My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 27th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 27th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Saturday 27 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani turns calling Malhar ji. She sees Rachit standing instead of Malhar. Rachit recalls escaping from Police custody, by suffocating Pawar to get unconscious. He takes the keys and frees himself. Fb ends. He says see that I came to you. I couldn’t be away from you. He says you made emergency call to Malhar, says SOS. He says I have exchanged his number with my number. Kalyani is shocked. Rachit says you shall call me in every situation as your safety is my responsibility. He turns and laughs aloud. Kalyani gets an idea and goes live on social networking site. Rachit turns and sees her holding the phone. He throws the phone away and says when you will understand that I am very smart than you. He says your husband is standing infront of you. Kalyani shouts and says you are not my husband.

Pallavi comes to Aao Saheb and tells that she has tied Sampada’s hands. Swara comes there and tells that vahini is live on social media with rachit. Kalyani says that day I didn’t let the marriage complete. Rachit says I know, I was the groom. Swara tells Sarthak that they shall ask Malhar to check the live footage. Sarthak says Malhar is not active on social media. He says we shall trace the location first. Rachit tells Kalyani that they shall go far and marry as Malhar knows the truth. Kalyani asks what? She says Malhar ji will not accept Sampada, what will happen to my Billu, he is in danger. Rachit says that’s why I am asking you to go far from him and says Sampada will go near Malhar then. Kalyani laughs and says when Malhar ji came to know about your truth, then if he will let you go easily. She says your game is over. Rachit says Malhar can never harm me and can never win from me. Kalyani looks at her mobile which is capturing all. Rachit says you are mine and will be mine always. Kalyani asks how dare you to touch me. Just then Sampada comes there and hits on Kalyani’s head. Anupriya and Swara see Sampada hitting Kalyani. Anupriya says how did she reach there? Kalyani looks at Sampada, faints and falls down. Anupriya says pallavi had tied her. Pallavi comes there and tells that Sampada opened the rope and escaped. Sarthak says Malhar is not picking the call and asks Anupriya to take care of everyone. He says he is going to search location.

Rachit asks Sampada what you have done? Sampada says this girl was live on social media and your truth is out infront of all, Malhar must be coming here. Rachit lifts Kalyani and starts walking. He then keeps her on ground and drags her with Sampada’s help. He brings her to cold storage room. Sampada asks what is he going to do? She asks him to say. Rachit says you will know now. He opens the big freezer and lifts Kalyani and put her inside. He says if she can’t be mine, then I will not let her becoming of Malhar. Sampada is shocked and says what are you doing? She says no. Rachit closes the freezer. Sampada asks have you gone mad, she will die. She says if Malhar comes to know about this then? Rachit asks so what? He says Kalyani couldn’t understand my love and asks what is in Malhar, which I don’t have. He says if Kalyani don’t understand my love then she shall die. Sampada says she shall die.

Malhar comes with Rao to the place where Kalyani went in an auto. He asks Rao about Pawar. Rao says he is recovering. Anupriya calls Malhar and says Rachit reached her. Sampada says I will not support you in this madness and opens the freezer. Rachit pushes her and warns her not to come on his way. He says I know that you can’t give birth to a baby and asks her to keep her mouth shut. Sampada leaves from there. Swara calls Malhar and asks him to check social media. Malhar checks and hears Kalyani saying that her marriage is not completed with him. Atharv asks Anupriya about his Aai Malhar asks Rao and asks him to find out about Kalyani’s last location. Rachit gets crazy and closes the box again. He says truth is that I have ended a love story.

Atharv prays to God and asks him to save his Aai from bad people. Malhar reaches the place and asks Rao to check if he reached the right place according to location. He checks the video again and says this is the same place. He thinks Rachit might not have taken Kalyani far from here. He sees the auto and driver unconscious inside. He checks inside and calls Rao again. He says Auto driver is unconscious and Rachit and Kalyani are missing. He asks him to come there. He thinks where did Rachit take Kalyani? He sees the impressions on the soil and follows it. Rachit says first love is beautiful, I sent you to heaven directly. He says I love you too and laughs. He says Malhar….Kalyani can’t be yours, never. Kalyani is still unconscious and frozen in the cold storage freezer.

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