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My Heart Knows Updates Friday 13th June 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Friday 13th June 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Friday 13 June 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Atharv calling Sampu and says he has agreed to her sayings. He serves her food and asks her to tell her plan. He says if you tell me then I will tell you, who is helping me. Kalyani thinks how to go out from there. She gives scary look to Atharv and asks what is going on between Avni and him. Atharv says there is nothing between Avni and me. Kalyani throws the things and the food plate and bowls. Atharv says the same. Kalyani says you had betrayed me in the past and now also.

She says you will be punished and ties him with the rope. She says I have seen you going to Avni’s room with my eyes. Atharv says I had gone to talk to her. He says you are saying as if you are alive. Kalyani says so what? She blames him and goes after tying him. She comes to the outhouse and finds Avni unconscious and Sampada there. Atharv says Sampada is showing right on him as if she is alive and says if she was alive then would have killed him. Pawar tries to stop Malhar from going home and asks him to see the files, as some cases are urgent. Malhar says it is night now, he will see the cases now.

Kalyani tells Avni gaining consciousness and tells Sampada. Sampada hides. Avni gains consciousness and sees Kalyani. She asks her how did you get inside Kalyani so fast. Kalyani slaps her and asks what is going on between Atharv and you. Avni says nothing. Kalyani asks why did Atharv get you free from jail. Avni says he wanted me to help him in Moksh’s case. She says she had filed fake case on Sarthak on his sayings.

Anupriya asks Sarthak to go home and sleep. Sarthak says he will not go home, as he is her assistant now. Avni asks Kalyani to leave her neck and tells that they had trapped Anupriya so that she don’t win Sarthak’s case and that’s why they got Hari killed and accused Anupriya of his murder. Pawar comes behind Malhar and asks him to see the case. Malhar says he needs to be with Kalyani now. He finds the outhouse light open and goes there. Pawar tries to call Kalyani and finds his phone battery dead.

Avni tells that she had thrown Hari’s phone and asked Atharv to hide Hari’s body so that Maayi find it and get trapped. She says I am just helping Atharv and I have no affair with him. Kalyani says you had sent Anupriya to jail, but actually Atharv had killed Hari. Malhar knocks on the door and asks who is inside. Avni shouts Malhar. Sampada thinks how to go inside the secret room. Malhar comes there and asks Kalyani to leave Avni. Kalyani says Avni is in her custody and tells Malhar that she is Kalyani and was acting to be Sampada. She shows the reports in which Avni had confessed her game plan. Malhar sees the video proofs. Atharv comes there and hears Kalyani telling that it is good that she made Avni confess, else she would have put all the blame on Atharv. Atharv gets shocked. Malhar tells that he will get Avni arrested in the morning and will get Maayi freed today.

He says he will get him arrested too once he gets the proofs. Kalyani tells Malhar that Aayi gave her holy locket to keep soul away from her. Aao Saheb hears the voice and tells that there is something there. Kalyani says may be some rat and takes them out. Aao Saheb appreciates Kalyani for making Avni confess, says she will lock Avni in room. She comes to the outhouse and get the lock. Sampada hides again and finds Aao Saheb’s phone to the same which was in Atharv’s car.

Malhar frees Anupriya from the lock up and tells that cases against Anupriya and Sarthak are lifted as Avni confessed. Kalyani and Anupriya have an emotional meet. Kalyani thinks to tell her everything once she finds out the person helping Atharv. Anupriya appreciates Kalyani and shows trust on her. Malhar asks Anupriya to forgive Sarthak in the future.

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