My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 8th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 8th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 8 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Atharv to come out and says if I catch you then will beat you. Malhar gets a call from a private number, the man on the call says you call yourself as Aurangabad Singham and tells your wife Kalyani is gone now. Malhar takes out the pendrive from the laptop and checks the arrow. He gets gun powder smell from it and is shocked. Kalyani reaches near the well calling Atharv and says if you don’t come out then I will ask baba to scold you. Malhar calls Kalyani. Someone is keeping eye on her and is coming towards her. Malhar shouts Kalyani. Kalyani senses someone is standing behind her and turns to see Anupriya standing. Anupriya asks why is she shouting and tells that Atharv had food and slept long back. Malhar reaches there and relaxes seeing her safe. Kalyani says if Atharv is sleeping then who had thrown that arrow on me. Malhar says it is someone’s mischief and asks her not to go out of house for few days. He thinks Aahir is not alone, but someone is helping him. Kalyani comes to room and looks at the pendrive.

Malhar comes there and pulls her near him. He thinks he can’t tell her about the call. He looks at her face and checks it. Kalyani asks what happened? He asks did you do something with your face. Kalyani says no. Malhar says you are looking very beautiful today. Kalyani is surprised and asks if my imagination started again, if I am dreaming or did you have fever to say this. Malhar asks if I am bad, not to praise you. Kalyani asks really you are praising me and asks for water. She drinks water. Malhar keeps the pendrive and throws out the arrow. Kalyani comes to Malhar and says you never praises me, and today you praised me, I was very shocked. Malhar asks do you want to show yourself to doctor. Kalyani says no. Malhar asks what did I say? Kalyani says you said that I am looking very beautiful. She tells that she looks horrible in the morning, but after getting fresh, she looks fresh all day. He asks her not to go out. Kalyani asks if I am looking beautiful. Malhar says you look beautiful always and asks her to go and see the doctor someday. He thinks what will happen to her. Kalyani thinks he is miser in praising her.

Kalyani shows a guy Uday’s pic to Madhav for Swara. Madhav asks her to call the guy. Swara comes there. Kalyani says she will talk to Swara first and takes her from there. Someone is keeping eye on them.

Malhar tells Commissioner that Aahir escaped again. Pawar comes to him and tells that the caller called him using VPN and couldn’t be traced. Malhar tells Commissioner that he thinks that the caller is his old enemy and targeting Kalyani.

Kalyani asks Swara to think again. Swara tells her that Baba have done so much for her and says if he gets happiness with my marriage then I will get married. She sees gift box on the wall of the balcony and tells Kalyani. Kalyani says you saw this.

Malhar tells Commissioner that he is afraid that Aahir might shake hands with Naxalites. Commissioner says last year, you got many naxals arrested and they might be using Aahir to target them. Commissioner tells Malhar that Naxals will not leave him and asks him to take transfer from there for few months. Malhar says I can’t go away from here being afraid, tells that he will save Aahir from Naxals. Kalyani is about to touch the box. Commissioner asks Malhar to think wise and asks if something happens to kalyani then will you face yourself. Malhar apologizes and tells that neither he will take transfer nor he will let anything happen to her. He calls Kalyani. Kalyani comes back to room and picks his call. He asks if she went out. Kalyani tells no and tells about someone keeping box in their balcony, tells that she is about to open it. Malhar is shocked and asks her not to open it. Kalyani says Atharv must have brought something for you. Malhar asks her not to open the box and tells that he is coming there. Kalyani says you take stress for little things. She opens the box and tells him that the box is empty, apologizes to him. Malhar gets angry and asks if you will ever listen to me or not. He says I asked you not to open the box and says it might contain dangerous thing sent by Aahir. Kalyani says I didn’t think of this and ends the call. She tells Swara that Malhar worries a lot for her, although he don’t express.

Malhar comes to the theatre. Pawar also comes there and asks I didn’t know that you watch film. Malhar tells that he came to buy ticket for kalyani, as he scolded him. Soon, the film tickets are housefull. Malhar asks Pawar what is he doing here? Pawar says his wife likes Ayushman. Malhar asks didn’t she like you. Pawar says you don’t know filmy insect/craze. He asks if you want then I can get ticket in black. Malhar scolds him. Pawar says if Kalyani comes to know then she will get upset. Malhar asks him to bring tickets for them also. Pawar goes and brings tickets in black. Malhar checks the ticket and finds last day last show written at the backside of the ticket. He says it seems this is someone’s threat and asks where is that man who sold this ticket? Pawar says that side.

Atharv calls Kalyani and tells that someone brought cinema home and says we will watch the film together. Kalyani checks the box and says they didn’t buy the projector. The man says someone ordered it and is standing outside. Atharv asks her to take it. Kalyani comes out and sees Rachit getting down the car. He says he thought to bring Cinema to her and tells that the video is viral and have 1.3 million views. He says it is a gift from company. Kalyani asks him to show the mobile. Just then Malhar comes there in his jeep and gets down. He runs towards them seeing the hoarding about to fall. Kalyani asks him not to get angry and says she came out to meet Rachit just. Malhar pushes Kalyani and Rachit to safety. Someone is seen escaping from there. The banner falls down. Rachit asks how did it fall down. Malhar says your men don’t know how to keep it. Rachit says I will get it removed. Malhar says sorry and tells that he is stressed and worried because of Aahir. Rachit says I am happy that Kalyani got such caring husband. Malhar thinks to find out who is behind her.

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