My Heart Knows Updates Friday 8th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Friday 8th April 2022:  My Heart Knows Updates Friday 8 April 2022, Kalyani gets disheartened after she is unable to find Pillu and tells eunuchs that her Pillu gets hungry every 2 hours like her and what if the kidnapper feeds him cold milk and he catches cold. Eunuchs ask not to worry, they all will find her son. Aahir disguises Pillu as baby girl and calls nurse from hospital to treat Pillu’s fever. Nurse reaches and rings door bell, and Aahir opens it hiding his face. Nurse checks and says he has high fever and she needs to get medicines from hospital. He asks her to bring medicines here itself. She messages police station about the suspicious person with a babygirl. Constable informs Malhar. Malhar says Aahir must have changed Aahir as baby girl and rushes towards the venue.

Kalyani with eunuchs reach the venue, and eunuchs call house owner to bring their baby and take blessings. Kalyani hears Pillu crying and signals its her baby. Nurse comes out with baby. Kalyani rushes and takes baby and shands shocked seeing a doll instead. Malhar with constable reaches there. Nurse says Aahir at knife point escaped with baby via back door and sent her with doll to mislead them. Malhar with constables runs behind Aahir, but Aahir escapes. Malhar with Kalyani drives jeep and over phone orders to increase constables and search each vehicle and venue. Aahir calls him and warns to stop acting oversmart, else he will kill Moksh. Kalyani pleads not to harm Pillu, they will accept his demand and give him 2 crores. Aahir asks them to come to market in 1 hour. Malhar scolds Kalyani for her foolish act and says he will not compromise with his loyalty. Kalyani says Rajat offered to help her with 2 crores and she will do anything for her baby. Malhar says Moksh is his blood and he will not compromise with his loyalty at any cost, he will go to market, free Moksh and punish Aahir.

At home, Anupriya informs family that Aahir has demanded 2 crores in market, but Malhar and Kalyani reached there without money. Madhav says Malhar did right. Ashawari says they should give 2 crores and get Moksh. Sarthak asks if she is behind all this and in contact with Aahir. Madhav asks what is he saying. Ashawari says Sarthak’s doubt is right as Aahir followed her orders till now, but this time she is not at fault but wants them to give money and bring home Moksh safely.

Malhar and Kalyani reach market and see all shops shut, they ask someone reason who says today is tulsi pooja at home and shops will be opened only after that. They both hear Pillu crying nearby and search him. Aahir makes Moksh asleep, gets into tulsi plant nursery, and hides Pillu in a tulsi pot. He comes out and asks them if they brought money. Malhar picks gun and warns him to surrender himself and not do any foolishness as he has Baba’s blood in him. Aahir demands to give him gun, else he will kill Moksh. Kalyani does foolishness again, snatches gun from Malhar and throws it in front of Aahir and asks him to return Pillu. Aahir picks gun and asks them to give him 2 crores.

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