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Meet In Love Friday 25th August 2022

Written by TALIBAN

Meet In Love Friday 25th August 2022: Meet In Love 25 August 2022, Meet Ahlawat in Tej’s room. Meet Ahlawat remember how Tej reacted because of torch. Meet says to him tgis house happiness is in Tej’s happiness, everyone suffers in seeing him in pain, we have to find out the truth behind fits. He says I’ll find out a way, I won’t let him live in pain.

Next morning. Meet Ahlawat and Tej sleeping. Meet walk in Tej room and wake Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat wakes up says thankgod we were in Tej room or else don’t know what he could have done to himself that’s why I decided to stay in his room. He tie his hand with Tej’s hand and says I won’t leave him alone. Meet says I know you want to keep him save and he will be save like this. Tej wake up and ask Meet to play. Meet says yes we will play and ask Meet Ahlawat to take him out. He says how could we. She says yes we can and you have tie his hand with yours so no need to worry.

Meet Ahlawat and Tej out in market. Tej run towards tree to break leaf. Meet Ahlawat says no don’t do that I’ll buy soem for you come with me and he try to control Tej from nonsense. A ball hit Tej . Meet Ahlawat ask him is he all right and scolds a boy. His mom ask him what happen. Boy says ball hit bhaiya and he is shouting. Lady see there hand tied with eachother says if he is not well then why did you bring him out. Meet Ahlawat tgis place is for everyone so ask your kid not to play in market. Aunty says kids will play, the thing which is abnormal here is your friend so take him from here, problem is with him take him away. Meet Ahlawat get’s angry and start shouting at him. Meet ask aunty to leave and says she was right and you have become Tej’s bodyguard, look from Tej’s point of view he want to be free and kive but you have tie you with himself, this over love and over care is not good in this way he will feel like a person inside jail. Meet Ahlawat shouts at Meet says I’m trying to do which is hest for Tej. Meet says try to think how he must be feeling your love is making you weak and in this way Tej wont be cure, try to think what I’m saying this way Tej will become lonely and start living inside a room alone, what do you want for Tej to enjoy his life or be alone. Meet Ahlawat remember happy time with Tej and how he love adventure trip and wanted to join him for next trip. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I’m sorry but I have to make you realise that coming back to house is not important, important is to make him normal. Meet Ahlawat says to her I just want my Tej to be good I need your help. Meet says I won’t let you regret and untied them, she put her hand forward and says team. Both of them join there hand with Meet.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in there room on a video call with doctor. Doctor says in Tej’s case shock therapy is given and in these case only 50% chances are there you can talk to eachother and decide. Meet Ahlawat says okay doctor we will let you know after discussion.

Babita, Ragini, Raj, Anubha and Dadi in hall. Raj congratulate them and says if you need any help do let us know. Anubha says thank you but all the arrengement are done only Meet’s father’s photo need to be framed. Tej doing art and craft in hall. Sunaina bring tea for everyone. Babita says I’m very happy for you that your are self dependent now, work guve you happiness. Anubha says all this is possible because of Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Tej’s bottle cap fall near table where all the snacks and Ashok Huddah photo is kept

Meet says our reaction can go other direction too. Meet Ahlawat says if his condition don’t get good we could be stuck with Tej in his bad condition. Meet says danger is in everything. Meet Ahlawat says same way when you get married to me, you already knew how much I hate you but still you took chance. Meet says now we are together. Meet Ahlawat now our marriage is successful, I learnt from you always give 100% effort and they both decide to continue with treatment.

Tej take the snacks from table and keep it with himself to eat. Raj ask Sunaina to call Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Babita says you sit with Tej I’ll call them and she leaves.

Meet Ahlawat says to doctor we are ready for shock therapy. Doctor says I’ll share consent form just go through it and let me know. Meet says why consent form. Doctor says it’s important as I told you there are 50% chances so whole responsibility will be yours. Babita walks upstairs. Meet says okay I’ll take whole responsibility. Doctor says I have mailed you form. Meet Ahlawat says okay we will revert your back and please don’t share about this treatment to any of our family members. Doctor says okay and disconnects call. Meet says what do you mean we will tell lie to everyone. Meet Ahlawat says we are not lying, we will just not sahre anything with them for some time, it require a lot of strength to take decision, mom and Sunaina will not agree for this.

Meet says without family blessings how tgis treatment will be possible. Meet Ahlawat says we will do everything with blessings and you only said kids always have there elders blessings, we are not saying lie we are just delaying to tell them truth and ask her are you with me. Meet shake his hand and says always. Babita on door says so this is going on with a piece of paper in her hand. Meet thinks did aunty know about Tej’s shock therapy. Babita walks to them and says I know that you both are planning a surprise gift for Anubha’s business. Meet Ahlawat says yes you are right. Babita says I also want to know what are you planning. Meet Ahlawat snatches the paper from her hand and says it’s a surprise so you will also know it later on. Printer start printing paper. Babita ask him to go and stop it. He walks to printer and switch it off. Babita says I’m proud of you both because of you now she is self dependent, they both are downstairs waiting for you.

Ragini says to Tej they she is mom and she is dad of your friend Meet comeon greet them. Tej get up to greet them but see Ashok Huddah photo on table, he walks to photo grab in his hand and see flashes of Ashok getting shot by bullet, Tej get scared and start shouting run away, he grab red colour and spill on his photo and start rubbing. Babita, Meet and Meet Ahlawat come downstairs. Meet walks to Tej and says what happen what are you doing he is my father. Tej try to explain something. Meet says you trying to tell something, what happen try to remember. Tej start shouting run away friend run away.

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