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My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 4th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 4th May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 4 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Sampada trying to give injection to Atharv to kill him, but Sarthak is pretending to be sleeping and holds her hand at the right time. Sampada is shocked. Malhar and Kalyani come there. Sampada continues to be in shock. Malhar says what do you think that you are very clever and will come here disguised and you will not know. He says it was our plan. Kalyani says it was our drama, Atharv didn’t get his memory back, but you have come here surely. She asks where you will go Sampada and pulls her moustache. Sampada says what do you think that you have won and tells that she will not agree so easily. She says you want to save Moksh, so need me for this. She says I will help you only when I get my place in Malhar’s life. Kalyani and Malhar asks so what? Malhar says your demand will not be agreed. Kalyani says you have to agree for IVF. Sampada gets scared. Malhar says else I will expose your truth infront of Commissioner. Kalyani tells Moksh that Sampada will agree for IVF and then his sibling will come. Malhar asks Sampada to agree for IVF silently else she will be in jail all life. He says nobody can take Kalyani’s place in his life. Sarthak tells that they shall call back Anupriya and Atharv. He calls Anupriya and asks her to come back. Anupriya says we will leave.

Swara thanks Atharv for saving her and asks him to come with her before Rachit gains consciousness. She sees Rachit’s men standing out. Atharv says I want to tell you this and came from behind. Swara says we have to leave from back door. They hear the goons talking to each other and telling that they shall check in the back door. Swara says we have to go inside again, as they shall not know that Rachit is unconscious inside. Kalyani asks God to help them and agree Sampada for IVF. Malhar asks did you ask this only? Kalyani says she asked for Aai’s good marks too. Malhar says what else. Kalyani says nothing and asks why are you asking? Malhar says he don’t need anything. Kalyani says I know what you want to hear, but I will not say it so easily. Pawar comes there and tells that he came to know about Rachit and Sampada’s hideout. Malhar says it is good news and tells that Rachit shall be arrested. Swara and Atharv come back inside the temple. Pandit ji is standing in shock. Swara says we have to hide Rachit. Atharv says I didn’t do anything. Anupriya is coming there. Swara and Atharv hide the goons. Atharv asks Pandit to sit else she will tell that he hit Rachit and made him unconscious. Swara asks Atharv to sit as Rachit for the marriage. Atharv says I can’t do this. Anupriya sees goons and thinks how to go up.

Malhar calls someone and asks to send Rachit’s location. He keeps his hand on the pot. Kalyani sees him leaving his hand impression on the wet pot and takes the pot from the man’s hand. She asks what to do with Sampada? Malhar says she will agree in some days. Kalyani says I want to say something. Malhar says wants to tell me something. She asks if Kaka asked Aai to return home. She asks did you ask Kaka to talk to Aai? Malhar says you was standing there when Kaka called Aai. Kalyani says I forgot and asks what he thought that she will tell. Malhar says nothing. He asks shall I go? Kalyani says you can go. Malhar asks her to eat chawanprash and says your memory has got weak. Kalyani laughs. He goes. Kalyani keeps her hand on the pot and smiles. Hamari adhuri kahani plays….She says Malhar ji, even I am eager to tell you, what you want to hear, but you have to wait for some more time. She recalls his love confession and leaves hand impression on the pot. She recalls Malhar proposing her and telling that she is world’s beautiful girl.

Anupriya calls Malhar. Malhar picks the call. He asks did you leave from there. Anupriya tells him that Rachit is in the temple. Malhar asks what? Just then phone gets disconnected as her phone gets off. Anupriya thinks how to go inside. Malhar tells that he has to go. Aao Saheb says I want to come with you. Malhar says I can’t risk your life and apologizes to her. Swara and Atharv are seated for the marriage. Goon comes inside and look at Atharv. He says this is the same mad guy. Atharv puts mangalsutra in Swara’s neck. The goon is about to hit Atharv, but Atharv holds the rod and beats the goon. Swara is shocked. Atharv says I have beaten him and saved you. He says I am your husband now and you are my wife. I will protect you from goons now, you are chota bheem’s wife. Swara is shocked and looks at the mangalsutra in her neck. Malhar thinks why Maai’s phone is off. Anupriya makes loban smoke and come inside, while the goons cough. She sees Atharv and Swara standing with garlands and mangalsutra in her neck. She shouts Atharv and drops the loban pot.

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