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Meet In Love Thursday 30th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Meet In Love 30th June 2022: Meet In Love 30 June 2022, Manushi says to Anubha I just took my jewelry. Anubha make her stand and ask why didn’t you call us from many days and didn’t told us about accident. Manushi says I tried, thought of talking to mom and Amma but the I thought if I call you what will I tell why did I run away, how will I make you understand because you won’t believe me. Anubha says okay now give us proof tell hospital name. Amma says stop Anubha my girl was in pain, came back if we will jot believe then who will. Anubha says no I cannot believe her she will go out. Amma stop her and says this house is your as much as my son, I’ll see who will kick her out. Manushi and Kunal eink at eachother. Manushi thinks where is Meet I cannot see her, I cannot ask about her if I ask it may happen they doubt me if I said something wrong.

Sunaina brings muffin for Raj. Raj try to eat but Babita stop her you know these are not for you I made for Duggu and have ots for you. Raj says I thought it was me but I love you mke such tasty food dor a diabetic. Ragini says to Raj, Babita put lots of efforts to make tasty food for you. Ram says why don’t you start health and fitness blog. Babita says I was also thinking same. Raj says before eating I should check my sugar. Meet Ahlawat walks in greet them. Babita says I cooked your favourite breakfast. Meet Ahlawat says you cooked it, it will be tasty. Meet mocks him. Raj says I think so battery is dead and ask Sunaina do we have battery. Sunaina says we have ordered it but didn’t receive it till yet. Meet says wait I’ll se and says there is no need for new battery climate is changing so they might have caught moisture, she rubs it and give to Raj see it’s working. Raj says yes it’s working. Meet says me can easily get new things but repairing and using old one has some other level of satisfaction. Babita says sometimes things are been given deliberately which you don’t want to keep home and if we get offer to change then it’s better to do it. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj that Meet was saying she want to go home for ritual. Raj says okay we will send you today. Raj says Sunaina says saying to do pagphere ritual either brother will go or husband. Chhavi says but she don’t have brother she only have sister. Raj says do I need to tell everyone not to take that girl name. Babita says to Raj she can go on her bike to like she do delivery, can come back by evening. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I’ll go with her to do ritual and I heard whoever go has to stay there so I’ll go and bring her next day. Babita says I’m surprised but Meet Ahlawat if you are comfortable can go. Meet Ahlawat says I already did many rituals without my will so this is last one lets finish it. Raj says if it’s final that he will go so I’ll inform Anubha that you two are coming so that she can do prepration. Meet thinks what is going inside his mind that he is ready to go my home. Raj thinks this is time when I can find something about Manushi.

Anubha gets call from Raj. Raj greets her and says your daughter and son in law are coming for ritual. Anubha says okay and see Manushi, think what she said to Babita.

Meet Ahlawat packing clothes think today I’ll bring clue of Manushi any how. Meet stand in front of Meet Ahlawat and ask tell me why are you so excited to go my home. Meet Ahlawat says because of elders, that to follow ritual and they want to meet you too. Meet thinks he always think of respect of elders and says I’ll also pack my luggage. Meet keep her clothes in his bag. Meet Ahlawat says not in my luggage you will pack your clothes in your luggage. Meet says clothes will go in same luggage, we live as neighbour in onr room is our problem, I don’t want mom should worry after seeing two bags, if you want you can cancel I’ll go alone. Meet Ahlawat thinks this is the only chance to know about Manushi and says if I can share almera with you then why not suitcase, this is your side and this is mine. Meet says I need you to accept three things, first you have to smile and talk to everyone, second no angry face allowed you have to be normal and last one you will not fight me. Meet Ahlawat says why don’t you follow first all the things because you start everything and call me by my name. Meet mocks her and says don’t worry I have different name for you.

Manushi doing makeup. Anubha walks to her Manushi says please make some breakfast for me I’m going to take shower and walks upstairs. Kunal says to Manushi get ready by that time I’ll do some important work. Anubha says Meet Ahlawat is coming with Meet to live here and if he will see Manushi with Parth then it will be a big mess, they cannot be here they have to leave. Amma calls Anubha, walks to her and says Manushi has gone to take bath when she come back give here paratha to eat, she has become thin take care of her. Anubha says I cannot says anything to her, what should I do, says till time she is taking shower I’ll pack her bag that will be good and ealks upstairs. Amma doing pooja see Anubha going upstairs.

Babita doing pooja of Meet And Meet Ahlawat and says when will you come back. Meet Ahlawat says 2-3 days. Raj says good today you proved son walks on father’s path, you know when I took you mom for ritual I came after 1 week. Babita says you were able to stay because there were servants and Ac but she got in her house nothing, how will he live, ask Meet Ahlawat to come back tomorrow. Meet Ahlawat says don’t panic I’ll manage and take blessings of both if them, Meet Ahlawat try to pick bag but hurt himself. Babita says why did you puck up bag kaka was here to do that, I don’t think you will take care of yourself you will not go. Meet Ahlawat says it was by mistake I can take care of myself. Meet says to Babita don’t you worry, I won’t let anything happen to him. Raj says don’t worry Babita let them go.

Manushi see Anubha packing her bag. Manushi says what are you doing it’s decided I’ll live here. Anubha says don’t ask many questions just go from here and call Parth. Manushi ask why. Anubha says you will stay at your Bua’s house and ask Parth to go back to Mumbai. Manushi says but will I leave my house and calls Amma. Amma come and ask what happen. Manushi says you said I’ll not go but look at mom she is asking me to leave. Amma says no guest are coming she is giving your room to them, who will ask you to leave till the time I’m here. Anubha says not guest, daughter and son in law of this house are coming. Manushi see Meet and Meet Ahlawat wedding photo and get shock says Meet got married to Meet Ahlawat how did he agreed.

Anubha says I don’t have all the answers, they might be coming and we promise to Babita that we won’t keep any relation with you because you break his heart. Manushi says I’ll not go this is my house but I don’t understand one thing and ask Amma how did Meet Ahlawat got ready to marry our Meet. Anubha says what’s your problem you did this so that Meet get married to Meet Ahlawat then why all these questions come tell me answers. Amma says instead of cursing her, say thanks to her because of her only you daughter kind of son got married. Anubha says I don’t have time for nonsense questions and takes Manushi’s bag. Manushi grabs her bag. Anubha says to Amma ask her to leave because I don’t want to ruin Meet’s life because of her. Amma says she will not go if she kept her leg outside then I’ll also leave.

Babita says okay you bith go together but you Meet will act like his shadow and will take care of him. Meet says don’t worry he will come back same as he is going. Ragini says to Babita they are quite smart and ask them to be in love with eachother when come back atleast you can try and give Meet a necklace and tell this is sign to show is daughter in law happy or not and I have kept few gifts and sweet in car give your mom and dadi. Meet Ahlawat thinks now I’ll get to know real truth about Manushi.

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