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My Heart Knows Updates Monday 1st April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows Updates Monday 1st April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Monday 1 April 2022, The Episode starts with Malhar asking Atharv to check for kids at other side. While Atharv checks, Malhar and Kalyani search in the pit. Aahir and the naxal reach the camp and find Malhar, Atharv and Sardaar missing. He says they have eloped. Malhar tells Kalyani that they have less work. They rescue another kid again. Atharv comes back and tells that there are no kids there. Malhar says there might be only three kids. He says we can’t leave as there is mining everywhere. Atharv tells that he heard Aahir coming here. Malhar says we have to hide these kids. He sees three bags and recalls Aahir telling that RDX is filled in the vegetables bags. He says there is a way to make the kids leave from here safely. He asks Atharv and Kalyani to come. He takes the vegetables out and RDX out. Durga Prasad digs the land, while Atharv hides RDX inside it.

Malhar ties the kids inside the bags and escapes. Aahir comes to the place and is about to check the bag, when Kalyani shouts for help. Aahir comes there and aims gun at Malhar. Malhar acts to throw stone on Kalyani. Aahir asks the naxals not to trust anyone. Malhar signs at Kalyani and he recalls to make Raghu unconscious and tied. She asks him to escape with Atharv, but Malhar tells that the naxal will doubt on her, and asks her to make the story. Madhuri tries to sell the clothes with 40 percent discount and by wearing modern outfit. Aao Saheb says now she is sure about Madhuri’s character. Sarthak brings the ladies and tell that their husbands are buying saree from Madhuri. They ask their husbands to buy sarees from Anupriya’s stall and asks Madhuri to learn to wear saree. They buy the saree. Aao Saheb says I won’t let your work set. Madhuri goes. Anupriya looks at Kalyani’s pic and smiles. Aao Saheb helps Anupriya. Sarthak comes and brings tea for everyone. Madhuri gets upset and goes.

Aahir asks Kalyani to get up and come in her senses. She asks if he(she) caught them. Aahir aims gun at her and asks what did you add in injection so that all my friends will get unconscious. Kalyani says it was medicine to make unconscious and tells that raghu had brought it. She asks where is he? Aahir gets doubtful on Raghu. Kalyani says if you doubt me then shoot me.

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