My Heart Knows Updates Friday 5th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Friday 5th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Friday 5 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Madhuri, if she wants her to leave her family. She says when you went, and Papa went to jail, that time they have only supported her. She says Aai and I used to have tension between us, but that was past. She says I accept that Malhar ji and my marriage happened haven’t happened like we wanted, but it was past. She says today she can proudly say that she couldn’t get a better husband than her Malhar ji. She says my Malhar ji is the best. She says when I came here, I was very immature and childish, now I have grown up and asks do you know who has grown me up. She says Aai..She tells her that the bigger one is the mother who raised her, than the mother who gave her birth. She says she misbehaved with her initially. She says it is very difficult to bring up husband’s other wife’s child, but she did. She says she can’t stay away from her Aai and Moksh. Madhuri says I don’t want you to leave your husband and son, but wants you to leave this house. Kalyani asks her why don’t she understand that this is her family, asks her to try and says everyone will accept you. Madhuri says I don’t think that this will happen, but I will stay here for you. She goes. Anupriya and Kalyani cry keeping their heads close.

Madhuri is outside and thinking. Anupriya comes there. Madhuri asks if she came to see her defeat. Anupriya says it is matter of Kalyani’s life. Madhuri says I have seen how much drama you have done near the bomb. Anupriya says I have also seen how you was backing off seeing the bomb. Madhuri says do you think that I don’t love my daughter. Anupriya says I didn’t say that, I can risk my life for Kalyani many times. Madhuri says I am her mother and gave her birth, remember this. Anupriya asks why is she scared to lose her. She says if anyone try to come between Kalyani and me, then I will not leave that person. Madhuri says I will take back my daughter, I know that Malhar is important for her, but I will make her leave Malhar, just see. Anupriya is shocked.

Kalyani tells Commissioner that if Malhar ji wanted then she could escape with him from the naxals captivity, but he stayed back and saved the kids. She says he is not a terrorist. Commissioner apologizes to her and says I will use all my force to search Malhar. Kalyani feels bad for him.

Aahir is taking him in the jeep and gets Sarkaar’s call. He says I have seen your car, just wait there, I am coming there. Aahir walks towards the car. Malhar thinks this is the good chance to know who is Sarkaar. He pushes the naxals inside and jumps off the car. He is coming near Sarkaar’s car. Aahir asks Sarkaar to leave. Malhar tries to hold Sarkaar from the window, but he pushes him. Malhar gets artificial hand in his hand and is shocked. Aahir beats Malhar and says time has come for you to go up.

Kalyani comes home. Pallavi tells her that delivery boy has delivered laptop for her. Kalyani says I didn’t order it. She sees the message with the laptop asking her to open it. She switches on the laptop. They see video call and in that the rope is thrown from the roof. Aahir laughs and looks crazily at the rope. He says your Malhar will die by hanging to the rope. He says Sarkaar ordered me to kill Dada. Kalyani, Anupriya and others are shocked. Sarthak tells Aahir that he will fight his case. Kalyani says this man has become a demon. Aahir says Vahini is right, if she wants then she can save Dada. Kalyani says I am ready to do anything for Malhar ji. Aahir says you have to remarry Rachit to save Malhar. Everyone is shocked hearing this. Rachit and Kalyani looks at each other. Kalyani asks Aahir, if he is mad, tells that Malhar ji is her husband and she is married. She says you want me to marry my best friend. Aahir asks what is the difficulty in this. He says I have something special to convince you and shows Madhuri in his captivity. Kalyani shouts Madhuri. Aahir says she came to me, asking me to leave Malhar, I didn’t kidnap her. Kalyani asks why did you go? Madhuri says I can’t see you sad and that’s why came here. Aahir shows divorce papers and says Madhuri will take signatures of her damad and convince him. Madhuri says I can’t do this. Aahir says you have less time, either marriage with Rachit, or Malhar’s death.

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