My Heart Knows Updates Friday 21st April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Friday 21st April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Friday 21 April 2022, The Episode starts with Anupriya telling Pallavi that she will not be provoked by her words and tells that Kalyani might have missed Madhuri today, what’s a big deal. Pallavi says Madhuri shall be alive and return, so that you can know whom Kalyani choose between you both. Kalyani comes there and asks Anupriya what happened to Pallavi? Anupriya says her usual talks. Kalyani talks to Moksh. Anupriya tells her that Atharv went to market and Aao Saheb saw him and took him to Aparna’s house. Kalyani says she will talk to him after he returns. Anupriya asks what happened? Kalyani tells that she talked to Rachit about the photo shoot. She rests her head on her lap and asks her to massage her head. Anupriya massages her head. Kalyani says don’t know why, but I am missing Madhuri very much today. Anupriya is shocked.

Pawar tells Kalyani that Rao will also come with them. Rachit says I will also come with you. Kalyani asks him to be there and handle everything. Later Anupriya comes to the Adv photo shoot location and asks Rachit about Kalyani. He tells that Kalyani went to market survey. He tells her that you have to assist them all. He tells that they have hired house wives and not models so that audience can connect with her. He asks about the third lady. His assistant tells that she might be in the lift. Rachit talks to Kalyani.

Madhuri is brought there as the third artiste. Anupriya is asked to move from the place. She walks and steps on the wire making the light lamp fall. It is about to fall on Madhuri, Anupriya pushes her and holds the lamp. She is shocked and says Madhuri. She says how you can be here and sits in shock. Madhuri asks do you know me, I don’t know about me or my house. She asks do you know me? Rachit’s assistant tells Anupriya that he was unaware that she has lost the memory. Madhuri asks Anupriya to tell about her and her family. She tells that she remembers only one name, tries to recollect and says Kalyani. Anupriya stands up in shock. Madhuri asks do you know her? Do I have any relation with her? Am I related to her. She asks her to tell. Rachit comes there. Anupriya runs away from there. Rachit says Kalyani’s mom looking at Madhuri. Anupriya thinks of her words after going out. She cries.

Kalyani is in the car with Pawar and Rao. She says you will lose one day salary because of me and says sorry. She says she will give them money later. Pawar asks her not to worry and tells that he is sad that they are not in uniform to arrest the goons. Rao says they can do anything for Malhar. Pawar asks if she is scared. Kalyani says no and tells that she gets strength for Malhar. Pawar tells that naxals area came. Kalyani asks him to stop the car and they get down there and start walking.

Atharv tells Malhar that he saw photo nani in reality and when he told Aai, she didn’t agree and then the goons attacked Nani and kidnapped him. Malhar asks do you see the kidnapper’s face. Atharv says no. Kalyani, Pawar and Rao are walking in the jungle. Atharv says I will ask Ganapati bappa to send Aai to save us. He says please. Pawar tells Kalyani that Malhar had caught the naxals from this house. Kalyani says why there is no guard here, if this is their way to trap Policemen. Atharv prays to God. Pawar, Kalyani and Rao get inside the house. Malhar and Atharv hears the footsteps. Atharv asks did you send Aai. Pawar sees a door and shows to Kalyani. Kalyani opens the door and gets inside. Malhar and Atharv looks at the door as Aahir comes inside. Atharv says you are bad chacha, go away from here. Aahir asks Malhar if he liked the place and says Police came to know about the other place, so I have to bring you here. Malhar says Police will catch you eventually. Aahir says you didn’t lose your ego and starts beating Malhar. Atharv asks him to leave his baba. Aahir says I will not beat your baba, if you wear this new jacket. Atharv asks if you will not beat my baba if I wear this. Aahir makes a fake promise. Malhar is shocked.

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