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My Heart Knows Updates Monday 22nd April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows Updates Monday 22nd April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Monday 22 April 2022, The Episode starts with Rachit and Malhar flying the kite. Rachit asks Malhar to loose the thread roll. Kalyani thinks I won’t let you win. Sarthak, Malhar and Rachit are flying the kite. Rachit asks Kalyani to loosen the roll. Sarthak asks for the same. Anupriya asks him to be careful. Malhar is flying the kite too. Kalyani looks at Malhar and is about to say something to him, but stops. Sarthak’s kite is cut by Rachit. He says sorry to Anupriya. Rachit says Anupriya’s husband is a useless player. Sarthak asks him to mind his tongue. Rachit says sorry. Anupriya says malhar will cut Rachit’s kite. Rachit says he will not let him do that. Kalyani thinks she won’t let Rachit win and tells that she has only this much grip. Rachit says when you hold me, you will not leave me. Kalyani asks him to shut up. Malhar hears them. Kalyani signs atharv to hold the thread roll, but Rachit doesn’t let him hold it. Malhar thinks to make Rachit win, and thinks if he wins then only Kalyani will tell that she don’t want to spend night with him in the canopi. He sneezes and asks Sampada to hold the thread roll. He continues to sneeze until Rachit cuts the kite. He says we will spend night in the canopi tonight. Anupriya comes to Kalyani and tells Rachit that in next round, he has to make laddoos along with Kalyani’s help. Rachit says you didn’t say that before. Anupriya says now she is saying. Sarthak asks if he is afraid.

All the three couples compete to make laddoos. Kalyani breaks the laddoos and says it is not fine. Sampada asks Malhar to see their speed. Anupriya asks Sarthak to make laddoos like her. Malhar notices Kalyani breaking the laddoo after making it and is getting tensed. Pallavi says Maai has won. Sarthak says we have won. Rachit says it is a tie and Malhar is out of game. He tells that Sarthak and he shall compete again and asks him to dance. Sarthak says he is not a dancer and will not dance. Rachit says even I didn’t know how to make laddoos, but I tried. He asks him to back off. Kalyani says it is unfair as Kaka never danced before. Riddhi says she will dance on his behalf and says her win is Sarthak’s win. Riddhi says if a girl will dance now. Riddhi says she will not let him lose. Riddhi and Rachit dance on the song Muqabla.. Laila….Malhar puts something on Sampada’s saree. Kalyani finds bottle cap kept there and picks it up. Malhar notices that. She puts it on Rachit’s way, he steps on it and falls down. Kalyani acts to be concerned and says we have lost sadly. She picks up the cap. Sarthak says we all have seen how well you have danced, but you are disqualified and Riddhi has won. Rachit says he lost the game because of the cap which came suddenly under his feet. Kalyani asks where is it? Malhar thinks I can see Kalyani’s efforts to stay away from Rachit and says he will keep her away from him soon.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that Rachit is a cap to search cap. She says it is good that you and Kaka have won to spend evening in canopi. Anupriya says she don’t want to spend evening with Sarthak. Kalyani asks why? Anupriya is about to say, but stops.

Rachit comes to meet Sampada and asks her not to talk to him stupid talks. Malhar is hearing her from the microphone which he had put in her saree. Sampada says you are frustrated as you couldn’t get Kalyani. She says you will get her, but what about me. She asks him to stop Malhar’s transfer else she will tell everyone that he has given her money to do everything. She says I will tell about Moksh and then stops….Malhar thinks what about Moksh.

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