My Heart Knows Updates Monday 17th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Monday 17th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Monday 17 April 2022, The Episode starts with Commissioner asking Kalyani if any kidnapped person keeps the money and tells that it is clear now that Malhar got involved with naxals for money. Kalyani says don’t believe him if you don’t want, but my heart knows that he is innocent and tells that she will prove that. Aahir tells Malhar that he is one among them and asks him to train the naxals. Kalyani tells Commissioner that they have one year old son and could say only three- four words, but Malhar ji sings song in his ears rather than teaching him ABCD. Malhar says Sare Jahan se Acha…Kalyani signs the same thing and tells that my Malhar ji will die, but will not betray his country. Malhar takes a knife and cuts his wrist. Madhuri asks them to call doctor and says he will die. They ask why he has closed his palm. Aahir asks him to open his palm and opens it. He finds chip in his hand. Malhar tells him that his location is trapped and Police will come here in anytime. He says they might be on the way and there is no use to break it. Aahir tells that they have to leave before Police comes. Malhar says you don’t have time. Madhuri asks if you are mad to cut your hand and ties dupatta on his injured hand. Malhar rests on her lap and thinks if I had not lied then I would not have freed you from here or would have make you meet your daughter again.

Anupriya talks to Aao Saheb and asks her to stay in Aparna and Sampada’s house for few days and give her love to Sampada. She ends the call and thinks she can’t bear anymore now. She thinks she can’t bear the burden of Sarthak’s truth. She calls him, but ends the call. Sarthak sees her call and calls her back. Anupriya asks if he came back to Aurangabad. Sarthak says he is still in delhi. Anupriya tells that she had seen someone like him. Sarthak gets tensed. Pallavi asks Anupriya to call Sarthak for 4 times a day and says you have to keep him in your control. Anupriya looks on.

Rachit tells Kalyani that they will prove Malhar innocent and will search him too. Kalyani hears Constables talking about throwing Malhar’s stuff and cleaning the jeep. Kalyani takes the CDS etc and tells that this is Malhar’s jeep, and I will see who touches it. She says I am still alive and will see how you touch it. She imagines and hears Malhar calling her and coming to him. Tere jaane ka gham plays……Malhar holds her hand. Kalyani touches his face and hugs him. Malhar hugs her too and smiles. Malhar asks her not to worry and tells that let me do what they want, I am not going anywhere. He says let them wipe my name from the Police station, but they can’t wipe Malhar Rane’s name as he is safe in Kalyani Rane’s heart. He says Malhar Rane will always be alive in Kalyani’s heart even if he dies. Kalyani cries. Malhar kisses her and goes….Kalyani comes back to reality when Rachit calls her and tells her that they are doing their duty. He says we shall sit somewhere and plan, where to search Malhar sir. Madhuri asks the naxals to call the doctor and tells that he is unconscious. She sprinkles water on his face. Malhar opens his eyes and imagines Kalyani. She asks why did he become hero by cutting his wrist and asks him to open his eyes like a hero. She asks him to gain his consciousness like a hero and says Malhar Rane is a hero. She asks him to come in his senses and says if you don’t get fine then I will give you a big shock and I know how to do it. She says I love you Malhar ji. Malhar cries happily. Teri Raahe mere tak hai….He cries and gets up smilingly. He hugs her. Imagination ends. He gets up. Madhuri asks if he is fine. Malhar signs her to bring paper and pen. She gets it from there and gives to him. Malhar writes something. Aahir and the naxals come to Malhar. He says boss called and they have to shift Malhar from here. Madhuri says he needs to be treated by the doctor. Malhar hides the paper as he is taken away from there. He thinks he will rescue Madhuri Aai.

Pallavi tells Anupriya about keeping trial room in the shop. Anupriya asks did you ask Aao Saheb? Pallavi says she will ask when she comes and asks why shall I ask you. Anupriya tells that she has sold the sarees by going to homes. Pallavi says you have nothing to do with this business as you are married now. Atharv gets angry for shouting at Anupriya. Pallavi says you have instigated Atharv against me. Asawari comes and tells that she shall not interfere. Anupriya says she is still Deshmukh and this marriage is forced on her.

Kalyani tells Rachit that she is feeling bad to hide this from Malhar ji and tells that she can’t increase her troubles. Rachit says you are brave and fighting. She coughs and asks if there is a water nearby. She drinks water from the tap there. She sees religious procession going on from there and takes money from Rachit. They are actually Naxals’ who are taking Malhar in car. Aahir sees her and is shocked. Madhuri and Malhar are tied in the car. Malhar sees Kalyani standing and praying for him.

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