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Meet In Love Wednesday 15th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Meet In Love 15th June 2022: Meet In Love 15 June 2022, Babita says if Meet goes on her job without my concern then remember she will never get inside house and will take her 6 months duration everyone leaves. Raj says to Meet I understand your pain but I’m sorry don’t you worry I’ll talk to her again.
Meet thinks if I’ll not earn then how my house will run what my mom will do.

Kaka trying to switch on mixe. Meet come and says good morning to Kaka. Kaka says do you want anything I’m sorry if you called me but you came here. Meet says don’t worry if I need anything I’ll come and take. Masum asks loudly about her smoothie. Kaka says I’m dead today how will I give her smoothie mixer is dead. Meet says let me see, Meet open mixer and ask for electric tape and fixes mixer. Kaka says nice new bride you are a savior and make smoothie. Meet thinks I’m not able to fix my problem and remembe her all expenses of her house and says I have to do something. Kaka says Babita called you.

Meet goes to Babita and says you called me. Babita says yes come inside. Meet stumble Babita catches her. Meet says sorry I’m not use to saree and heels I’ll become use to it. Babita says till when and what you will do till the time you are not use to it, will roam like joker and stumble everywhere. Babita guve her dress and says you can wear this will be easy for you. Meet says this is wonderful and will be able to drive my bike with this you solved my problem and try to hug Babita. Babita stops her and says don’t get over excited, I don’t want you should roam like joker in house look at you everyone have class in this house so I designed this dress for you. Babita sees Meet smiling and says do you think I’m joking, why are you smiling. Meet says today I understood you, you are like coconut hard from outside and soft from inside, you are angry on me but still designed this dress for me gave you time and try to solve your problem, I have one more problem that only you can solve. Babita says enough we have talked already and you know very well what you can do and never says anything about delivery now go and change and do you remember you have 6 months to be like lady my son kike, there are personal development training if you want can appoint them and ask them to come home.

Chavi walks in and says when I’m here they why do you need to call people from outside, look at me I’m too much and says sorry to Babita for hearing you and says I got some guft for you and ask Babita if you want can I train her. Babita says that’s so sweet but think one time you have to struggle a lot with her. Chavi says that’s okay. Babita says to Meet from now on Chavi will groom and you have to obey her. Chavi says to Meet get ready and meet me in hall in an hour.

Manushi says to Kunal your dad is on tour so we cannot go to your house so we can utilise this time and go on honeymoon. Kunal says okay but where we will go. Manushi says switzerland. Kunal says there is a problem I left my passport at home but do you have your passport. Manushi says yes but thinks I never been out from Shahbadh and says to Kunal like you I also left my passport at home in hurry. Kunal says thankgod I was also thinking for switzerland for honeymoon and says so I’ll order swizz cake for you. Manushi says order swizz pastry and swizz chocolate too. Kunal says whatever you say and he go. Manushi says no switzerland but have to compromise with swizz cake.

Meet wear dress and says Raj was right Babita is good Designer I can do anything in this dress no hustle and test her dress. Meet’s duppata falls on Ahlawat face. Meet Ahlawat give him look and says this is not garden that you are roaming. Meet try to fix her dress. Meet Ahlawat says cannot do any job with her own and go to fix her dress. Meet says thanks to him. Meet Ahlawat says I did this so that you can leave this room fast. Meet says I’m also suffocating in this room because if your sweet. Meet Ahlawat says whoever goes to gym always sweet, if you had done it earlier only then you can know and says I don’t smell. Meet says I might have not gone gym but I have loose struggle sweet a lot in my delivery job, I use to ride on bike for 10 hours and remember what Babita said to her about her delivery job. Meet Ahlawat says why don’t you have any answer to say. Meet leaves room. Meet Ahlawat says what happen to her why did she stop.

Meet in hall sees shoes in table. Chavi walks to her say get up and sit here and see these are different kind of shoes so tell what you want to wear first. Meet says I don’t understand how girls can wear this, shoes are made for comfort and can do his job easily, try to tell about her job and says aunty told me not to talk about job. Chavi says I understand. Meet says how you understand. Chavi says leave it come sit what you think that I don’t have brain says try this one till that time I’ll bring another and slip out a piece of paper beneath the carpet read it and keep it back and says I understand you, you are the only one who use to earn and you came here, earning is important for you but aunty dosent understand this. Masum listing everything says very good I thought you well. Meet says but aunty is not wrong, it will not look good if I do delivery job. Chavi grab a book and ask her to stand and keeps book on hehead and ask her yo balance it. Meet walks while balancing book. Chavi says I have a solution for your problem, Babita go on her job in morning and come back by 6 in evening so… Meet stumble and fall till that time Chavi read what she need to say on her hand. Chavi says so you can go and do your work in that time so that you will not hurt aunty and if someone ask tell them you went yo meet your friend or were shopping. Meet says no I cannot lie and work. Chavi say my work was to tell you now its your wish. Meet fall down.
Ragini from upstairs calls Meet and ask her to go to her room Meet Ahlawat is calling you. Meet goes. Masum says why is he calling her. Ragini says to Masum Meet Ahlawat called you and Isha but he should understand that he is married and should ask her wufe everything. Masum says this is not fair Meet Ahlawat dosent like her if she is in front he won’t say any work to her. Ragini says these habit we have to change and leaves.

Meet goes in her room and says room is empty but where is he. Meet Ahlawat should Masum dee please give me ine shirt I don’t want to come outside without wearing one because I feel awkward in front of that girl. Meet grabs his shirt. Masum come to room see shirt and says you cannot know my brother choice ever, he don’t wear this shirt, dad gifted him on his birthday, he was unable to say that I don’t like your choice that’s why this shirt is still here, let me choose a shirt for my brother and say loudly brother open the door and take shirt. They both standing outside and Meet grabs both the Shirt. Meet Ahlawat says wow today you gave me two choice.
Masum sees luggage and says you did this great work that you didn’t unpack your luggage till now afterall you are guest of few days. Meet Ahlawat come out wearing the shirt which Meet choose and says thankgod I’m wearing shirt, I told you she might be nearby. Masum see him wearing shirt of Meet’s choise and gets shocked.

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