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My Heart Knows Updates Friday 7th June 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Friday 7th June 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Friday 7 June 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Trilok that she is very sorry to hear him. She says I am also in a similar situation. Trilok says I always think that someone shall take Suhana’s mother place in her life. He gets a notification and checks Malhar warning him in the CCTV footage. Kalyani thinks she came to take his help, but he is discussing his own problems. Malhar tells the security guards that he will break their door and sits in the jeep. He speeds up the jeep. Trilok sees that. Kalyani tells Trilok that she wants to convince him to become donor for her son. Servant tries to make Suhana drink the syrup. Suhana gets scared hearing the clock sound and hides behind the sofa. Trilok asks Kalyani to get out from his house right now. Kalyani gets shocked and walks out. She turns and thinks there is something strange in this house. Trilok Marathe call Security guard and asks him to let Malhar come inside. Malhar drives his jeep and comes inside. Moksh cries. Anupriya takes care of Moksh and tells that his Aai and Baba went to get donor for him and asks him not to cry. She thinks he is losing weight also, thinks what to do. Swara comes back and tells Anupriya that they have to get operation soon, doctor said that the medicine effect will not be for long. Anupriya is shocked.

Swara then asks about medicines and says when I showed this to Doctor, he was shocked as it is used for memory loss and Doctors use it in special cases. Anupriya is more shocked and thinks Sarthak ji is giving me medicines so that I lose my memory. Kalyani comes out. Malhar asks if you are fine. Kalyani asks why did you come here? Malhar says I met him already and he is not good. We have to search other donor for Moksh. Kalyani asks did you get other donor and says you can just talk and asks why you think that this man is not right. Malhar tells her that this man has kept a worst condition before him and they can’t agree. Trilok comes out. Malhar asks him to fight with him. Kalyani asks him to stop it.

The security guards aim gun at Malhar. Malhar looks at them and ask them to keep the gundown. Trilok signs them. They keep down the gun. Malhar tells Kalyani that this man’s intention is not good, he asked you to stay with him, asks do you know what he means? Trilok says my reason behind the condition was something else and that was…shows Divya’s pic. He says Divya is no more and her face resembles your wife. Kalyani says I went inside his house and have seen Divya’s pic. She says it seems like Suhana knows me since years. Trilok says I am ready to become donor for Moksh, but I need a favor in exchange of that. He asks Kalyani to be Suhana’s caretaker and Nanny. He says may be Suhana can speak again being with you.

Malhar says you have made the same old story. Trilok says even you have a son Kalyani, may be you can understand my helplessness. Malhar says Trilok is emotionally blackmailing you, don’t come in his words. Kalyani gets thinking. She thinks if I become Suhana’s nanny then Trilok will become Moksh’s donor. She agrees to become Nanny, says I will come to your house daily to take care of your daughter. Malhar is shocked. Kalyani says I will take care of her like a nanny. Trilok smiles. Malhar asks kalyani if she don’t understand and says this man is lying, I can see. Kalyani says I take my own decisions and says I will take care of your daughter like a Nanny.

Swara is in her room. Pallavi says Kalyani shot my brother and roaming freely. She says Malhar is her husband and that’s why she got freed. She asks Swara to get kalyani punished, says you are Malhar’s sister and he will do anything with you. She says I don’t want you to become a widow again. She tells Swara that Kalyani shall get punished for this. Trilok says I appreciate. Malhar asks Kalyani to come with him. Kalyani says our relation is over now, now you can’t force me for anything. Malhar gets emotional and says you want to tell that I can’t make you understand being your husband, but I can take you as ACP as you have shot a guy and needs to sign on the papers. He holds her hand and takes her from there. Trilok smirks.

Swara recalls her marriage with Atharv and his fake love for her. She cries and breaks the things in her room. She throws the things from the cupboard. A phone falls down. She checks the phone and gets shocked seeing something. She says my pics were in Atharv’s mobile, says this means that the person who blackmailed me by sending my vulgar pics, was none other than Atharv. She sits down and cries. She says I have accepted him even after he was mentally unstable and believed his innocence that I couldn’t see his truth. She says I thought him as an angel, but he was a demon. She says why did he do this with me and cries.

Malhar and Kalyani are in the jeep. Malhar is driving it. Anupriya thinks why Sarthak wants to do this with me. She says if I have done something wrong that he is doing this with me. He says she can’t talk to Malhar also, and doesn’t know if she was close to him.

Malhar is still driving the jeep and says I understand that you are upset with me due to your abortion, but don’t trust that man.. He says that man is not right, I understood at first meeting. Kalyani holds the wheel and says you had said that you are ACP and made me sit in the jeep. She asks why did you start the personal talks. Malhar puts the sudden break and the jeep stops. He looks at Kalyani upset.

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