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My Heart Knows Monday 7th July 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows 7th July 2022: My Heart Knows 7 July 2022, The Episode starts with Malhar asking about Kalyani. Aao Saheb asks how do I know? Malhar says Atharv must have kidnapped her. Atul says why will he? Malhar says so you are also involved. Kalyani hits on the glass door, the curtain flies in air. Kalyani asks someone save me. Atul hides the window with curtain and asks how dare you to accuse me? Malhar says I don’t want to fight with you, but I will search Kalyani before the hearing begins. Kalyani cries and thinks how to get out from there. Just then electricity is switched off, and rats come out near her. She asks the rats to go back. Atul says you can’t do this with your grand daughter. Aao Saheb says whatever I am doing is for her betterment, and says court case will end in 15 mins. Atharv’s men lies to Malhar about seeing Kalyani going out 30 mins before. Pawar and Malhar leave. The man calls Atharv and says his work is done. Anupriya asks Atul where is Kalyani and asks him to tell if he knows. Atul says why will I hide my daughter? Anupriya cries and asks where did she go? She says Kalyani….where are you? She asks Ganapati Bappa to protect her. Kalyani shouts for help as the rats go near her. Anupriya says my daughter’s heart is clean and asks not to get any injustice happen with her. Kalyani is scared and sees rat about to climb on her. She says save me and sits with her head hidden. Anupriya is praying…All the rats go through the hole. Kalyani thanks Bappa and says I love you, you have sent these rats so that it shows me the way.

Sarthak calls Malhar and asks him to return within 15 mins. Anupriya says she couldn’t trace her. Atharv and Sampada come there. Anupriya asks where is Kalyani? Atharv asks how do we know? Sarthak says you will be punished. Atharv says court case will start soon. Kalyani opens the passage and gets inside it. Atul tells Aao Saheb that he is feeling bad and asks when we will take her out. Aao Saheb says when Judge tells the verdict. Sarthak asks Malhar to come. Judge calls Sarthak and asks if Malhar rane is going to come or not. Sarthak tells that Kalyani is missing and Malhar went to search her and says Atharv and Sampada are responsible for this. Atharv says this is a lie, they are wasting the time. Judge asks for the proof. Kalyani gets inside the passage and shouts for help. She couldn’t breath. Sarthak asks Judge to wait for just 10 mins and says Malhar must be coming. The smoke comes in the passage. Anupriya calls Malhar. Malhar says someone misguided me, Kalyani was in the court campus. She asks him to return. Malhar says I can’t come without her knowing she is in danger. Kalyani shouts saying Malhar ji. Malhar hears her voice. Judge says Malhar’s absence proves that he don’t want to give a chance to his marriage with Sampada Rane for Moksh’s custody, and that’s why this court…Just then Kalyani comes and asks Judge to stop. Sarthak says Malhar has come. Kalyani takes Moksh and sits with Anupriya. Anupriya asks what did Atharv did with you. Malhar tells that Kalyani was missing due to Aao Saheb’s conspiracy. Judge says Malhar has come here and has proved that he is ready to stay with Sampada for moksh’s custody for 1 year. Kalyani cries. Malhar says 1 min and says I respect your decision, but I have some questions which I want to ask everyone present here.

Malhar asks Judge to see this baby’s eyes and says he always looks for Kalyani, when she is not his Aai. He says only Kalyani can make him quiet and can bring smile on his face, why? When she is not his mother. He says when Moksh doesn’t get sleep then he sleeps peacefully hearing Kalyani’s lullaby, when she is not his mum. He says Moksh couldn’t speak, but can understand her language, emotions and pain. He asks Anupriya why does he feel for Kalyani. He asks why nobody is answering to my questions. He says do you don’t have answer or you are speechless. He says I will answer and says Moksh understands what we don’t. He says Moksh knows that birth mother can’t be a mother, and says the woman who raises the child taking care of him becomes a mother. He asks then how did Sampada become his mum who left him after his birth. Kalyani comes to Malhar and is about to touch his hand, but moves her hand. Malhar says I respect Court decision, but for me Kalyani Rane will be Moksh’s Aai forever. He says that’s why today I announce that my son’s name will be Moksh Kalyani Rane and not Moksh Malhar Rane…Everyone is shocked. Kalyani is touched and emotional.

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