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My Heart Knows Saturday 21st June 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows 21st June 2022: My Heart Knows 21 June 2022, The Episode starts with Sunita colliding with Kalyani. Kalyani sees marks under her eyes and hands. She asks if she is fine. Sunita says I am fine. Kalyani asks are you sure? Sunita says Aao Saheb called me. Kalyani says she is in the lawn, you can go. Sunita goes inside. Malhar shoots at the men making drugs packets. They run away. Aao Saheb and Kalyani talk via video call. Aao Saheb asks kalyani to make her talk to workers on video call. She begins talking. Kalyani asks Sunita about her name and says if your husband gave you this pain,then? Sunita says I fell down and got these marks. Kalyani asks about the black stain on her saree. Sunita says she got it where she was working. Malhar runs behind Manjrekar. Kalyani gets a call and gets shocked. Manjrekar runs and comes on the road. He finds the holy procession going on and joins them, and also colors his face red.

Malhar comes there, couldn’t identify him and goes. Manjrekar smiles. Malhar catches his neck and asks him to handover himself to Police. Manjrekar pushes him and holds a lady’s neck on knife point. Malhar asks him not to take law in his hands. Kalyani comes there on the bike and hits Manjrekar. Manjrekar falls down. Kalyani removes the helmet and smiles. Malhar catches Manjrekar and sends him with the Constable. Malhar asks Kalyani why did she risk her life? Kalyani asks him to thank her. Malhar thanks her. Kalyani asks him to relax and says she was ex DM. Malhar asks her to join her DM post again. Kalyani says Pillu was her priority then and even now. She gives him tiffin. Malhar thanks her with a hug. Majrekar is beaten by the woman in the lock up. Malhar asks who is she? Pawar says she is Meenakshi, our commissioner. Meenakshi tells Malhar that until the criminals’ bones are broken, they will not open their mouth. She says good job for catching the gang. Malhar says he caught them with the help of his wife Kalyani, who is ex DM. Meenakshi says she knows Kalyani and says she would have done the same. Malhar says I know her, she would have never done this. Meenakshi gives him time to get info from Manjrekar.

Later Pawar asks Malhar to have food. Malhar asks him to tell when Manjrekar is brought back. Pawar says ok. Malhar opens the tiffin and finds a note by Kalyani, asking him to come fast as she wants to get sister for Moksh. Malhar comes home and decorate the room. Kalyani comes there and finds the flower petals etc on the bed. He holds her romantically. They spend some romantic time. Kalyani tells him that Moksh had written note for him. Malhar smiles. She finds mark on his hand and asks about it. Malhar tells that he got it while he was chasing Manjrekar. She tells about Sunita, who stammers and had the similar mark on her saree. Malhar realizes Sunita gave him a tip about Manjrekar and tells Kalyani. Kalyani says Sunita must have taken a big risk. Malhar gets a call and gets shocked.

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