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My Heart Knows Updates Friday 31st May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Friday 31st May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Friday 31 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Malhar that the baby is very important to her, more than him. Malhar is teary eyes. Kalyani says I will not listen to anyone, as I have to save this baby at this moment and I will save it at any cost. Malhar asks if she knows what is she saying? Nurse asks Malti if she told everything to Sampada and tells that Kalyani’s abortion haven’t happened. Malti says I told everything to her and tells that just now she called me and asked me to meet outside, and says who was in the storeroom, whom I thought Sampada and told everything. Kalyani threatens to stab the scalpel to them. Malhar asks her to try to understand. Kalyani apologizes to him. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani runs to her and hugs her.

She says I know you will help me and tells that they will go to commissioner uncle’s house and will talk about her protection and also about her freedom. She asks Anupriya to come. Sarthak holds Anupriya’s hand and says my wife will not come with you for my madness. Kalyani tells that she will help her. Anupriya asks Kalyani if she is mad and tells that he is her husband. Sarthak asks did you listen to what she said and tells that she will not come with her. Kalyani tells that she is her Aai and is worried for her. Sarthak takes Anupriya with her forcibly. Kalyani is shocked. Anupriya thinks she is my husband’s nephew’s wife, but I am finding connected to her. Aisi hoti hai maa plays….Malhar takes knife and scalpel from her hand. Kalyani says you can’t force me, if you force me then I will complain against you all. Malhar asks her to come with him and file complaint. Atharv smiles and thinks filmy drama is happening. She tells that neither she can abort the family nor she can tell Malhar that the baby is his fearing he will get the abortion done legally.

Malhar brings her to the Police station and asks her to file the complaint. Kalyani feels sorry and says if you comes to know that the father is you then you will get the abortion done without 28 weeks. Malhar asks what happened? Kalyani says she will not abort her family and not even you can force me. Malhar pours water on her head. She asks Malhar ji…Malhar asks her to think from calm mind and says you will die for this baby. Kalyani says what if I die? what you have to do? Malhar says your life and pushes her on chair. He holds her face and says your life is mine, if something happens to you then I will die. He says if she can’t feel how much he loves her. Kalyani cries and says you love me naa, then you might have understand that there is no logic in love and I love this child and I can’t kill this baby. Malhar holds her hands tightly. She says she is feeling pain.

Malhar says you wanted to die so how you are feeling pain. Kalyani says she needs Police protection so that nobody asks me to abort the baby. Malhar takes her out and shows him queue of people, asks her to stand in line if she wants protection. Kalyani says ok and tells that she will stand in the queue and will take help from police without your help. He comes to her and asks her to agree for his sayings. Kalyani says how can you do this? She says you brought me here and talking to me, and tells that many people are standing to talk to him. She says she will tell her problem when her turn comes. Malhar asks her to stand in the queue.

Pawar tells Malhar that Anupriya’s bail plea is approved and she can now go home. He tells that Commissioner wants to talk to you about Rachit and lal gali. Malhar goes to talk. Kalyani gets happy hearing him and hopes she would have told him the truth. She looks at the man eating samosa and stares at the samosa. Malhar asks Pawar to find out about the cupboard and also about who had taken Kalyani to lal gali. Malhar sees Kalyani staring samosa and asks everyone to go inside and wait for their turn. He asks Kalyani to sit too. Kalyani also goes inside and sit. Malhar comes to the samosa guy and asks Pawar to make everyone have samosa inside. Pawar says to everyone? Malhar says I am giving the money. He pays the money and tells Pawar that he is going to meet Doctor for kalyani and asks her to take care of him.

Kalyani checks the time and thinks Moksh will be crying if he don’t see her and must be hungry. She takes phone from the lady and calls Swara. Pallavi talks to Sampada to handle Moksh. Sampada says she can’t handle him and asks her to call Bai. Kalyani then calls Pallavi. Pallavi picks the call. Moksh is crying badly. Kalyani talks to Moksh and tells that she can give her life for his smile. Moksh keeps quiet. Pallavi asks Kalyani why she is stubborn? Kalyani says she will handle and asks her to feed Moksh. Pallavi gives Moksh to Sampada. Servant Bai comes there. Sampada tells Bai to feed the baby and makes moksh sit on the bed. The door gets locked from outside. Kalyani thinks Moksh will be fine after this baby comes. Moksh is about to fall down from the bed.

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