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Meet In Love Tuesday 14th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Meet In Love 14th June 2022: Meet In Love 14 June 2022, Babita says to Meet I’ll give you 6 months, and if you don’t be a girl Meet Ahlawat wants you will be out. Chavi says 6 months and go back upstairs. Raj says to Babita what are you saying. Babita says you ask me to gave her time so I gave her 6 months and you only said a good life partner is a big support and for that its necessary to be meet from inside not from name and if she became his Meet I’ll accept her. Meet says I’ll try. Ragini come and says Babita if you are free so can we do ritual. Masum says to Ragini don’t you know in this ritual daughter in law feed her mother in law by her own hands mom will not like to have water from her and you are saying about food. Babita says make arrangements for ritual we will have ritual when Meet Ahlawat will come during lunch. Sunaina says to Meet come I’ll fix your saree and they both walks away.

Chavi having sweet. Masum see her and says what are you doing do you want to gain weight. Chavi says I’m in tension because of you, you told me to be Mrs. Meet Ahlawat and Babita has given her 6 months extension and will follow ritual with her. Masum says stop talking rubbish mom has given her chance because of dad and I know my brother he will never accept her she will not last much long that’s why I called you here and what you have to do is whenever she try to be capable you have to ruin her capability. Chavi says I can do that. Masum says you have work hard so that mom say her bye in few days, you want to be Mrs. Ahlawat. Chavi says yes and I have crush on h since your marriage. Masum says so do as I say.

Meet Ahlawat come house. Sunaina says to Meet Ahlawat you took so long to come and you yook holidays for 15 days then why did you went office. Masum says to Sunaina why are you troubling him don’t you know he took 15 days holiday yo go on honeymoon with Manushi, with this girl my brother will not go rock garden. Raj come and says to Masum last time I’m saying to you in this house Manushi name will not be taken because that chapter is closed for us and ask Sunaina to do arrangements for khichdi ritual.
Ragini says Meet no mistakes in this ritual as it is sign of relation between daughter in law and mother in law, Meet says I am scared, Ragini says don’t be I know you are capable and don’t drop even a single food item, it says the problem for family increases and Meet Ahlawat even you need to accompany her.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat go to pooja ghar with khichdi, Chavi keeping an eye on them. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to pray and not be angry while praying, he listens to Meet. Chavi ties a rope in corridor so that Meet trips.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat walk to everyone with khichdi, Maso waiting to see Meet trip, everyone sees Meet trip but she doesn’t let the khichdi fall, Meet Ahlawat gets excited. Duggu says wow just like Kohli.
Meet walks to Babita and feeds her a spoon, Babita eats it, Ragini says look she stood by her task, god bless you Meet and no one can ruin your relation with your mother in law and now Babita you feed her a spoon, Babita feeds Meet. Babita says you can ask anything in return its part of ritual, Meet says I want permission to start my work, Babita asks what work, Meet says my job as delivery girl. Babita says you talking as if a surgeon, its a mere job and Ahlawat daughter in law will never do such work.

Anubha says Amma that she will go get sabji, Amma says look you don’t have son and your so called daughter left us, now who will do all our work, Ram Lakhan walk in and say we will.

Raj says I had given Meet permission, Babita says wow another news, what else have you promised her, and why you have to work, Meet says my family run on my salary, and they will need money, Babita says don’t worry about that, I will send said amount every month, no more discussion, Meet says I don’t like you people paying for my family, Babita says you can join Raj or my boutique, Meet says what will I do there, please allow me my delivery job.

Ram says Meet had paid us for doing all our household, and say Meet has arranged everything in advance and leave. Anubha says see what my daughter did, she hasn’t forgotten her family, and I am proud of my daughter, and she must be making her family happy too, Amma laughs says she and good daughter in law, what a joke, see soon they will throw her out.

Raj says to Babita we should allow her work she is comfortable in, Babita says look I am trying to adjust but not in this, she can do job which I say or else forget it and if she starts delivery again she won’t return into this house and also the 6 months condition wont be valid. Masoom and Chavi happy.
Meet in tears, everyone leaves.

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