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My Heart Knows Updates Monday 15th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Monday 15th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Monday 15 April 2022, The Episode starts with Rachit telling Malhar that Kalyani loves him since years, but will not tell him. She says I can’t see her grinded with you. he says I helped her and now she is my wife. Malhar beats him. Rachit laughs. Madhav asks Atharv to take Riddhi inside. Atharv and Riddhi go inside. Malhar beats Rachit and says Kalyani thought you as her good friend. He says you are a black spot on friendship name. He says I will take your life. Rachit says Kalyani is mine and asks him to ask Pandit, tells that he read the mantras right, and I have marriage video as proof. Sarthak tells Malhar that he needs treatment. Rachit says how you will treat my love for Kalyani. Anupriya thinks if Kalyani got up from bed. She goes to room and finds Kalyani missing. Servant tells her that Kalyani went somewhere, from the window.

Kalyani reaches the hospital and asks Sampada what happened to her Moksh. Sampada asks if she got his test done, a month back and tells that Doctor told that Moksh is having aplastic anemia. Kalyani is shocked and searches on the net. She tells that her Billu can’t have this disease. Doctor asks her to calm down and tells that he is having this disease. Kalyani asks about the treatment. Doctor says he needs bone marrow transplant to be done. Kalyani says Malhar and I will arrange the money. Sampada says it is not like that and tells that if the transplant needs to be success then Moksh’s own brother or sister shall donate their bone marrow. Doctor tells that Moksh’s body will accept bone marrow of his own siblings, born to Malhar and Sampada. Kalyani is shocked and comes out of hospital. Sampada tells that she is ready to give birth to Malhar’s baby for Moksh. Kalyani says if this is the only way then Malhar and you shall agree. She says we will talk to Malhar and he will agree. Sampada says I want you to do my work. Kalyani says I am do anything for Billu. Sampada says you have to go away from Malhar’s life. She says I want to start life afresh with Moksh and Malhar. Kalyani is shocked. Sampada smirks.

Kalyani falls prey to Sampada’s lie. She asks if she is mad to think that she will give her Malhar ji back. Sampada asks if she can’t do this to save her Billu. Kalyani takes Billu and says you are threatening me taking his name, says you have given birth to him, how can you do business of her son. Sampada says I am not a great mother, but can’t stay away from my son. She says this is the only way to get them back, tells that she is done with her poverty. She tells that she used to get respect of ACP’s wife when she was with Malhar. She asks her to return Malhar to her and settled down with Rachit. Kalyani asks how do you know about Rachit, you was not there? She asks if you both are together. Sampada laughs and says my lovely Kalyani. She says you knows well that when I am good, then I am good, when I am bad then I am bad. She says Rachit told me about Moksh’s report so that I can keep you away from Malhar. She says you have no way then to handover Malhar to me. She asks if she is shocked and tells that Malhar’s kidnapping was Rachit’s planning and I joined him later on.

Kalyani is shocked and says how can Rachit do this. She says I thought him as my best friend. She cries and says I trusted him and he broke my trust. She says why did you do this? Sampada asks her to decide if she will save Moksh or not. Anupriya comes there and slaps Sampada. She says you have proved today that you couldn’t become a mother by giving birth to Moksh. She tells that we were fools to trust you and thought that you are changed. She says we gave a chance to her to change. Sampada asks them to decide soon, to save Moksh or not. She says Malhar shall not know about it, shouts at them and goes.

Kalyani cries and tells Anupriya that Rachit betrayed her and backstabbed her. She says what I will do now. Anupriya asks her to calm down. Kalyani says I can’t go away from Malhar. Anupriya asks her to calm down.

Malhar takes Rachit out and beats him. Rachit laughs. Sarthak stops Malhar. Malhar asks what do he think of himself. Servant comes there and tells that there is a parcel for Rachit. Rachit gets up, takes it, says it has bomb in it. He says it has more big thing than the bomb. He says this is Malhar’s new year gift. He shows the divorce papers of Kalyani and Malhar and tells that their divorce is approved. He says this means that you both are divorced now and has no relation between you both. Malhar is shocked.

Rachit says I have one more gift. Malhar tears the papers. Rachit says how you will tear court orders and laughs. He gives sad songs CD’s to Malhar asking him to hear it with his broken heart. Malhar asks what do you think that you can separate me with her.

Kalyani rests on Anupriya’s lap and says I got Malhar ji back now. How can I betray him, he will be so much pained and hurt. She says the matter is about my Billu. She says may be Malhar ji will beat my betray, tells that she will do anything for Moksh. Anupriya says you are doing the same thing which Devi Parvati did for Ganapati, going against Shivji. Rachit asks if you don’t trust me then ask Kalyani. Malhar says Kalyani has done all the marriage rituals incomplete and says if you think that you can separate us then it is your misunderstanding. Rachit laughs aloud. Kalyani comes there with Anupriya and Moksh. He asks where did you go, you are unwell. Kalyani looks at Malhar and Rachit. Malhar asks her to come inside and rest. Rachit says I think Malhar is unwell and told that our marriage is fake. He asks her to tell truth to everyone. Malhar asks him not to say anything else he will pluck his tongue out. He asks Kalyani to go inside and tells that he will see Rachit. Kalyani says no Malhar ji.

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