My Heart Knows Updates Monday 16th June 2022 Zee World Updates

On My Heart Knows Updates Monday 16th June 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Monday 16 June 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to Atharv’s room and asks what happened? Kalyani asks what happened, I am your Sampu. Atharv smiles. Kalyani says she has destroyed the locket when Aao Saheb kept it in hall. Atharv says he wanted her to come in Kalyani. Kalyani asks why, as our dinner date was pending. He says no, as you didn’t tell me of your plan to kill Malhar. Kalyani says even you didn’t tell me who is helping you. She says we will do our dinner date. Anupriya and Sarthak follow Godaveri. They see Godaveri buying medicine from a medical store. Anupriya asks the shop keeper about the medicine, which Godaveri has taken. Shop keeper says she has taken contraceptive pills. Anupriya gets shocked and comes home. She asks Aao Saheb if Godaveri came. Aao Saheb says no.

Kalyani tells Atharv that he is using good use of the Nal emporium. Atharv asks her if she remembers their favorite song. Sampada tells Kalyani that pyaar ki ek kahani. Kalyani hears as she is wearing secret earplugs…..She tells him. Atharv plays the song and asks Kalyani to dance with him. Kalyani dances with him and imagines dancing with Malhar. Atharv gets a message and tells that he will go and receive the parcel, and asks her to be there. Kalyani asks him to return fast. She tells Sampada that Atharv has gone out. Sampada asks her to see the CCTV. Kalyani couldn’t see in the CCTV and goes out. She finds him talking on phone and calls him. Atharv says I was talking on phone about the important business deal. Kalyani says if you are going to meet the informer. Atharv says I will inform you after I come back. He says I am getting late.

Kalyani says bye. She follows him and finds his car parked somewhere. She tells Sampada that today she will catch him red handed. She goes near the car and couldn’t find him there. She thinks where did he go? Atharv thinks Kalyani was acting and recalls seeing the locket in her hand. He understands that Kalyani acted that Sampada’s soul is in her. He says this game will going to be very dangerous. He pretends to call someone and tells that he can’t believe that Sampada’s soul comes in her. He says I didn’t tell her about you, as our game would have ruined if Kalyani is acting. He says I am sure that Sampada is dead and I will not believe until I see the soul in Sampada’s face. Kalyani hears and goes from there. Atharv thinks Avni had said that she has seen Sampada, and thinks if she is alive and Kalyani is fooling me with her help. He thinks to find out the truth.

Kalyani meets Sampada and Pawar and tell that they have to work on our plan. Sampada says I shouldn’t have come infront of Avni. Kalyani says Aai is freed because of you. She asks Sampada to come out infront of Atharv and says today itself we have to execute this plan. Pawar says Malhar sir is at home. Kalyani asks him to send Malhar and Moksh to the fair. Pawar comes to Malhar and tells that he wants off to take his kids to the fair. Malhar asks him to go. Pawar asks him to take Moksh to the fair. Moksh asks Malhar to take him to the fair. Malhar says you have to read 2’s table 2 times. Moksh says he will write. He says he will call Kalyani. Pawar says Kalyani Madam went with Aao Saheb. Moksh insists. Malhar takes him out.

Kalyani comes to Atharv and says she is bored of Malhar and Moksh. Atharv says if anyone sees you. Kalyani says I am not Kalyani to get scared and says I will kill malhar, and then will possess Kalyani’s body for forever and then we will stay with Moksh. She asks him to go and get ready.

Atharv goes and thinks Kalyani came to get trapped in my trap. Malhar tells Pawar that they shall pick his children and come there. Atharv comes back to his room. Sampada is sitting on the bed with veil on his head while Kalyani is hiding. Atharv tells that he has to do some important work. He closes the door and switches off the lights. Sampada thinks why did he switch off the lights. He pours powder around the bed and now it will be found, how many people are in this room. He thinks rangoli white powder is on the floor, I will find out how many people walk on it. Kalyani gets tensed and thinks if Atharv got doubtful about our planning. She thinks she can’t let him lift Sampada’s veil.

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