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My Heart Knows Monday 23rd June 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows 23rd June 2022: My Heart Knows 23 June 2022, The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani where is her mangalsultra? Kalyani says my mangalsutra…Just then Anupriya comes there and says it was broken and she is reacting. Malhar says I am standing infront of you. Anupriya takes her out and asks what was she doing? Kalyani says she has killed someone. Anupriya says Sunita will call from the hospital. Atharv comes out of the hospital and thinks to get Moksh somehow. He thinks if he has to kidnap Moksh then will do. He finds Kalyani’s car parked outside the hospital. He gets doubtful and opens the car’s decky. He finds Parmath’s dead body in the decky and thinks God gave this golden chance to him, so that he gets Moksh’s custody. Later Kalyani hears Malhar asking who are they and what are they doing here in their house. She wakes up and thinks where is Malhar ji. She comes out of the room and removes the white cloth from the dead body. She gets shocked to see Parmath’s dead body. Commissioner Meenakshi comes there and says you are arrested for Parmath’s murder. Malhar says you are having a misunderstanding. Meenakshi handcuffs him too for supporting and hiding Kalyani’s crime. She says you have betrayed law and the dept both by hiding the truth. This turns out to be Kalyani’s dream. Malhar asks her to relax and says nothing will happen to you. He asks her to sleep.

Next day, Kalyani is still thinking. Malhar asks her to stitch his shirt button. Kalyani says ok. He says you are reacting as if I am enquiring about the murder investigation. Kalyani says it is not like that. She takes the needle and thread and tries to stitch the shirt, but her hands shake. Malhar asks why her hands are shaking? Kalyani says I am afraid that needle might pierced in your shirt. Malhar says I love you too and says you can’t bear to see me in pain. He says he will wear another shirt. He wears another uniform shirt and leaves. Kalyani thinks she can’t see him in pain and may be she will give him a big pain unknowingly.

Aao Saheb asks Anupriya if the haldi kumkum arrangements are done. Anupriya says yes, Kalyani made Aam Panna and the gifts arrangements are also done. Moksh tells that he has written something for his Aai. He reads that his Aai never lies, is a superhero, and fights with evil. He says he will become like his Aai when grown up. Kalyani gets teary eyes and goes inside. Moksh asks what happened, if Aai didn’t like it. Anupriya says your Aai got teary eyes hearing this. She goes to Kalyani. Kalyani says Moksh wants to be like me, but I am a murderer. Anupriya says that man is alive. Kalyani says I don’t want to lie to Malhar ji, will tell him this truth. Anupriya says I will go and search Sunita, but don’t tell Malhar. She asks for 24 hours and gives her promise to Kalyani.

Meenakshi calls Kalyani to the PS. Kalyani says I was worried. Meenakshi says I was impressed with you since before. Kalyani invites him for haldi kumkum. Meenakshi checks the time. Kalyani says you will get your husband’s call. Meenakshi says my husband is an undercover agent and tells that he didn’t call me yet. She tells that she keeps his phone in her phone still and is about to show Parmath’s pic to her. Anupriya comes to Aao Saheb and tells that Sunita is missing. Aao Saheb says we shall reach Police. Just then Sarthak brings Sunita there with bandage on her head. Just then Meenakshi gets a call. Pawar comes there and says lie detecting machine is ready. Malhar says they shall test on Kalyani, as her truthfulness record is 100 percent. Kalyani says she needs to go home for haldi kumkum arrangements. Malhar insists. Anupriya asks Sunita where was she? She says we were very worried. Sarthak tells that she met with an accident with his car and tells that when he took her to the hospital, doctor told that she has lost memory. Malhar asks Kalyani to give answers. Kalyani sits on the machine and starts giving answers. He asks her and she answers all questions rightly. Meenakshi asks shall I ask? She asks Kalyani, did you ever lied to Malhar. Kalyani says no, red light beeps.

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