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My Heart Knows Sunday 22nd June 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows 22nd June 2022: My Heart Knows Sunday 22 June 2022, The Episode starts with Aao Saheb telling Anupriya that the workers might have stolen something. She then blames Sunita. Kalyani says Sunita helped Malhar ji catch the thief today. Inspector Rahul blames Malhar for Manjrekar’s suicide in Police custody. Commissioner Meenakshi asks him to stop blaming Malhar and says it was all Police team’s mistake. Sunita is being tortured by someone in his house. Kalyani comes there and calls Sunita. The guy aims gun at the door. Kalyani gets inside and calls Sunita. Sunita bites on the guy’s hand and runs out. Kalyani sees her running and comes to her in the car. Sunita sits in the car. Kalyani drives off while the guy runs behind her and then stops. In the workshop, Kalyani applies ointment to Sunita and asks if he was your husband. Sunita shows the golden thread and tells that he had asked me to steal this, but as I didn’t give him this, he was beating me. Kalyani tells her that she can stay here and tells that her Aai will get her divorce from him. Sunita gets grateful to her.

Meenakshi talks to Malhar. Just then Kalyani calls him and tells about Sunita. Malhar introduces her to Meenakshi. Kalyani invites her home. Just then the guy who was beating Sunita comes there, Meenakshi introduces him as her husband. He tells that Manjrekar was working for someone and he couldn’t catch the culprit. Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that he has kept zari thread safely. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani rests her head. Meenakshi’s husband comes to Sunita and says I will not leave you, I know that you are the leader of Manjrekar’s gang. Sunita says yes, I am. She tells that she is fooling Kalyani since the day she came here. She tells that she has won Kalyani’s trust and trapped her in such a away that I am helpless woman infront of her and you are the torturous husband. She says she will finish him off. He says your truth will be out. She says this will not happen and runs out shouting for help. She runs to the terrace shouting for help. Kalyani tries to protect him. He pushes Kalyani and falls down from the balcony.

Back to present, Sunita checks him and thinks he will die soon. Kalyani apologizes to her and runs to bring the car keys. Sunita opens the car, takes the guy inside and starts the car somehow. Kalyani tries to run behind the car. Anupriya tells that Sunita must have taken him to the hospital. She asks God to protect her daughter’s happiness and keep that man alive.

Sunita smirks seeing his injury. He gains consciousness. Sunita thinks if he gets saved then I will die. She makes plan to kill him. She stops the car and then suffocates him to death. She then puts the dead body in the decky and runs away. Kalyani calls Sunita, but the number is not reachable. Malhar comes there and says Kalyani…you are under arrest. He says I arrest you in my love and smiles. He pulls her closer. Kalyani smiles. He finds her mangalsutra missing. Kalyani recalls her mangalsutra was snatched by that man. She worries. Kalyani’s mangalsultra is still in the guy’s hand.

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