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My Heart Knows Updates Friday 17th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Friday 17th May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Friday 17 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani to tell what he shall do? Kalyani says leave me alone for sometime. She gets up and then realizes baby is inside her. She keeps hand on her tummy and says baby. Malhar asks whose baby? Kalyani says your and sampada’s baby. She says we have to get IVF done and then Moksh will be fine. Malhar says I will look after that and asks her to drink soup. Kalyani refuses and thinks she can’t tell him that his baby is in her tummy after the IVF. Rachit calls her again and says you have to tell Malhar that this baby is mine, tells that he is looking at her from outside the hospital. Kalyani thinks you have done a mistake by telling me and tells that she will get him caught by Malhar. Aao Saheb catches Sampada and calls Malhar. Malhar comes to Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb asks Malhar how his men are keeping eye on her. Sampada says she came to ask about the risk to her life. Dr comes there and tells that she came to enquired about IVF and risk to her life. Malhar asks Doctor to admit her right now and says IVF will happen in the morning. Sampada signs Doctor.

Kalyani is walking on the road while a car is following her and stops seeing Malhar’s jeep. Malhar looks at her walking. He asks what is the way? why you came alone from hospital. Kalyani says she wanted to go to hospital. Malhar sees the car and asks who is following you. Kalyani signs she doesn’t know. She thinks your game is over Rachit, now my Malhar ji will catch you. Malhar runs to the car and makes the man sitting inside come out. He then slaps him and pull the hood from his head. The man tells that he is a small time thief and was following the girl for her jewellery. There is a spy cam in the car.

Malhar says I will send you to jail for a year. Rachit calls Kalyani and tells that he has given money to the man to stay in jail. He tells that he is near her, but she will never find him. Atharv is shown riding on the bike cycle in a big house. Rachit tells that her Aai was lucky to get saved today, but who will save her tomorrow. Kalyani is shocked. Atharv removes her specs and says my Aai is foolish, throws the specs far. He says Atharv beta, Atharv beta…yes baba. Memory loss…yes baba. Good son of baba…yes baba. He laughs…..and thinks whom you was thinking as your friend Rachit, is Atharv Bapat. He says Atharv Bapat is back.

Malhar asks do you think that you can steal here and asks Pawar to put him in the lock up. Atharv is in his house and says Aai…Kalyani..my heart is relieved seeing your helpless, shocked and tensed. Malhar asks Kalyani if everything is fine. Kalyani tells that she has a feeling that Rachit is near them. Atharv is watching them and says Kalyani Rane covered up well, and she shall be an actor. Malhar tells her that Aai is fine and Rachit is dead. He says I am talking to you and all the proofs are against Aai. He says I have done my duty. Kalyani says she will go to hospital and be with Aai. Malhar says Aai is fine, you need rest and Moksh must be waiting for you. He asks her to come home. They sit in the jeep.

Atharv tells God that even he wants to get romantic seeing their romance and he choses Swara. He says I got my memory back when Malhar sent me to mental asylum. He says when I returned, I saw that everyone is giving me respect, I came to know then that I had lost my memory and have become 5 years old. He tells that he is enjoying fooling them, wearing these clothes and doing stupid things. Swara is searching him. Atharv tells that he don’t have any option left than to marry Swara, so that Malhar don’t send him to jail. He thinks he has made a good plan. He says once his position is fixed, I will take your so much advantage and that you will be of no use. Then I will escape from this nation with the money which I had saved.

Kalyani is in Malhar’s jeep and keeps hand on her tummy. Malhar asks if she has stomach pain. Kalyani says no and asks him to drive properly. Malhar asks what to do, road is bad. He thinks please talk to me Kalyani. Kalyani thinks please don’t look at me and make me feel bad. She says I am helpless and can’t tell you about Rachit, else I couldn’t save Aai. She thinks if you look at me like this, then I can’t act to be upset with you.

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