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Meet In Love Tuesday 22nd August 2022

Written by TALIBAN

Meet In Love Tuesday 22nd August 2022: Meet In Love 22nd August 2022, Meet and Meet Ahlawat on bus roof. Meet says to. Meet Ahlawat you live a fake life, your habit and everything is lie. He says what lie did I said. Bus stop. Meet get down. Meet Ahlawat stop her says try to listen me and hold her hand. Meet remove her hand and start walking says to herself he said to me that I’m the best wife in fashion show. Meet Ahlawat says to himself she started hating em because of kiss, I was right she felt bad but how can she break a big relation, I shouldn’t have drink. Meet says to himself how he will love me everything was on forced in this relation, I know you are good person that’s why you do my every work now I cannot take any more favour, everyone was saying kiss is the way to express love and bring people close but our kiss made us apart and walk away.

Meet enters the house in anger. Meet Ahlawat behind her says here is you phone. Babita, Ragini and Hoshiyar in hall and see them entering house. Babita ask him where were you from morning. Hoshiyar says he was planning to run away. Babita in shock says what. Hoshiyar says for some work is was out. Meet Ahlawat gets call from Anubha. Anubha says can you come to house it’s urgent and don’t tell Meet about this. He says yes I’ll come and disconnects call says I have some work I have to leave. She says I also need to go and study and they both leave. Hoshiyar says Meet was so much in anger. Ragini ask Hoshiyar what’s the matter. Hoshiyar says that I don’t know and shouts yes Masum and leaves. Babita says I didn’t heard Masum calling. Ragini says I think so they had fight with eachother.

Raj says what they had a fight, confirm me our son and our daughter in law fought with eachother. Babita says yes and I’m worried about that. Raj says no need to worry finally they are husband and wife it’s a fight in love.

Anubha bring snacks for Meet Ahlawat. A man come and pick up ration. Meet Ahlawat ask him where are you taking this. He says in your car. Anubha says go and keep this, join her hand and says I’m sorry for that we don’t drink water from in-law’s house how can we take ration. Meet Ahlawat says then I’m also sorry but I cannot eat this. Anubha ask why. He says I came here as a son thought I can help you but you made me feel like unknown. Anubha says this is not good. He says then let’s have a deal I’ll eat samosa and you have to keep ration. She says try to understand. He says then I’ll keep samosa on table. Anubha try to stop him from keeping but step her foot on stick and injures herself. He help her to sit and check her foot and remove stick.

Meet on call says what he didn’t come to office, okay and disconnects call says he is not in house nor at office this means he is ignoring me, forget it I don’t care at all and grab her book to study but thinking about her kiss. Raj and Isha looking at Meet from window. Babita and Ragini join them and seeing her. Raj give them sign and they leave.

Meet Ahlawat trie to help her but Anubha get awkward. He says Meet also help everyone in house but nobody says to her that you cannot do. She says that is something different it’s her responsibility. He says then what about son in law he doesn’t have any responsibility, don’t worry in your daughter’s style responsibility dosent know if it’s son or daughter. Anubha says it’s fine, now let me give boil water to Amma. Meet Ahlawat says stop I’ll give her I’m here for some time so let me do then it’s all yours. Anubha says you reminded me of Meet. He says consider Meet did it and he grab the bucket of water. She tell her to keep near stove.

Everyone get inside Meet’s room and walks to her. Ragini give her food says eat it I cooked your favourite. She says I don’t feel like eating. Babita ask her where is Meet. She says I don’t know. Isha says I have a comedy movie to watch. She says I’m not in mood. Raj says should I give you injection to cheer you up. Meet get up says I’m all fine, I don’t need injection and I want to study and grab her book. Raj says to study first you have to grab book in correct manner. Babita ask did you both fight. She says no. Babita says we know everything. Meet thinks why Meet Ahlawat tell them everything and says when you all know then tell me is this the matter to fought. Babita says that we want to know what is the topic. Meet thinks thank god he didn’t tell the reason, how will I tell them it’s all about kiss. Babita says don’t worry if you don’t want to share but remember these small fight will bring you more close but you have to sit and talk to him without any fight.

Anubha says to Meet Ahlawat try to understand I cannot take it, you are doing this for good reason but the society will think I’m burning my son in law’s money, if you worry about self respect please don’t do this again I beg you. Meet Ahlawat thinks she have good control over her thoughts it won’t change easily I have find out some other way.

Same night Meet in her room sleeping with her book open. Meet Ahlawat get in room see her and try to remove book from her face but she wake up. Meet Ahlawat walks away but Meet drop keys purposely. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and pick it up and go to dressing table. Meet looks at her and think tell me what you want Meet Ahlawat and you have to start the topic. Meet Ahlawat thinks if you don’t want to talk then don’t talk, I’m also your husband and walk to cupboard, while taking out his tshirt he drops it and start walking away. Meet get up with book in her hand. He see her action. She says I was trying to kill mosquito. He says okay kill I also left my pajama inside and walk inside washroom.
He come out and Meet ask where were you from morning. He says why should I tell you, I’m feeling sleepy so let me go to bed now. Meet says you went to office. He says yes. She thinks he is lier, she rab the plate go to her says you cannot sleep empty stomach. He says if you can sleep empty stomach then I can too. She thinks he won’t listen this way, she take the plate out and start using mixer in kitchen. Meet Ahlawat open his eyes says whi is using mixer in night.

Meet in kitchen says thanks Sunaina bhabhi that you made puri now I’ll make water for him so that he can have pani puri. Meet Ahlawat standing at door of kitchen thinks I know you will figure out something to give me to eat, now you will also eat, walks to her says why are you getting loud in night people are sleeping. She says I’m doing my responsibility, if I’ll eat not then I won’t be able to get up early and help people so I came to kitchen to have pani puri. Raj, Babita at kitchen gate seeing them. Meet Ahlawat you cannot compete me in this I’ll make you loose. Meet says let’s bet on this and thinks now you will have some food, Meet Ahlawat thinks similarly. Both compete with eachother and feed eachother pani puri. Raj and Babita look at them and smile, Babita says Raj you were right it was fight for love, look they care so much for eachother. Raj says soon they will realise this too.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat purposely show eachother coldness but are happy that other one is eating.

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