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Meet In Love Wednesday 29th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Meet In Love 29th June 2022: Meet In Love 29 June 2022, Meet Ahlawat looking in Meet’s bag says she is Manushi’s sister there must any information about her. Meet come and says when I touched your bag you were talking about private property and all and is my bag not private. Meet Ahlawat says I was looking for solution. Meet says then what you got. Meet Ahlawat keeps her clothes in closet. Meet says nice now you will share you closet with me, whats wrong with you. Meet Ahlawat says your bag is always lying in house anywhere which make room messy so use this almari and keep everything in almari so room is neat and clean. Meet try to reach hanger in top most shelf, so she grab a chair and stand on it, Meet stumble. Meet Ahlawat run towards her to catch. Meet gets down and says what are you looking at help me to get that hanger. Meet Ahlawat if you got some time then try to hand to increase your height and mocks her, Meet Ahlawat grabs hanger and give to Meet. Meet thinks I need to find out Kunal so to reach Manushi, I have one way, Meet hit Meet Ahlawat’s eye and message his eye and ask last time when did you go to eye doctor and mocks him. Meet Ahlawat thinks how will I find her sister.

Anubha and Amma in hall someone knocks door. Amma shouts who is this knocking door. Someone says mummy outside door. Amma says Manushi rush downstairs to open door. Anubha says we gave promises to Babita that we wont keep any relation with Manushi. Amma says I’ll break everything for Manushi and run downstairs to open door. Manushi and Amma hug eachother, Amma asks where did you went, Kunal walks in, Manushi faints.

Meet in hall. Meet Ahlawat walks in and ask for who you are waiting, I never saw you giving much importance. Meet says I have only few people in my life to who I give importance and amoung them there is my one friend Niyati she is nurse and came from Mumbai to help out a patient. Meet Ahlawat says how nice never heard a nurse come from other cuty to take care of patient. Niyati walks in amd says this is the only difference between a doctor and nurse. Meet and Meet Ahlawat greets her. Niyati greet sthem and tell them that’s my issue I take care of patient till he is not cure very well. Meet Ahlawat says that’s nice habit. Meet takes her in. Meet Ahlawat mocks Meet. Meet reply him back. Niyati says after looking at you llok like you are made for eachother. Both disagree. Niyati says your story looks interesting, tell me one thing is there any moment in your life when you both thought if you might be not there then nothing could have happen. Meet remembers her time with Meet Ahlawat during match. Meet Ahlawat remember giving him locket. Niyati says now you understood you both might not have good life without eachother and says now I may leave my patient Abhimanyu will be waiting for me, he has some mental issue and get violent and attacks anyone I’ll not leave him until he is cure. Meet says what if he doesn’t cure. Niyati says for more info you can watch my show on ZeeTV and she leaves.

Kunal enter Manushi’s house says I thought she would be princess but she is broke.
Amma near Manushi crying and oray to god please bring my Manushi back, what happen to her. Manushi open her eyes. Amma give her water. Anubha grab glass of water, throws ut and ask now why did you come, and ask Amma not to come in between and try to drag Manushi out of house. Kunal sees them coming fown. Anubha asks Manushi who is this guy tell me true you ran away with him right. Manushi says no he is guy because if whom I’m standing alive in front of you, he saved me and I didn’t ran away from all happiness, I thought I’ll go Mumbai and earn some money but I didn’t know I’ll met with an accident in Mumbai. Kunal says yes she is right, she was alone in Mumbai I admitted her in hospital, she was unconscious for many days and when she became conscious, she told me she is from Shahbadh and told me her story. Amma give blessings to Kunal and ask his name. Manushi remember what Kunal said and says his name is Parth and he is from Mumbai. Kunal says she told me that she want to meet you and as humanity I brought her here. Manushi thinks you are smart Kunal now there is some base in story.

Meet Ahlawat on phone with asking about Manushi and says I’m not in mood please you handle everything. Chhavi walks in and consoles him. Meet Ahlawat says please leave me alone. Chavi says I know how someone feels when someone play with your heart and thinks now what to say, and read line from piece of paper and says to Meet come lets sit over there says I know you are in pain to feel byyou hav eto change your focus from that pain, I’m here to change your focus and switch iff light of his room and plays song. Meet walking towards her room. Chavi try to dance with him. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing this is my problem I can solve this and leave. Chavi holds his hand and they both fall on bed lying over eachother. Meet switch on light’s and see them.

Manushi says sorry to Anubha I know I hurt you and hug her. Anubha push her back and says you are lier, if you went to Mumbai for work then tell why did you yook all jewelry with you, give me answer, says to Amma she don’t have any answer because her story is lie. Manushi says I have answer, I heard Mumbai is costly city, get down in Anubha leg says if something bad happen to me, so that’s why I took my jewelry as backup with me. Kunal thinks she is good lier and same why she played with me too, this is the only talent she got.

Meet Ahlawat push Chavi and move out of room. Meet walks to Chavi. Chav tease Meet and says I feel pity for Meet Ahlawat, you know he stumble after seein my beauty everytime, I try to stop him but he didn’t and you know its quite difficult for boys to control. Meet spill oil on Chhavi. Chhavi cry and says what’s this. Meet says its Chameli oil don’t you like it, listen Meet Ahlawat is not that kind of guy and second my mind and eyes works perfectly I know who was trying to do things that’s why saying control yourself think what will happen if I light a match stick, go from here. Chhavi says out from here. Meet says get out and she leaves

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