Malhar sees pyre there. Aahir signs other naxalite to burn the pyre. Malhar tries to run, but Aahir holds him and asks him to show how much he loves his nation. He signs the naxal to throw the Indian flag on the burning fire. Malhar pushes the naxals and run to hold the flag. He runs and jumps to catch the flag. Aahir is shocked. Malhar holds the flag and throws the burning wood logs using it. He sees Madhuri tied and kept on the pyre. He gets shocked and thinks this is Kalyani’s Aai, she is here. Aahir asks him how he will save the people. Malhar digs the flag rod in the ground and takes out Madhuri from the burning pyre. He says Aai. Aahir hits on Malhar’s head. Kalyani and Rachit come to the police station. Kalyani tells Pawar that some goons has kidnapped Malhar and asks him to call commissioner and bring the search team. She sees Pawar and Rao standing helplessly. The new Inspector comes there and tells that this is not vegetable market. Kalyani says she is wife of ACP Malhar Rane. The New ACP says he is the ACP now and tells that he is a traitor and tried to kill CM. He says such man shall be hanged. Kalyani says Malhar did what they asked him to do. She cries and says no. She says my Malhar ji is not a traitor and asks Pawar to say. She says I will tell the truth and tells that some goons kidnapped her and blackmailed Malhar, so he agreed to their sayings. Pawar says I agree and gets afraid seeing the new ACP. Kalyani asks him not to be afraid and tell. She asks Rao to say that Malhar is not a traitor. She sees them bending their heads. ACP asks her not to do tamasha and leave immediately. Kalyani says she will not go until Commissioner comes there. ACP says if you don’t go then I will kick you out. Rachit asks if this is the way to talk to ladies. Kalyani takes off ACP’s gun and asks him to call Commissioner there.

Malhar and Madhuri are tied. Malhar asks her how she came here and tells that Kalyani gave fire to your dead body, so how come you are alive and came here. Madhuri asks do you know me and my house. She says Kalyani name seems to be familiar and asks who is she? Aahir comes and asks her to stop talking else she will be dead. Malhar thinks they don’t know about her being Kalyani’s aai. Madhuri asks Malhar to tell about her. Malhar apologizes to her and tells that he doesn’t know her. He asks Aahir if this is their kranti, keeping the helpless woman captive. Aahir says she heard us and that’s why she is captive. Malhar asks what she will do against you all. Aahir asks him to give statement that he is with naxals in support of their kranti against the nation. Malhar says I will never say this. Aahir beats him with rod. Madhuri asks them to leave him.
Kalyani asks ACP when Commissioner is coming. ACP says you are putting yourself in trouble. Kalyani thinks she knows what Malhar’s duty means to him. Kalyani recalls coming to the Police station and telling that Malhar has forgotten his house. Malhar tells her that she knows that work comes first than other things. Kalyani asks if work is more important than Moksh and her. Malhar says yes. Fb ends.

Commissioner comes there and asks Kalyani to keep the gun down. Kalyani keeps the gun and tells Commissioner that Malhar is not a traitor. She tells him the truth. Aahir continues to torture Malhar and asks him to tell that he is with Naxals. Malhar tells that this torture is kids game for him and says this kranti for you is a matter of just 2 days. Aahir asks them to bring hot water for Malhar and puts on him through the pipe. Malhar says Vandemataram and bears the torture. Aahir asks him to say it. The person is watching the torture on CCTV and calls Aahir. Aahir stops the torture. Malhar faints.

Commissioner tells Kalyani that how to believe her and tells that CM asked them not to leave Malhar. Kalyani asks him to ask his heart and tells that he loves his nation and uniform. Malhar is brought inside the tent and made to sit with the naxals. Aahir sits beside him. Malhar says he will not give any statement and asks Aahir to kill him instead. They remove his blindfold. Malhar asks why did you bring me here and tells that he will not give the statement and asks him again to kill him. Aahir smirks and says congratulations, you are one among us now. Malhar looks at them. He says you have become like us, when you took money from us to kill CM and asks him to check his pocket. He covers his face, while Malhar checks his pocket and finds money inside. Aahir signs the naxal and he takes the pic. Aahir says when this pic is sent to Police then they will believe us. Commissioner gets the pic and shows to Kalyani. He tells Kalyani that it is clear now that he shook hands with naxals for money. Kalyani is taken aback and says she don’t agree to this. She says she is sure that they forced him to get the pic clicked. She says my Malhar ji is not a traitor.

The naxal brings Madhuri there and asks her to pick all the plates and wash it. Malhar asks Aahir what you are doing with this woman, if you will kill her and says she is like our Aai. Aahir smirks. Madhuri picks the plates. Malhar thinks how to remind her of her identity.

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