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My Heart Knows Updates Friday 3rd May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Friday 3rd May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Friday 3 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to the temple of the inhouse temple and talks to Devi Saraswati and tells that you are a devi of knowledge, but I think you are in every department. Malhar is hiding there and listening to her. Kalyani asks God to make Moksh fine and asking her to make Sampada agree for IVF. She says she won’t let her Malhar ji go away from her and says she wants one more help. Malhar smiles. Kalyani says I don’t understand how to reply to Malhar ji’s I love you and wants to reply him uniquely. She tells that she has thought filmy ways, but it will not be liked by Malhar ji. She tells that she wants to make the moment special when she replies to him. Kalyani prays to get unique idea just like flower fell on toffy etc. Malhar looks at her from behind the Devi Saraswati Maa. Malhar takes the stick and makes 21 Rs fall on her lap from infront of Godess. She gets happy and thinks what sign you want to give me. Malhar says ek kiss…Kalyani says I understand all and thanks Devimaa. She runs away. Malhar folds his hand before Devimaa and smiles.

Swara comes running to temple and calls shyam. She tells that she got very happy when she read his message that he is alive. She tells that she is very happy and asks him to come out. Just then she sees Rachit coming there and hitting on her head with a rod. She falls unconscious. He asks goons to bring the Pandit and asks them to make arrangement of marriage. He says it will be fun now.

Kalyani tells Moksh that when Sampada agrees for IVF then he will be fine and they all will be happy family. Malhar comes there and hears Kalyani telling Moksh that she got a good idea to reply to Malhar’s I love you. She sees him and asks him to sit and rest on bed. She then asks Moksh to rest as well and makes him sit in the pram. Malhar thinks Kalyani is trying to get chance to come near me, the moment has come for what I have been waiting for. He gets happy and waits for her to come. Kalyani closes the door and comes near him. She then rubs with lips from her finger as if something was kept on it. Baahon ke darmiyan plays….She pouts. He also pouts and waits for a kiss. She cups his face. He closes his eyes waiting for the kiss. It turns out to be Malhar’s imagination. Kalyani shouts Malhar ji while she is seated with Moksh. She asks why your eyes are closed and asks if you have fever. Malhar says I thought you….Kalyani asks did you see dream? Malhar asks who dream when awake? Moksh says Mamma. Malhar says mummy sees. Malhar goes out. Moksh looks for Malhar. Kalyani tells Moksh that when she was praying to Saraswati Maa, she made 21 rs. fall on her lap and she means that she wants me to buy 21 Rs gift for him. She says what gift to be bought for him. Malhar bangs his head on the wall and thinks Kalyani misunderstood his idea.

Swara gains consciousness and finds Rachit beside her and they are seated for their marriage. Pandit ji recites the mantras. Rachit tells that Malhar ruined his life by snatching Kalyani, so now he will marry her and ruin her life. Pawar brings fake media and tells that they will ask questions. Malhar asks them to get ready with the questions which is given to him. He thinks Sampada will come there and he will convince her for IVF. Rachit calls Sampada and asks her to get inside the house and kill Atharv. He says here in temple, he will marry Swara.

Madhav asks where are Sarthak and Anupriya? Kalyani makes an excuse and tells that they went out. Madhav says they shall do the puja. Just then Kalyani’s phone rings. She goes to side to pick the call. Anupriya and Atharv are behind the temple. Anupriya talks to Kalyani and tells that they reached temple. Atharv tells that he wants to go to bathroom. Kalyani informs Malhar that Aai reached temple with Atharv.

Malhar gets a message and gets shocked. Atharv climbs up the temple and goes inside. He sees Rachit marrying Swara and calls him uncle. Rachit thinks Atharv is still mad and Malhar and Kalyani planned this to trap Sampada. He tries to call Sampada. Atharv frees Swara’s hand and asks Rachit to leave him. He says Swara don’t want to marry you and pushes him. Rachit falls and faints. Atharv and Swara are shocked. Sampada reaches Atharv’s room indisguise of a man and stabs injection in the person sleeping on the bed, but the man turns out to be Sarthak and he holds her hand and takes the injection in his hand. Malhar and Kalyani come there and see Sampada in disguise. Kalyani smiles.

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