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My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 6th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 6th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 6 April 2022, The Episode starts with Aahir telling that Madhuri herself will take signatures of her damad. Madhuri says I will not do this and asks him to leave her. Aahir tells Kalyani, you have little time, decide between Malhar’s death or marriage with Rachit. Kalyani says if Madhuri gets even a scratch then I will not leave Aahir. Aahir says I will send both Madhuri and Malhar after your marriage. Kalyani asks what you will get by doing this? Aahir says there are two reasons, one is I want to see him broken and the other is you will know when the right time comes. He puts the cloth on the laptop. Kalyani shuts the laptop and cries. Aahir brings Madhuri to Malhar and asks her to do as he said. Malhar asks how did you come here? Madhuri says she came to rescue him, but now they are forcing me to take your signature on the divorce papers. Malhar asks Aahir what he will get by doing this? Aahir says he knows that he can bear any pain, but will not bear the separation from Kalyani. Malhar asks what is his betterment? Aahir says this is very important for his mission. Malhar asks what is his mission? Aahir asks him to sign on the divorce papers.

Kalyani locks the door. Anupriya asks her to open the door. Kalyani thinks of Aahir’s words that Sarkaar ordered him to kill Malhar. She sits on the bed. Moksh gives her Malhar and his photo frame. Kalyani cries hugging the photo frame.

Malhar asks Madhuri about her memory loss. Madhuri says I don’t know how to save my daughter, says she has gone mad and thinks day and night, how to save you. She thinks what to do, to rescue you. She says when Kalyani worn that bomb to save everyone, I was so scared. She says you don’t know how difficult, it was for a mother to see that. She says she will bear the pain of hatred from Kalyani and asks him to sign on the divorce papers. She says your work is risky and asks if you don’t want good life for Kalyani. He imagines Kalyani coming there and telling that she is not scared of danger, never….She says if any enemy shoots at you, then I will take bullet on my chest, but will never let anything happen to you. She asks him not to come in anyone talks and says I am always with you, in happy and sad time. She says I will be happy that I got a chance to live life with you. She says there is no Kalyani without Malhar. Malhar nods his head in agreement. Mere pass hai tu plays….Kalyani hugs him and cries. Malhar says there is no Malhar without Kalyani. Imagination ends. Madhuri asks Malhar to leave her daughter and save her life. She touches his feet and asks him to sign on the divorce papers. Malhar asks what are you doing and agrees to stop her. He says if this is the way to protect Kalyani then I am ready to sign on the divorce papers.

In the night, Kalyani is going out to search Malhar and Madhuri. She says she has a feeling that something wrong is going to happen somewhere. Anupriya asks her to listen and says there will be no solution if you go out at this time. She asks where you will go to search Malhar. Kalyani says they will use Madhuri and make malhar ji sign on the divorce papers. She says I won’t let this happen. Anupriya asks her to listen and tells that even if Malhar signs on the papers then also nothing can happen without your wish. She asks her to think about this. She says I trust Malhar and he will not be broken easily. Kalyani says I have a feeling that something wrong is happening? Anupriya says nothing wrong will happen. They hug. Kalyani cries. Aahir asks Malhar to sign on the divorce papers. Malhar is seated on the chair and looks at Madhuri, who is standing and signing him to sign on the papers. Malhar recalls Kalyani asking him not to come in Madhuri’s talks and telling that she is always with him, in the moment of happiness and sadness. He signs on the papers and gets restless. Aahir smiles and says you are lover of Romeo and juliet’ times and says you have done a big sacrifice. He says even if Kalyani marries someone else, then also you keep loving her, tells that one side love’s strength is unique. Malhar slaps Aahir and he falls on Madhuri. Madhuri falls down. The acid bottle falls on her hand and it starts burning. Malhar runs to her calling her Aai and is shocked to see her fake hand burning. He recalls pulling out Sarkaar’s hand and is shocked. He asks Madhuri, are you Sarkaar? Madhuri says yes, I am Sarkaar. Aahir is also shocked with the revelation. He asks the naxals to hold Malhar.

Madhuri gets up and shows her fake hand, smirking and smiling. She says Malhar is struggling for his own life, what danger, he will be for us. She asks them to tie his legs and hands and locked him in the cell. Malhar asks do you realize how much Kalyani loves you, she worships you like worshipping the God. He says what she will feel when she comes to know that you are Naxal. Madhuri gets angry and signs Aahir to get the knife. She holds it tightly until her hand bleeds. She moves her hand and says can you see this blood? She says this blood is not of Madhuri, how can you be so foolish? She says when Madhur had died in Kalyani’s hands and when she has done her last rights, then how I can be Madhuri. She says she is Mamta, Madhuri’s twin sister. Aahir smirks. Malhar is shocked.

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