My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 29th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 29th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 29 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani thinking everyone thinks that Atharv is with Aao Saheb. She thinks if Aao Saheb reaches home then everyone will get worried. She thinks to call Anupriya and tell her that Atharv is with her. She calls Anupriya, but the latter is so much engrossed in thoughts and scared, that she doesn’t see the call. Sarthak comes there and asks if she wants to share something with him, then she can. Anupriya asks if you will believe me and tells that Madhuri threatened her to snatch Kalyani from her. She asks if you will believe me and if I tell Kalyani that she will also not believe me. He comes near her and sits with her. He tells that it is impossible that I don’t trust you, and tells that even Kalyani blindly trust you. he says even though Madhuri gave birth to Kalyani, but she has the raabta with you which even Kalyani feels. Kalyani calls Pallavi then and tells that Atharv is with her. She says he is with her and Malhar ji is on duty. Pallavi says now I don’t worry about him. Kalyani asks about Madhuri. Pallavi says she is fine and ends the call. Pallavi thinks if she had told Kalyani then she would have come here.

Kalyani comes to Malhar and Atharv. Atharv calls her Aai. Kalyani hugs him and says sorry. Atharv asks her to move and says her beard is piercing in his skin. Kalyani says you know naa. Atharvasks her why she came indisguise of a sardaar. Kalyani then comes to Malhar and asks him to trust her, says she has to give him another injection. Malhar says he trust her. Kalyani gives him injection and says with this injection, you will not get sleepy. Malhar asks her to open the lock. Atharv asks her to do it fast. Kalyani opens the locks and asks Malhar to come. She touches him and his shirt gets move a bit. She sees hunter marks on his body and checks him. She finds more marks and hugs him with tears in her eyes. Malhar also hugs her. He wipes her tears.

Atharv asks them to come and says everyone will come. Atharv and Kalyani help Malhar get up. They come out, but Malhar refuses to go with her, asks her to take Atharv and tells that he will come later. Kalyani asks what are you saying? Malhar asks her to understand and tells that naxals has kept some more persons captive. Kalyani says it is going to be morning soon, tells that he can come later with the team and rescue them. Malhar says if they know that I have escaped then they will change everyone’s place. Kalyani refuses to go until he comes with her. Malhar says please and says your life will be in danger too and asks her to do as he says. She says you are very stubborn. She takes the woodsticks and lights fire to it. Malhar asks what is it? Kalyani says she will go, but he has to take 7 rounds with her again. Malhar asks if this is the time to take 7 rounds with her and asks her to go. Kalyani says until you agree to me, I will not go. He asks what will you get? He says we don’t have so much time. Kalyani takes out the turban, moustache and beard and keep it on the drum. She frees her hairs.

Madhuri asks Anupriya where is she going? Anupriya says she is going to make Moksh eat food. Madhuri says no need, he is my grand son, I will make him eat food. Anupriya tries to go still. Madhuri asks don’t you understand at once. Aao Saheb comes there and slaps Madhuri. She says Anupriya told me that you have lost your memory, but seems like you knows everything. She says you must have remember that you have ruined her life. She says you are still stubborn and arrogant, warns her not to misbehave with her daughter. She says Anupriya is Kalyani’s Aai and has more right on her and on this house.

Malhar says we don’t have time for all this. Kalyani says if you want me to go then do this, else…She removes his shoes and asks him to start the rounds. Atharv asks Malhar to remove his shoes also. Malhar removes his shoes and says there will be danger to you and Atharv’s lives. He says I don’t remember the seven vows. Kalyani asks him to say whatever he wants to from his heart, which he wants to take with his wife.

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