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My Heart Knows Friday 28th February 2022

On My Heart Knows Friday 28th February 2022: My Heart Knows Friday 28 February 2022, The Episode starts with Anupriya warning Meenakshi not to do this again else she will bring arrest warrant for her. Sarthak asks her not to accuse his client without any proofs and says if you accuse my client next time, then you will be accused of mental harassment. Meenakshi says this is not needed, as she will be exposed soon, and nobody can save her from my trap. She goes. Vaijanti gets a call from Param asking her to meet. Sunita thinks come out, I am waiting. Vaijanti thinks I am waiting for you. She puts a letter in the coconut and comes out calling Param. She says where are you? Malhar comes and pats on her shoulder. Vaijanti gets shocked and turns to looks at Malhar. He asks what are you doing here? Vaijanti says she came to throw the coconut. She throws it. Vaijanti and Malhar hear the sound coming from behind the trees. Malhar looks there. Sunita escapes and thinks if Malhar had not come, then I would have caught Kalyani. Malhar asks why did you come here? Vaijanti says to throw the coconut. Malhar checks her phone and says Param came to meet her. Vaijanti says he messaged, but didn’t come. She cries and asks him not to tell anyone. Malhar says I can’t see anyone crying and thanks her for talking to his son. He says my tension is relieved a bit, hearing him happy and laughing. He asks her to come inside.

Param comes there and picks the chit from the coconut. He reads the message and says very good Vaijanti. Later bebe brings coconut and gives to Vaijanti, says special coconut sent by someone. She asks until when this will go on, our work can’t be done. Vaijanti says I was waiting for this. She says I missed the chance, I will make all blame and insult end and they get free of the accusation. She says you take care on the gate and make sure nobody comes inside. Bebe says ji Madam. Anupriya comes there and asks if she calls her Madam. Bebe says what to do, my son left me in her care. Anupriya says you are drinking coconut a lot and takes coconut from her hand to cut it. Vaijanti comes behind her and says she knows how to cut it.

Anupriya says even she knows and gets her finger injured. Vaijanti calls her Aai and tells that she has called her Maayi, as Malhar says. She thinks she can’t express her emotions, else she will know that she is Kalyani. She brings first aid box and does the bandage. Anupriya gets emotional and tells that life has hurt her. Malhar talks to Jadav and comes to know that a lady has threatened to kill Meenakshi. Malhar asks if she is fine. Jadav says yes, but she doubts Kalyani. Malhar comes to Meenakshi’s house and sees Param outside holding gun. Kalyani/Vaijanti gets a chit from the coconut and smiles. Later Bebe refuses to eat food made by Vaijanti. Anupriya asks what she wants to eat. Bebe tells what she wants to eat, she falls on the table intentionally. Anupriya takes her to the hospital. Kalyani/vaijanti is left alone in the home.

Meenakshi talks to her superior and tells that why she will help Param escape and tells that someone is threatening to kill her. Just then someone comes there and attacks Meenakshi on her head. Meenakshi looks at her and says Kalyani before fainting.

Malhar follows Param and thinks where is he going? He follows Param. Param looks at the paper in his hand and continues walking. He finds Malhar behind him in the truck’s mirror and takes out the gun from his pocket. Malhar catches him. They have a fight. Param runs away from there, but the chit falls down from his pocket. Malhar checks it and thinks this resembles Kalyani’s handwriting.

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