My Heart knows Sunday 9 January 2022 Zee World

My Heart knows Sunday 9 January 2022 Zee World: On My Heart knows Sunday 9th January 2022 Zee World, The Episode starts with Moksh crying. Anupriya comes inside the house and see dead bodies of Malhar, Aao Saheb, Rao Saheb, Vivek, Sarthak and Aparna. She gets shocked.

6 hours before:
Aao Saheb scolds Pallavi and Aparna and others for making Prasad with ghee and dry fruits. She asks them to make again. Vivek talks on phone. Aao Saheb asks him to get shivling. Anupriya gives tea and says she has added a bit of sugar. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to get ready. Malhar takes baby from Kalyani and asks her to get ready.

Back to present:
Anupriya takes Moksh and cries touching Aao Saheb’s forehead, she shouts Aao Saheb. Neighbors come and ask how did this happen.

5:30 hours before:
Atharv comes to neighborhood as God Shiv’s avatar and asks her to do his Puja. Aao Saheb asks what is this tamasha. Atharv asks her to see what will happen when his third eye opens up and asks if she wants to see his anger. He does tandav. Keshav enters holding a box. Durgaprasad shouts at him. Atharv thinks to do something and diverts Kalyani’s attention. He thinks once Keshav takes Anupriya from here then Tamasha will happen. The men keep the stuff in the store room and leave. Keshav thinks you helped me Atharv, but you doesn’t know that my entry will become death sentences for Deshmukh family.

Aao Saheb asks Atharv to dance infront of guests and make everyone enjoy. Kalyani gives moksh to Anupriya and tells her that she will handle Atharv. Keshav searches something in the boxes and thinks today they will not be saved from me. She comes to the storeroom. Durga Prasad barks. Kalyani says there is nobody here. Keshav is sitting on the roof and thinks he will give her a painful death. Kalyani comes back to Atharv and says I have identified you and that’s why brought Prasad for you. Sampada asks what are you doing? Kalyani says this is poison and says it might be easy for you. She says Shankar God had poison to protect people and asks Atharv to drink it too. Sampada asks her to give it to her. kalyani says do you want to eat it too. Atharv thinks it will be fun when your Aai elopes with stranger man.

My Heart knows Sunday 9 January 2022 Zee World: Kalyani comes to Malhar and asks him to take off the shirt and tears it while pulling it out. Malhar gets angry. Kalyani says she has selected clothes for him. Keshav is hiding in the cupboard with knife in his hand. Kalyani takes purple shirt and asks him to wear. Malhar asks about the medal on it. Kalyani says it is brooch. Sarpanch comes and talks to Aao Saheb, and asks her to do puja like every year. Aao Saheb assures him.

Atharv thinks Maayi is here, then where is keshav? Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to bring Shivling and says Vivek didn’t bring it till now. Anupriya says she will bring. Kalyani asks Moksh if he urinates in the new clothes then she will scold him. Keshav’s phone rings. Kalyani comes towards the cupboard and takes her mobile. She says she doesn’t want loan and takes Moksh out with her. Keshav comes out of the cupboard. Keshav gets Atharv’s message that Anupriya is going out of house. Malhar comes there and sees Keshav running. He shouts asking him to stop. He couldn’t catch him and asks Pawar to come inside house.

4:30 hours before: Anupriya asks the driver to take her, but Atharv sends him. Anupriya asks him to ask someone else to wash his car. Atharv asks keshav to help Anupriya get the Shivling. Anupriya doesn’t see his face. Sarthak comes and says he went to college. He tells her that he will come with him to buy Shivling. Malhar tells Kalyani that there was a man in the room. Kalyani says I didn’t know. Pawar comes there. Malhar asks Pawar to check and asks her not to tell anyone.

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