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My Heart Knows Thursday 27th February 2022

On My Heart Knows Thursday 27th February 2022: My Heart Knows Thursday 27 February 2022, The Episode starts with Anupriya asking Sarthak about the hidden camera and tells that his client Meenakshi kept them in their home. Sarthak asks what is the proof? Anupriya says then who will get it done. Sarthak says even if Meenakshi has done this, then also I will support her, as I know Vaijanti is Kalyani and the day he gets the proofs, he will get her rotten in jail. Anupriya holds his collar and asks how dare you to say this for my daughter. Sarthak brushes off her hands and says criminal is criminal for him and her place is in the jail. Anupriya goes from there and looks at Vaijanti sleeping on the bed. A song plays….Anupriya says Mother’s jannat is in her children’s safety and happiness. She thinks Kalyani will be helpless to do this, says she will not do anything wrong and thinks she will not tell Malhar about her and will help her. She says your Aai is your shield and will always be. She says nobody can raise their eyes on my Kalyani and keeps hand on her forehead.

Later Vaijanti recalls and draws on the paper about Sunita running away to left and then to right. Just then paper falls down. Malhar comes and picks it. Vaijanti takes it from his hand and eats it. Bebe comes there and tells that she has a habit to eat paper. Malhar says what kind of habit is this. Vaijanti says she is going to the temple. Bebe says she has done mannat for Param. Malhar looks on. Vaijanti comes to the peepal tree and calls Param. Param tells that they can’t talk on phone and ends the call. Vaijanti thinks she needs to tell him something important. Malhar recalls Kalyani working on the laptop. A fb is shown, Kalyani tells that she is searching katha for tomorrow’s puja and tells about Savitri fighting with Yamraj to bring Satyavaan’s life. Malhar says women are great. Kalyani says women can fight with Mahadev too. Malhar asks if she will fight with Mahadev for him. Kalyani says yes, but by wearing slippers as my mind don’t work without wearing slipper. Fb ends.

Malhar looks at Vaijanti walking barefeet and injuring her foot. He removes his shoes and picks up the stones from the way, to protect her feet while she is taking rounds around the tree. Khamoshiyan plays….Vaijanti opens her eyes and asks what is your problem? She says if I shall take breathe asking you. Malhar says stone on the way had hurt you. He says Kalyani couldn’t bear it. Vaijanti says if Kalyani comes infront of me then I will murder her, but before that I will murder you. She asks him to go. Malhar goes and picks his shoes. Vaijanti closes her eyes and cries. Anupriya comes there and asks whose pain, you are bearing…Param or Malhar. Kalyani asks if you both left your mind on the dining table. Anupriya says now you will say that you are Vaijanti and tells that Kalyani will not wear barefoot like this, but if she had hurt him then would have bear pain like you. Vaijanti looks on and continues her rounds. Sunita keeps an eye on Vaijanti and thinks she is Kalyani, I came in her talks when she acted to be Param’s wife. She thinks she will take revenge from her, for all the troubles.

At the dining table, Bebe asks Vaijanti to keep her legs down the chair. Vaijanti says leave it. bebe says everyone is watching. Anupriya brings soup for Vaijanti and says it is good for your health. Sarthak asks if this is your drama to save her. Vaijanti gets upset. Meenakshi comes there and says I will make you talk to your Aai…Moksh. She asks didn’t your Baba tell you that your Aai is back home. Vaijanti drops the soup bowl. Bebe asks if your hand is burnt. Meenakshi asks Vaijanti to talk to Moksh. Malhar asks why did you involve my son and tells that he will talk to his son. Vaijanti takes the call and says hello. Moksh asks where did she go? He tells that he got unwell and that’s why baba has sent him to hostel. He says he is missing her. Vaijanti says I will come soon, asks him not to take tension and says she will come. She asks him not to cry and be strong. Moksh asks why are you talking in different accent. Malhar takes the call and goes to talk to him. Anupriya confronts Meenakshi and asks what will you get by using a child. Meenakshi says I will get justice for my husband, no rules, right and wrong can stop me. Anupriya says you will go to jail one day and tells that she has taken out all hidden cameras from home and if she tries to do such thing again then she will get her arrest warrant.

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