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My Heart Knows Updates Friday 19th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Friday 19th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Friday 19 April 2022, The Episode starts with Sampada giving milk to Malhar and asks him to drink, says you didn’t have anything since evening. Malhar takes milk in his hand, but makes the glass fall down as he sits down on the bed. He says sorry and says it slipped from his hand. Sampada gets upset, but thinks Malhar is looking vulnerable now, it won’t be difficult to get closer to him. Kalyani is standing out. Sampada asks Malhar not to worry and says I will massage your head. Malhar says I don’t believe that kalyani can do this with me. Sampada asks him to rest on her lap. Malhar rests on her lap. She massages his head, feels sleepy and sleeps. Malhar gets up, moves her hand from his head and checks the glass. He finds partly dissolved tablet and thinks Sampada has mixed something in it so that she can take advantage of our loneliness. He says I got doubtful on her when Kalyani asked Sampada to return to me. He recalls and a fb is shown. Malhar thinks Sampada and Rachit are blackmailing Kalyani. He thinks he won’t let them take his Kalyani away from him. Kalyani climbs up the balcony and tries to look inside the window. Malhar sees her reflection and thinks don’t know what is your helplessless, but I promise that Moksh, you and I will be together very soon. He thinks forgive me for my acting to accept Sampada. He switches off the lights. Kalyani thinks if Malhar ji accepted Sampada so soon. She thinks why she is feeling bad and says if they don’t unite then how their child will be born. Malhar thinks I will not let Sampada near me and will not let Rachit come near you.

Atharv asks Rachit to let his Aai and Baba sleep. Rachit asks him to get up and asks him to go. Atharv says we can’t refuse Aai’s sayings and asks him to sleep. Rachit keeps a pencil between his fingers and presses it. Atharv shouts in pain. Rachit says if he comes again to his room then he will be punished. He thinks he will go near Kalyani, the more she goes far from him. He makes a promise that she will come near him. Kalyani comes outside the room and is restless. She thinks to make herself strong.

Moksh cries. Kalyani gets worried. Malhar comes to Moksh and asks him to sleep in low tone. He says even you are missing Kalyani like me and tells that just a matter of few days, I will bring her back and for now, we have to act that we don’t need her. Kalyani thinks thank God, it seems Malhar ji handled him. Malhar opens the door suddenly. Kalyani acts to feel back pain. Malhar asks what happened? Kalyani says she was going to kitchen when the pain started. Malhar asks who gave you permission to spy. Kalyani says she don’t have free time. Malhar says your new husband must be waiting for you and says you have nothing to do with me or Moksh. Kalyani gets upset. Malhar is upset too. Kalyani turns to go and cries. Kyunki tum hi ho….plays….He holds her hand and makes her turn to him. He gets teary eyes and the tears roll down his eyes. He asks do you want to say something. I am ready to hear. Kalyani asks why you are so eager to hear me and asks him not to interfere in her and Rachit’s life. She says there is nothing to say. Malhar asks her to go then. He holds her hand tightly and asks her to go. He says why you are not going? He asks her to go away from his life. He says someone is waiting for both of us. Song plays….Kalyani cries and turns her face. Malhar sees her crying. Kyunki tum hi ho plays…..

Malhar looks at her and cries. Kalyani goes towards her room and sees Atharv sitting outside and crying. She asks what happened? Atharv says Rachit uncle is bad and tells that he has pressed pencil between his fingers. Kalyani asks him to show and kisses his fingers. She says you are strong and nothing happens with small hurt. Atharv says I am sorry, I couldn’t help you. Kalyani asks him to get up and go to his room. Atharv holds her hand and tells that Rachit is not a good man like Baba. Kalyani asks him to get up and says what do you say always, that your Aai is strong. She asks him to take care of Balu and Baba. Atharv says ok and asks her to take care. She tries to open the door, but finds the door locked from inside. Malhar comes there and asks what happened? why she is standing out and why she is outside the room. Kalyani says she don’t care of his words. She thinks why did Rachit lock the door.

Sarthak makes Riddhi sleep and looks at Anupriya. He says I want to apologize to you, I know when you come to know about Riddhi, you might be shocked and you might have many questions in mind. Anupriya says when I don’t accept this marriage, then why I will care if you have two, four kids. Kalyani tries to open the door. Malhar thinks what do you think Kalyani that I will let that bad guy come near you. He recalls and a fb is shown. He sprays chloroform in Rachit’s room through the window and makes him unconscious. He then gets inside through the window and locks the door from inside. He says he will never let Rachit come closer to Kalyani. Fb ends.

Malhar asks if troubles started between them before married life could start. Kalyani says she will sort out issues between them and asks him not to interfere. Malhar says you snatched this right from me. He goes. Kalyani thanks Ganapati bappa for saving her from Rachit.

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