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Meet In Love Saturday 18th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Meet In Love 18th June 2022: Meet In Love 18 June 2022, Meet Ahlawat enters his room and remember what Babita said to Meet. Chavi walks to him and says I’m know you are in stress, you got married to a girl who is cheater, lier see how Meet hurt aunty she told Meet not to go our for job but still went out and Babita would have feel disrespect infront of her guest, I felt bad that’s why I came here what should I do my heart is soft and you know mom is godess how can someone upset and I feel like crying. Chavi try to put her hand on Meet Ahlawat shoulder but Meet catches her hand and says don’t do you’ll spoil his shirt.
Meet Ahlawat ask Meet where were you we were calling you why didn’t you answer. Meet says I left home it was charging and when I know Duggu got hurt so I went for him without thinking much. Meet Ahlawat says Duggu got hurt where is he and he. Meet says he is in hall. Meet Ahlawat rushes downstairs. Meet says wait I need some money need to give to autowale. Meet Ahlawat give him money and run. Chavi also try to go downstairs. Meet grabs her and ask where are you going. Chavi says downstairs. Meet says you purposely told me things correct and remember what Chavi said to her about daily routine of family members and says because of your trap I stumbled and fall and says if you try to do things again then I won’t let you live happily and goes downstairs. Chavi says I’ll not leave her.

Everyone asking Duggu to have something. Meet come downstairs and goes out. Duggu says I don’t want to eat this I want chocolate, burger with extra cheese and icecream. Meet Ahlawat says you will get everything but first eat this and medicine too. Duggu says medicine no. Meet Ahlawat tells him a story and make hin eat medicine. Meet Ahlawat get up and dashes into Meet. Meet Ahlawat says is there any compitition going on. Meet says you are doing compitition.

Meet Ahlawat says them go. Meet says how you are standing in between and says doctor told me check his forehead for any blood coming out. Duggu says Ustaab Mami I’m brave I can check myself. Meet says you got stitches brave man. Meet Ahlawat remember giving his car keys to Kunal during marriage and says KUNAL during marriage I gave him car keys. Meet remembers what Manushi told her about Kunal and thinks is he same Kunal. Meet Ahlawat says dad I gave keys to Kunal to go for his stitches. Meet ask who Kunal is he your friend. Meet Ahlawat remember Meet beating Kunal. Raj says call him and ask where did packet come in car. Ragini ask Masum to take Duggu in room. They both left. Ragini says we already don’t have good relationship with them and if we ask them about drug package it will trigger situation. Raj says butbwe need to ask because we find drug packet in Meet car we cannot deny it call him in ask him in sense that he gets clue about what you are talking. Meet Ahlawat calls him.

Kunal’s phone ringing Manushi try to reach but Kunal grabs his phone and picks up says yes Meet. Manushi from back says what did you said Meet. Kunal says its manager call asking for meeting and says how’s you brother. Meet Ahlawat says I’m good and where are you we didn’t meet after marriage. Kunal says I’m not feeling good so I was resting you tell me how’s you. Meet Ahlawat says did you see any blue packet when you took car or seen someone keeping that packet in car. Kunal spit out water and remember about blue packet says I don’t remember anything and says your car’s tyre got puncture so I gave it to mechanic and went yo doctor. Meet Ahlawat says okay its fine and come to house whenever you get time. Kunal hungs up and thinks I need to change hotel and goons are also looking for me, if Meet Ahlawat find out about ny plan then it will be problem run away Kunal.

Meet Ahlawat told everyone what Kunal said to him and says there might be chances someone kept it that time. Raj says this could be. Meet says no I find out this story fishy I mean when car gets puncture and give someone we always lock are car and whoever is this Kunal is lying to you. Meet Ahlawat says whoever is Kunal. Raj says Meet is right. Meet says do you guys know him. Raj says yes he is my sister’s son we meet him after ages. Meet aks do you know anything about his friend circle or do you have his photo there are chances I must have seen him if not can track out all information about him. Ragini says I have some photos during the time of marriage and she looks in her phone. Meet Ahlawat think’s het face has gone pale after listing Kunal’s name, first she beat him in front of me stole his money and now want to hamper his image in front of everyone. Ragini give Meet phone but Meet Ahlawat takes it in middle and says to Meet Kunal is part of our family he is my cousin.

Meet says there is nothing wrong to be alert and its matter if drugs. Meet Ahlawat says there is no wrong to be alert but he is our family and give her phone back. Meet Ahlawat says how do you know how’s he from inside. Meet Ahlawat and Meet start arguing. Meet says listen sometimes innocent looking people turn out to be criminal. Meet Ahlawat says yes people like you right. Raj scolds Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says we know Kunal he is part of our family. Meet says if he is family then why is he not here, I have not seen him. Meet Ahlawat says listen don’t try to be my wife and ask everything. Raj says hut she is your wife there is no second thought. Meet Ahlawat says okay and asys to Meet don’t try to come in middle of my work and leaves. Ragini says Meet Ahlawat gone do you want to see photo. Meet says no chachi onec I have told not to do work then I don’t do it and this time my husband said no. Raj says good and calls Babita and Masum to ask did you listen. Masum gets up and leave.

Chavi in her room crying. Masum come and ask why are you crying. Chavi says when my hand is paining so I’ll cry, Meet twisted my hand. Masum because she is so smart and you know she find out that I made her fall during khichdi ritual and she took revenge. Masum says good. Chavi says are you on her side or mine I obey you and you are appreciating him. Masum says don’t worry I’ll take care of situation.

Meet Ahlawat in his room. Meet come and says take this remaining 20 from your 100 rs. Meet Ahlawat says keep in wallet. Meet gets message and says my boss will not give advance till the time I join and also cannot join because of my situation and today is last day to pay electricity bill what should I do and goes to change. Meet Ahlawat says from the time she have heard Kunal’s name her face expression got changed, only Kunal and me know her reality. Meet Ahlawat was pumping out his lotion and slips it from his hand. Meet steps on his lotion bottle and spread it out on floor. Meet Ahlawat gets up walks toward her says do you have eyes or what he steps on lotion and slips. Meet says I have eyes but you don’t have. Meet Ahlawat try to get up but stumble because of lotion. Meet laugh. Meet Ahlawat says why are you laughing give me your hand. Meet says why should I give you hand few minutes back you said me not to bother in between so I decided not to come in between and this is your matter you are lying on floor. Meet Ahlawat try to get up and says what do you think if you’ll not helyme then nobody will come I have many people to help me, I’ll call Chavi she will help me and calls Chavi. Meet says I want you to call Chavi to know if she will come for you.

Meet Ahlawat try to get up. Meet says movie is going fine and says one thiyis missing she grabs popcorn and come. Meet Ahlawat says I’m lying on floor and you are having popcorn. Meet says because I don’t want to bother you. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll manage and try to get up but slips and says I need your help please help me. Meet gets up spread a towel on floor and ask him to keep his leg on it and try to stand up. Meet holds him and try to clean his feet. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll do it and Meet sees bruises on his hand. Meet Ahlawat grab towel and wipes him. Meet says you got some scratches will apply this cream to fix you. Meet Ahlawat says your everything cream. Meet says yes it hepls during cuts and bruises too I told you its alrounder and says you gave me permission to come in between now sit and let me help you.

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