My Heart Knows Monday 21st February 2022

On My Heart Knows Monday 21st February 2022: My Heart Knows Monday 21 February 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Anupriya to talk in English always. Anupriya asks her not to be strict much. Kalyani says ok, I will let you talk in Hindi and Marathi, but I have a condition. She says I was thinking watching movies and hearing hindi songs. She asks what is love and how it happens and how one knows about it. Anupriya says with whom you are asking and says I never fell in love and nobody loved me. I got married to the guy chosen by Keshav. Kalyani gets upset with her. Anupriya says I will try to talk in English. Kalyani sings song hogaya hai tujhko…Constable Pawar tells Malhar that the goons works for Atharv and may be knows about Mugdha. The goon says we don’t know and tells that yesterday he got married and asks what his wife will think if he don’t celebrate suhaag raat. Malhar gets upset and asks Pawar to lock him. Kalyani calls him and tells that she has moved the flowers from the room and cleaned the room. Malhar asks her to concentrate on studies and says you will be found with the book. She asks what is love? Malhar asks her to concentrate on studies and ends the call.

Atul sees utensils falling in kitchen and thinks Malhar talks big, but is making Kalyani do household work. He comes there and sees Malhar working in the kitchen. Kalyani comes there and asks if something fell down on his feet. Malhar asks her to go and study and not to move until she studies. Kalyani asks him to handle gas. Malhar says don’t I know it? Anupriya comes to Atul and says your tiffin dhaba. Atul is surprised. Kalyani says what do you think that my Aai can’t speak English. Atul asks what will you do speaking English? Aao Saheb calls Anupriya to her. Kalyani thinks to expose Aao Saheb’s lie. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb if she can go to college. Aao Saheb asks her to go. Anupriya gets happy. Aao Saheb pretends to fall down from the bed and asks Aparna to call Anupriya. Anupriya comes and says you would have called me to get water. Aparna scolds Anupriya for not taking good care of Aao Saheb. Kalyani comes there and tells Aao Saheb that if something happens to her then what will happen to them. She asks her not to think of death. She tells that she brought leeches so that they suck her blood and make her fine. Aao Saheb jumps on the bed and then pretends to feel pain. Kalyani shows the video of Aao Saheb in which it is shown that Aao Saheb feigns to fall down. She asks her to say sorry to her Aai else she will make the video go viral then he respect will be ruined. She says people will think that Aao Saheb is a shashikala at home and do dramas to stop her bahu from going to college. Aao Saheb is shocked and is forced to apologize to Anupriya. Kalyani asks Anupriya to go to college and asks Aao Saheb not to plan to do anything and waste water.

She comes to room. Malhar says your concentration is everywhere except studies and asks her to study. He says I will feed you. Kalyani says you. He says yes and makes her eat while she reads. Mili toh tum humko plays………….Malhar teaches her while making her eat. Kalyani makes her eat food. Kalyani is studying with her eyes closed. He pats on her face and asks her to get ready to go to college.

Kalyani asks Malhar about yesterday night conversation. Malhar says Kalyani…and says I won’t be quiet until you get educated and become something. Kalyani says I want to ask about love and tries to help him to wear shoes…Malhar asks her to concentrate on studies. Kalyani says I wanted to help you and thought to take your help. He asks what. Kalyani thinks she is not SRK to ask casually. She opens her hands wife and says this is not yoga, but SRK’s romantic pose. She asks if he don’t see yash raj films. Malhar says ok and asks her to reach college on time. He goes. She asks how love happens and thinks to ask Sarthak. Malhar thinks of Kalyani striking romantic pose and smiles.

Sarthak asks Kalyani if she gets ready for someone daily. Kalyani says yes for selfie. Sarthak thinks that’s why Malhar asks her to concentrate on studies. He tells her that love happens by itself. Anupriya calls her. Kalyani says she is in storeroom. Sarthak sets his shirt and hairs. She asks him. He asks her to tell what she is saying. Kalyani says if Malhar loves someone else before I fall in love. Sarthak says this can’t happen. He asks her to feel the love and spend more time with Malhar, roam with him, get closer to him, try to know him. He says while doing this, you will fall in love with him eventually. Kalyani smiles.

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