My Heart Knows Updates Monday 20th May 2022 Zee World Updates

On My Heart Knows Updates Monday 20th May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Monday 20 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Malhar thinking where Kalyani could go? Pawar brings some scrap merchants and tells that they told that they didn’t keep that cupboard there. Malhar asks them to check their clothes for the paint mark. Pawar asks them to sit. One of the man checks his clothes. Malhar catches him. The man tells that he had brought that cupboard from lal gali, today he got a phone call in the morning. Rao comes and tells that kalyani’s phone location is traced and it is in lal gali. Kalyani keeps hand on her stomach and says my baby. She gains consciousness and finds Doctor sitting infront of her and the lal gali ladies around her. She asks Doctor if her baby is fine and tells that she fainted seeing Rachit’s dead body. The lal gali woman tells that they found her unconscious and brought her here. Kalyani says she has to talk to Malhar and gets up to go. Doctor asks her to see the report. Kalyani checks her medical report and gets shocked. Kalyani says this shall not happen, this report shall not reach Malhar ji even by mistake, this is a matter of my Billu. She gets dizzy. Doctor says decision is not in your hands. Kalyani tells that nobody shall know it and tells that Malhar ji shall not know. She thinks I was feeling guilty before due to the blackmail, even now I can’t tell him. She cries and tries to go. The ladies try to stop her. Kalyani brushes off their hands, and falls down. She sees someone standing there and coming towards her. She closes her eyes and says my baby…..

Mastani Bai comes there. Kalyani takes Malhar’s name in sleep. Mastani Bai touches Kalyani and lifts her. He/she takes her. Malhar sits in the jeep with Police team and asks his other team to find out about Kalyani. They drive off. Anupriya is in the hospital and takes Kalyani’s name. The nurse gives her the injection which was replaced by the mysterious person. Anupriya is still unconscious. Nurse calls the mysterious person and tells that she gave her injection again. Aao Saheb and pallavi come there. Aao Saheb tries to wake her up. Pallavi says let her sleep, if she asks us about Kalyani then what we will say? Aao Saheb says she will reply to her. Anupriya gets up and becomes hyper. She pulls Aao Saheb’s ears and pushes her. Pallavi hides behind the curtain. Sarthak comes inside and hugs Anupriya. Anupriya tells that her head is paining badly. Sarthak tells Aao Saheb that Anupriya is behaving like this often. He asks them to go. Pallavi asks Aao Saheb if Mata came in her again. Sarthak asks Anupriya to rest. He apologizes to Aao Saheb and says I don’t know what happened to her. He asks if kalyani is found.

Mastani Bai is taking Kalyani somewhere from lal gali. Malhar reaches lal gali while talking to Patil and asks to reach in 15 mins else he will suspend all. Mastani Bai takes Kalyani from beside him, but Malhar is busy on phone call and doesn’t see Kalyani. He senses something and turns, but Mastani Bai is already gone with Kalyani. Malhar is coming there. Mastani Bai makes Kalyani sit and makes her drink water. Malhar comes there, but couldn’t see Kalyani again.

Sampada talks to Doctor and says it is good that Kalyani is missing and asks Doctor why did she send Malti’s report to home. She says if Malhar have seen the report then he would have known that Malti is carrying his baby. Malhar shows Kalyani’s pic to the ladies there and if anything happens to my wife then I will not leave anyone. Mastani Bai along with other ladies take Kalyani to Malhar’s house. Pallavi sees unconscious Kalyani and shouts calling Aao Saheb, Swara, Madhav etc. Aao Saheb asks Mastani Bai who is he/she? Malhar comes there and sees Kalyani in Mastani Bai’s hands. He comes near Mastani Bai. Mastani Bai’s face is shown and he/she is Atharv. Malhar is shocked.

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