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My Heart Knows Sunday 6th July 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows 6th July 2022: My Heart Knows 6 July 2022, The Episode starts with Malhar reads the chit and asks what is it? He asks if she got the attack on him. Meenakshi says she just want to reach Kalyani through this chit. Vaijanti says my ears are paining hearing Kalyani’s name. She says I don’t care, I just want my husband. Bebe says my son was my only support and curses Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks them to stop nonsense and says Param is in lock up. Vaijanti says lock up is empty, I went there and saw. Meenakshi gets a call from the senior officer who scolds her for her irresponsible behavior and tells that Param has eloped from Police custody, he asks her to catch him. Vaijanti tells that since I met you, my life is messed up. She says until I get my husband, I will stay outside your house by keeping the tent.

Bebe and Vaijanti are sitting outside Malhar’s house. Bebe holds Vaijanti responsible for Param going missing. Vaijanti promises her that she will bring Param back. Malhar is in his room and thinks of Vaijanti’s threat that she will go on a strike and will stay in a tent outside their house.

Vaijanti finds the heavy wind coming and tells Bebe that she will do something. She gets up and picks up the plastic sheet and also the wooden logs. She puts the tent. Malhar looks at her through the window and thinks he knows that she is Kalyani, and he will bring out this truth. Meenakshi thinks need to catch this woman red handed, she is Kalyani but I need proof. She calls Pawar. Bebe is resting in the tent and says don’t know why my son married you and went to jail for you. She says I am in this tent due to you and now I am hungry. Vaijanti says my life is ruined, your son said that he works on govt site, but later came to know that he steals on govt site, and impregnated her. She says my baby’s life is also ruined. Bebe says my son didn’t do it alone and calls her inauspicious. Vaijanti says uneducated woman can say such things. She tells her baby that they can’t have food until Param comes home. Bebe looks at the food. Vaijanti asks her if she wants Param or the food. Anupriya asks Vaijanti not to be stubborn. Vaijanti refuses to drink water from their house. Anupriya says we are not involved in your husband going missing and tells that she don’t think bad of anyone. Vaijanti says whatever, I will not eat until my husband comes back. Anupriya asks her to eat atleast for her baby, and says think me as your mother. She asks shall I feed you. Vaijanti looks on. Anupriya feeds her food and thinks of her moments with Kalyani.

Later Pawar comes to Malhar’s house and keeps the spy camera. He then calls Meenakshi and tells that the work is done. Vaijanti gets up in the night and looks at the icecream poster, asks her baby if he/she wants to have icecream. She wakes up bebe. Bebe asks if my son came? Vaijanti says she wants to have icecream. Bebe scolds her and says don’t know if my son have food or not, and you want to have icecream. She asks her to sleep silently. Vaijanti goes out of the tent. Sunita is keeping an eye on her and thinks atleast I found Kalyani lonely. She thinks to kidnap her. Vaijanti thinks where will I get the icecream now? She sees Sunita following her. Malhar comes there in his car. Sunita thinks why did he come and ruining my plan? Malhar asks Vaijanti, where is she going? Vaijanti says why shall I tell you. Malhar asks himself to calm down and tells that he will drop her. Vaijanti says she is going to have icecream. Malhar says if this is the time to have icecream. He says he will drop her. Kalyani asks if he will make her go missing like Param. She says she is going to search Param too, after having icecream. Malhar says ok, first we will have icecream and then will search Param. He asks her to sit in the car. She sits. He drives the car. Meenakshi hears them through the spy audio in her headphone. She tells Pawar that if she is Kalyani then will say something. Malhar sees the icecream seller and says sorry to Vaijanti, says I shouldn’t have called you Kalyani infront of Meenakshi. He calls her Kalyani and asks her to tell which flavor. Meenakshi says if she answers him then it will be proved that she is Kalyani.

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