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My Heart Knows Friday 27th June 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows 27th June 2022: My Heart Knows 27 June 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Atharv if he hid the dead body in the PS. Atharv says there is no fun in playing game straight. Kalyani asks where is the dead body? Atharv says first it was in car and then I found it. He says the dead body is in your house, and your husband will get it. He laughs. Kalyani is shocked. Sunita takes out the white powder packet/drugs and thinks she has been fooling Kalyani and she is becoming, laughs. Aao Saheb asks where is Kalyani? Anupriya says coconuts were broken so she sent her to bring coconuts. Aao Saheb says you did right. Kalyani thinks if Meenakshi ji sees the dead body. Sunita thinks first she killed Manjrekar and then Parmath, and now she is in Kalyani’s house, feigning memory loss. She decides to smuggle the drugs and keeps it in the sarees.

Aao Saheb tells that she has called the cloth for the sarees. She asks Meenakshi to choose red color. She opens the roll brought by the Servant and finds Parmath’s dead body inside. Meenakshi is shocked and gets up. Malhar comes there and finds Kalyani’s mangalsultra in his hand. He says kalyani’s mangasultra. Kalyani drops the glass in shock. Meenakshi comes to Parmath and asks him to get up. She asks him to get up and says she has worn red saree for him and have done puja and haldi and kumkum. She asks him to stop his acting and asks him to get up. She says you have done many promises with me and asks why did you go alone. She shouts Parmath and faints. Aao Saheb asks Malhar to lift meenakshi. She prays to God to get the trouble away from their house.

Malhar shows the mangalsultra to Kalyani. Just then someone comes and says your mangalsultra is repaired. Anupriya gives the mangalsultra to Kalyani and says that guy brought it after repair. Some other Inspector comes there. Malhar asks who sent you here? Meenakshi tells that the murderer might be from his house, so that person shall know that he will not be freed after killing Commissioner’s husband. She asks Inspector to search the entire house. Kalyani says she shall not get weak. She asks Aao Saheb to go and sleep with Pillu. Aao Saheb goes. Kalyani thinks how can this be possible. They come to Sunita’s room and finds a note that she is leaving as she can’t be burden on them. Kalyani says how we will prove that the man was alive. Anupriya says we will do. Kalyani says we are not on truth side.

Inspector tells that they didn’t get anything. Meenakshi threatens Malhar and says she won’t let them be at peace. Inspector asks Malhar to come. Later Malhar confronts Kalyani and asks her not to lie. Kalyani thinks she can’t tell him truth. He asks if our relation is weak that you are not telling me anything. He asks her to tell and says he has understood that she is hiding something. He says silence is like a lie. He says he had called the jeweller and he said that he didn’t repair. Anupriya comes there and defends kalyani. She tells that she had given the mangalsutra to local jeweller. Malhar asks about the lipstick. Anupriya proves that any lipstick gets cracked if fallen. She tells that when Parmath died, we were in the hotel. Malhar asks why are you defending Kalyani. He asks Kalyani to swear on him and say. Kalyani says she don’t believe on all this and says what will he do, if he comes to know about the truth. She feels sorry.

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